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The Big Flower Fight

The Big Flower Fight Dresses

This past week I escaped into my tv with The Big Flower Fight on NETFLIX.

More than a reality competition show it’s a total much needed mood enhancer.

This new reality competition is similar to The Great British Baking Show, but instead of baked goods, it’s about flowers.

There is something so feel-good and joyful about this show.  Not only does it host the most diverse collection of competitors EVER (from all over the world), it also feeds your soul.

The competition takes place in a gigantic dome in the English countryside equipped with gardening and floristry tools and all types of gorgeous flora and fauna.  It is a beautiful, vibrant, safe space where imaginations can run wild, away from the madness of the real world.

The show is hosted by British comedian Vic Reeves and Natasia Demetriou from What We Do In The Shadows. 

So, why am I writing about The Big Flower Fight here?

Well, episode after episode not only did I “WOW” over the flower creations I also drooled over Natasia’s wardrobe. Each segment she doned a fabulous floral frock which looked like something that would be perfectly at home in my dream closet and more often than not each gown was paired with combat boots- a total Christie heck’s yes.

I spied a literal bouquet of my favorite designers from Agua by Agua Bendita to Vampires Wife, BATSHEVA and Needle & Thread.  Which brings me to this week’s outfit of the day.  This gorgeous Needle & Thread dress I bought for my clients wedding- which was cancelled because… pandemic- so I was never able to wear it.

After binging The Big Flower Fight I was finally inspired to wear this stunning piece. Of course, it had to be debuted in the setting of a nature preserve.

If you haven’t watched it yet and you need a little feel-good mood boost, tune in to The Big Flower Fight on NETFLIX and marvel at the insane floral and plant sculptures they dream up and create with their hands in less than a day!

Needle & Thread Gown

The Big Flower Fight Inspired Dresses

The Big Flower Fight Dresses

The Big Flower Fight Inspired Dresses

Needle & Thread Dress

The Big Flower Fight Inspired Style

The Big Flower Fight Inspired Style

Coach Troupe Kaffe Bag

The Big Flower Fight Inspired Dresses

What I’m Wearing: Needle & Thread Lilacs Garden Gown | Coach Troupe Crossbody with Kaffe Print | INC Boots |

SHOP DREAMY FLORAL FROCKS (Some of these are the same ones Natasia wore on the show) :

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld is back, and my obsession with the series has reached peak levels.

I can’t get enough of it, the amazing characters, sets and of course the style.

The women of Westworld have a bit more of a prairie vibe than a wild wild west type of fashion sense, a trend that I am oh so happy to get on-board with and don’t mind snagging some inspiration from.  It’s the perfect fusion of Western and Boho and it’s oh so wearable.

Think light airy fabrics paired with layered cuts, frills, pioneer worthy lace trims, delicate floral prints, high necklines, pretty calico yoke blouses, long hemlines, gingham prints and Little House on the Prairie-esc patchwork patterns in sun-faded shades.

Prairie style is one part romantic and feminine and one part wild rugged free-spirit.  It’s boho meets pure hard working country.

The key to pulling off the Westworld inspired trend is all in the styling. Wear a yoke print blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a pretty prairie dress with a pair of chunky boots or a long tiered prairie skirt with a ruffled top.  Denim is always a good choice to pair with this trend, make sure it has some good sun-faded texture, and you can never go wrong with a saddle bag by your side.   Experiment with mixing different sized prairie florals that are in the same color range to create prairie perfection.  Stay away from cowboy boots so that your look doesn’t become too western, instead opt for wood sandals, lace up boho boots, suede booties and please NO cowboy hats!

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

Westworld Inspired Prairie Style

What I’m Wearing: Ulla Johnson Blouse | Vintage Skirt from @StilettosinSinCity | Chloe Sandal | Marc Jacobs Saddle Bag (I bought this at the Premium Outlets NORTH here in Vegas but you can also find it here) | Halogen Belt |

Click to SHOP some of my favorite pieces to help you get that West World meets Little House on the Prairie Style:

How to rock the Westworld inspired Prairie Fashion trend.

Pizza and Horror Movies

Pizza and Horror Movies

October isn’t just about pumpkins, it’s also about Horror Movies and what goes better with horror movies than Pizza!

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to share my Seven Sinister Slices.

I teamed up with California Pizza Kitchen at Downtown Summerlin for the ultimate list of pizza and horror movie pairings.  These go together better than fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Mwah ha ha.  So snuggle up grab a slice and let’s get scary!

ONE: Texas Chainsaw Massacre-(1974 & 2003)

This classic horror movie was so good they made it twice, you might want to order two of these pizzas because they are THAT good too! The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza (legendary BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, red onions and fresh cilantro) at first you will be like, nah man, BBQ on a pizza?

Like the Old Man in the movie said, “Look… I got some good barbecue here!” Although, I don’t think he was referring to the pizza.

TWO: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) And the other 8 movies N.O.E.S.

Wes Craven must have been cravin’ some Pepperoni Pizza when he created the character Freddy Krueger. Talk about a pizza face.

(A combination of rustic and spicy pepperoni with fresh Mozzarella and wild Greek oregano)

THREE: The Lost Boys (1987)

 Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza won’t protect you from these smokin’ hot  vampires, “Garlic Don’t Work, Boys!” but it’s worth a try anyway and tastes so sinfully good!  (Sweet caramelized onions, fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, slivered scallions and cracked black pepper.)  Word from Comic Con is that we will see a CW series in the next year based on this cult comedy horror movie!

FOUR: Children of the Corn (1984)

What was Stephen King thinking about? I mean kids in horror films already scares the bejeezus out me but creepy kids in cornfields — ØMG!

Let’s face it, the entire idea behind Children of the Corn and its numerous sequels is one big creepy-children horror fest, from its brainwashed children with pitchforks chanting “KILL!” to its charismatic child leader Isaac and his eerie preaching about the evil god of corn known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.”  I have never been able to look at corn the same again.

All I know is, taking a bite into the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza (Chipotle adobo sauce, shaved poblanos and Monterey Jack with housemade roasted CORN & black bean salsa, fresh cilantro and tangy lime crema) would make even the KING of ALL THINGS SCARY scream for more.

FIVE: Carrie (1976)

“They’re all gonna laugh at you” when you have marinara pizza sauce dripping all over the place once you bite into the Untraditional Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella and marinara pizza sauce.) Margaret White (Carrie’s Mom) just needed to try a slice maybe she would have loosened-up on poor Carrie a bit more “It was bad, Mama. They laughed at me.” Here Carrie, have a slice.

SIX: Suspiria (1977)

In the 70s this movie scared me so much that besides not having seen it again, I refused to go to a ballet class, granted I can’t dance but still NOPE not going to go to ballet school. Now they are re-making this expressionistic horror film which will be released in 2018! The Italian terror maestro Dario Argento knew what he was doing and so did California Pizza Kitchen when they created The Sicilian Pizza (Spicy marinara, Italian sausage, spicy Capicola ham, salami, Mozzarella, shaved Parmesan, fresh basil & oregano. Rustic meets refined).

SEVEN: Friday the 13th (1980)

Who doesn’t think of this movie every time Friday the 13th raises it’s ugly head? I mean come on, Jason Voorhees, his white hockey mask and Camp Crystal Lake- I am convinced Jason lived on mushrooms out there in the forest while stalking campers and he would have gone wild over the Wild Mushroom Pizza (Shaved Cremini, Shiitake, Portobello and white mushrooms with slivered scallions, cracked black pepper, Romano and Mozzarella. Finished with Parmesan).  It’s just a shame about all those campers, well more for Jason I guess… ki ki ki, ma ma ma or ch ch ch, ha ha ha.

These pizza’s are so good, all that’ll be left will be the bones (pieces of crust) in the bottom of the boxes from these serious eats!

Don’t forget to ask for the “double cut” so you can get more slices and if gluten terrifies you California Pizza Kitchen also offers these horror movie perfect pairings in gluten-free!

Pizza and Horror Movies with California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza and Horror Movies California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza and Horror Movie Pairings

What I’m Wearing: Killstar Stayin in Knit Sweater | MODCLOTH Bugle Boy Midi Skirt | Donald J Pliner Boots | Kate Young for Tura Sunglasses |

Steal the Style: Kingsman The Golden Circle

Anyone who is fan of Brit spy flicks knows The Kingsman and on Sept. 29 the sartorially clad gents will return in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

In the Matthew Vaughn-directed follow-up featuring Taron Egerton, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges, the Kingsmen travel to Kentucky, where they meet the U.S.’ the Statesmen, their U.S. counterparts who run a Kentucky bourbon distillery.

Of course any spy who’s secret headquarters is located behind the facade of a Savile Row tailor HAS to have a clothing collection inspired by it!  Three years ago (when the first film was released) e-retailer MR PORTER created something stylishly unique: Costume to Collection.  A collection inspired by the films bespoke tailored clothing.

For the second installment of the film, MR PORTER and director Mr Matthew Vaughn have created yet another bespoke collection inspired from Arianne Phillips’ costume design for Kingsman. The collection focuses on both The Kingsman and The Statesman.  That’s right the Savile Row-inspired styles of the first film will be joined by Jean Shop denim, Stetson hats and Mister Freedom bomber jackets.

“It’s the Mount Rushmore of Americana,” says Phillips of the 80-piece line created with Mr. Porter managing director Toby Bateman. “Doing costume-to-collection with a global online platform is what it takes to launch merchandising within a narrative — and do it right.”

The Kingsman Collection features an authentic English wardrobe for the modern gentleman.  Fully canvassed, Savile Row-style suits, bench-made shoes from George Cleverley of the Royal Arcade and shirts from royal warrant holders Turnbull & Asser.  While the Statesmen Collection offers a range of rugged American classics such as jeans from Jean Shop, padded vests from Rocky Mountain Featherbed, bomber jackets from Mister Freedom and, of course, cowboy hats from Stetson. 

Stealing the Style has never been so easy!   Here’s a peek at some of my Favorites from the Collection:

Click Here to SHOP more of the Kingsman Collection:

Kingsman The Golden Circle hits Theaters Nationwide on Friday September 29th.

Steal the Style: Stranger Things


I just finished binge-watching Stranger Things, Netflix’s ode to 80s awesomeness original series.  I, just like everyone else that has tasted the sweet nectar of this Goonies meets Stand By Me meets Lost Boys meets ET series, fell head over heels in fangirl love with it.  

If you have seen Social Media at all in the last month you’d see it’s crazed with Stranger Things GIFs, clips, theories, etc.

I totally drank the kool-aid (its oh so good!) and if there is one thing I would put money on is that we are gonna see a million gals (and probably some guys) dressed up in a pink dress, blue jacket, Chuck Taylor high tops, knee high tube socks and a blonde wig this Halloween!


If you haven’t seen Stranger Things watch it NOW!  Seriously, stop reading this, pull up your NETFLIX (or someone else’s) and start streaming.  It will be the best 8 hours you have spent in a long time- maybe even since the 80s!

All I’m going to say so as not to have spoilers is that the eight episode series, follows the adventures of kids in and around a small Indiana town and is a homage to the 1980s works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

Eight episodes was certainly not enough for me to get my full fix and I am thirsty for more!  Thankfully this week NETFLIX  officially announced that the series will come back for a second season in summer 2017!


Style inspiration can come from the “strangest” places and the kids of Stranger Things, although set in the 80s, are sporting some totally on-trend looks.

It’s time to get ready for Fall by taking some style cues from these perfectly quirky, retro and preppy Stranger Things inspired vintage pieces, mixed patterns, textures and of course layers!


My new psychokinetic hero Eleven rocks a pink dress, windbreaker, chucks and tube socks like no one else.  A perfect mashup of feminine and masculine that is right on par with the hottest street-style trends.   Bad-ass yet girly.  Do I hear #OOTD?

ONE: Vivetta embroidered Hand Collar Dress

TWO: TOPMAN lightweight Coach Jacket

THREE: American Apparel Stripe Calf Sock

FOUR: Chuck Taylor High Top Sneaker


Steve, you may love to hate him (I know I do) but you can’t deny dude has some serious style.  Classic Nike sneakers, Herrington Jackets and Vintage polos are the key to his preppy layered look.

ONE: TOPMAN Navy Harrington Jacket

TWO: Vintage 80s OP Polo

THREE: NIKE Classic Sneaker

FOUR: G-Star RAW Arc jean


Nancy perfects the preppy ’80s look.  High rise jeans paired with like 40 layers of mixed patterned shirts and sweaters. She even dons shirts on top of shirts!  Accessorize with Nancy’s signature ballet slipper charm necklace and you have a winning Nancy inspired combo.

ONE: TOPSHOP Twist Detailed Marl Top

TWO: Ballet Slipper Charm Necklace

THREE: Tory Burch The Collins leather strap watch

FOUR: LeSportsSac Weekender Hobo

FIVE: Laurel Mock Loafer

SIX: TOPSHOP Black MOM jeans


Jonathan.  The creepy guy you love to root for.  Sure he verges on stalker but hey, he’s adorbs.  To achieve this tortured artist soul with an affinity for cameras  brooding bad boy look focus on outdoorsy combos of plaids, denim and a ton of distressed/washed tees.

ONE: TOPMAN Blue Wash Oversized T-shirt

TWO: Prana Channing Flannel Shirt

THREE: TOPMAN Vintage Wash Denim Jacket

FOUR: Vintage Pentax MX Camera


Mike, Dustin and Lucas.  These kids have mastered the art of layering.  Serious, serious layering.  This isn’t layering for the faint of heart, I’m talking tees layered with hoodies layered with nylon coach jackets layered with corduroy pieces, puffer vests and collared shirts. Jackets upon jackets upon jackets.

The key to pulling it off is combining different textures, colors and patterns to create something with lived in depth and retro flair.

ONE: Men’s Nylon Coach’s Jacket

TWO: Levi’s Corduroy Jacket

THREE: Men’s 3 tone trucker cap

FOUR: TOPMAN Mustard Waxed Jacket

FIVE: Vintage 80s Voltron hoodie