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Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Sure, summer looks a little different this year but we are a resourceful bunch and we will have our day (or days) in the sun.

Whether your plans include the perfect social distanced vacation with an all-in camping/lake getaway, taking a mental-break day trip to the beach or relaxing by catching a few rays in your own backyard you’ll want to look and feel your best. After all that’s what summer is all about. Keep your cool and soak up those feel-good sunny vibes!

So what are the “cool” kids wearing this summer?  The biggest trend is functionality. Pieces that serve dual purposes. High-tech fabrics and innovative designs. Things that are not only fashionable but lightweight, soft, breathable, have stretch, are moisture-wicking, fast drying and cooling.

When you think of “summer” clothing, nothing says “summer” like Tommy Bahama. From beach to backyard and everywhere in between for over 25 years Tommy Bahama has inspired the world to relax in style while embracing the world around them.

I stopped into Tommy Bahama at Fashion Show to curate the ultimate summer must-have list that will help you keep your cool while looking totally hot!

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Island Active Board Shorts

With a fixed waist band and UV 30 protection these shorts will take you from Beach to Brunch and everywhere in between. Soft, lightweight and fast drying- wear them as a short, as a swim trunk or BOTH! These dual duty versatile trunks are the only shorts you’ll need this summer.

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Linen Braid Fedora

As an alternative form of sun protection – and a potentially stylish wardrobe addition – a summer hat is a great investment. This made from 100% hemp and features an elasticized COOLMAX sweatband to wick away moisture, keeping you dry on and off the water.

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Good for your mind

During hot summers, flip-flops can help relax you feet and your mind. According to research by Cognitive psychologists from Northwestern University, apparel affects the psyche as well. Wearing relaxing flip-flops help calm the feet and psyche.

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Big Island Basics Hydrating Lotion

Keeping your skin supple and hydrated is a necessity during the summer months.  With natural and oceanic extracts, aqua, sage, henna, willow and aloe vera this deliciously scented lotion with keep your skin soft and hydrated all season long.  This stuff is so good that they keep selling out!  Grab some now while it’s still in stock!

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Flavors of the Southern Coast Cookbook and Blackberry Brandy BBQ Sauce

Some of the best recipes I have ever made were from Tommy Bahama Cookbooks and with Tommy Bahama BBQ sauces.  If you are planning any type of an outdoor (or indoor) summer meal these little lifesavers will take your cooking to new levels.

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Indigo Garden Front Tie Bikini

With UV 50 Protection this dreamy breezy set is flattering in all the right places. It’s tall cups provide excellent support and it’s cute flirty skirted bottom covers without looking like you are trying to cover PLUS it’s fun retro design makes you feel like you stepped straight out of a 50’s Beach Movie.

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Medium Brim Scarf Hat and Andre Assous Madina Raffia Wedges

Every gal needs a great summer beach hat and this one is totally packable.  Featuring the same COOLMAX inner elasticized sweatband as the mens, it will wick away any moisture to keep your face fresh and dry.  Looking for a comfy sandal with a little lift?  These raffia wedges have the squooshiest foot-bed ever!

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Maui Jim Olu Olu Sunglasses

These oversized beauties feature PolarizedPlus2® lenses that eliminate 99.9% of glare and SuperThin glass that provides the absolute crispest optics available and has a scratch and solvent resistance.

Keep your cool with Tommy Bahama

Marlin Bar Cocktail Shaker Set

You didn’t think I would leave out cocktails did you?  This cute set comes with a cocktail shaker and two pineapple glasses- perfect for a tiki bar.

These summer must-have’s are available at Tommy Bahama Fashion Show. Stop in, shop and celebrate the Island Life.

*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summer essentials


How to Clean a Coach Bag

How to Clean a Coach Bag

The daily wear and tear on leather handbags can leave them dirty and dull, especially if you carry your bag every day.

Of course sometimes there are obvious stains or spills but why clean your bag if it’s not obviously dirty? Well, think about the dirt and grime that it comes into contact with on a daily basis. Public bathrooms are about the worst place to bring your bag because the germs quite possibly jump right onto your purse without you even realizing it. The store, your office, the doctor – almost anywhere you go, you will experience built up dirt and grime, even if you do not see visible stains. In fact, it is better to clean your leather before you see stains to retain the best results.

A leather handbag is an investment, so you want to take good care of it. Handbag cleaning takes hardly any time, but doing it will really extend your bag’s life.  Proper care for your bag is a must, even if your bag is free of spots, monthly cleaning will keep it looking sharp.

First, determine what type of bag you have: coated canvas, fabric, suede or leather.  Each type will require a different sort of cleaning.  For this post I am focusing on cleaning a leather bag.

Having the right cleaning and protective products on hand at home is essential for optimum maintenance.  COACH makes an incredible duo of Leather Cleaner/Leather Moisturizer that only costs $10. Think of them like shampoo and conditioner for your bag.  You need BOTH to really keep the bag in shape- especially if you live in a dry climate.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

How to Clean Your COACH Bag

Before you start , make sure to empty your bag, shake out the interior and remove any detachable straps.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Next, apply the Leather Cleaner to a clean, dry, soft cloth and then rub on bag in small circular motions.  A little goes a long way.  This will remove dirt, smudges, denim transfers etc.  Make sure to clean the entire bag- front, back, straps and under the flap. This will ensure that your bag stays in uniform condition throughout.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Once you have finished with the Cleaner it’s time to apply the Leather Moisturizer.  Again, apply to a clean, dry, soft cloth and rub on bag in small circular motions everywhere there is leather. It’s like lotion for skin. It helps with dry, dull leather and is especially good for the handles and straps which you touch alot.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Let the bag dry completely before use.  If you aren’t planning on using it right away make sure to store it in a dust bag (which comes with your bag when you purchase it- it’s usually tucked inside).

How often should you clean your bag?  If you use the bag every day you should do this every two to three months. If it is more of a weekend bag or when you are heading out for special occasions every six to nine months will be enough to keep your piece protected.

More tips to extend the life of your bag

  • Avoid placing your bag on floors
  • Make sure all pens you toss in it have lids.  Ink stains can destroy the aesthetic of a bags interior.
  • Make sure you use a makeup bag to hold beauty products. Throwing makeup brushes directly into your bag, a smashed powder or lipstick that loses its lid can severely damage your bag interior. They are some of the hardest stains to remove from fabric with their high oil content and the interior of your bag needs protecting just as much as the outside.

*With our current worries about keeping things germ free and disinfected you might be thinking of going one step further and disinfecting your bag.  A great product to try is Bioesque Botanical Solution- it is  free of bleach and other harsh chemicals. Powered by Thymox technology, it utilizes Thymol, a cutting-edge antimicrobial agent present as a component of Thyme Oil, to quickly power through grime and destroys the germs that it encounters.

Coach at Fashion Show offers DROPit handsfree shopping services. Shop now and then have your bags delivered right to your door at your preferred time and NOW you can even call the store, place your order, pay via phone and have DROPit  deliver your purchase to the same day! It’s like online shopping but with a personal touch and same day delivery! Contact the store for more details.

Fashion Show is offering complimentary Dropit services when you shop now through September 7th. Download the Dropit app and use code: FSHANDSFREE to get started today.


*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to Clean A Coach Bag

Wear a Mask but Make it Fashion

Johnny Was Face Mask

The fashion world has really stepped it up in this time of need- many shifting their production facilities from manufacturing clothing to producing non-medical grade face masks.

There is a big demand for cloth masks, not only does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) masks in public settings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 many states, retailers and restaurants actually require them.

Cloth non-medical grade masks, unlike the boxes of disposable masks that are sold out everywhere, are machine-washable which means they can be reused multiple times. While they may not be as cheap as the disposable ones, they’re certainly more sustainable.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be writing an article about stylish PPE face masks but here we are folks.

Wear a mask but make it fashion, I mean if we have to wear them we should at least try to look stylish, right?

My favorite designer of all things bohemian, Johnny Was, has come to our rescue with their totally stylish cloth masks and “Let’s Protect Each Other” campaign.  For every pack of masks sold, the brand has committed to donating a pack to someone on the front lines in need of protection within the community.

Made from 100% repurposed fabrics each mask has a pleated silhouette and interior pocket for an additional filter (if you wish to add one).

Designer Face Masks

Face Mask with filter Pocket

Johnny Was face masks have a washable silk exterior and cotton interior with elastic side bands. The non-medical grade masks come in a pack of 5 ($25) or a pack of 50($250), all in varying prints.

These prints are so chic you don’t even mind wearing them.

Johnny Was Face Mask 5 Pack

Pretty Face Masks

Johnny Was Face Protective Mask

New to wearing face masks? Make sure to wash them regularly with detergent in warm water in the washing machine and then let them air dry. I wash after each use and then lay them in the sun to dry.

Grab a pack for yourself while giving back to first responders, available at Johnny Was Fashion Show.

FASHION SHOW cares about your shopping experience.

New measures have been implemented to help ensure the health and safety for all who enter the Mall, including hand-sanitizing stations, touch-free interactions, frequent and intense cleanings and social distancing directions. They are working diligently to provide a safe, clean environment where people feel comfortable shopping, dining and enjoying their time.

NEW TEMPORARY HOURS: Monday through Saturday 11am – 7pm and 12pm – 6pm on Sunday


*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Johnny Was Face Masks


Maggiano’s Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food

This week my wonderful friend celebrated her 50th Birthday.. in quarantine.

Wha wha wha..Total bummer, right!

Although I couldn’t celebrate this milestone with her in person I wanted to do something really special, and what’s more special than food!

Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food

If you are anything like me the mere thought of cooking even one more meal is absolutely exhausting. Seriously, have you EVER cooked as much at home as you have over the past 2 months?!?  So, I reasoned, what better way to help her celebrate than with a delicious meal that she didn’t have to prepare, packed full of her favorite comfort foods from Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Maggiano’s at Fashion Show is offering tasty “stock your fridge” cold packed fridge-ready pastas delivered curbside. You can heat them up all at once for dinner or use them to stock your fridge with meals for the week! The selection includes Baked Ziti, Mom’s Lasagna, Four Cheese Ravioli, Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti Meatball Marinara. All pasta is made fresh daily and each order comes with a loaf of Maggiano’s famous bread and an instruction sheet on how to properly warm up your meals.

The process was really easy!  Order online or call in. Pull up to the Fashion Show’s North Valet.  Call the Restaurant and they bring your order right to your car!

I delivered the whole range of cold packed pasta’s to her doorstep along with a pitcher of Skinny Sangria I made (recipe at end of post) and a Birthday card.  I gave my car horn a honk and as she opened the door I watched her face light up with the biggest smile and then she performed an actual “happy dance”.

One night of not having to cook for yourself and your family right now is the greatest gift.

To order  call (702) 784-8486 or visit  

Even more reasons to order.. Fashion Show has launched a Dine & Delight Program when when you spend $50 on Takeout or Delivery you receive $20 back! Visit for details.

Maggiano's To Go

*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

Remember passing Valentine’s out to all of your friends as a kid? I would stay up late, attaching candy and writing out those cute little box cards. It was so fun, right?  I think we should bring that tradition back as adults but in the form of Galentine’s Day love with fun Galentine’s Day Gifts.

Wherever you land on the pro or anti Valentine’s Day debate, we can all agree that Galentine’s day is totally awesome.

What is Galentine’s Day? It’s a no-stress holiday created by Amy Poehler’s Parks and Rec character, Leslie Knope, that takes place on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. As Leslie explains on the show:

“Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, frittatas.”

Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your best girlfriends. It’s all about “ladies celebrating ladies” — and it’s the perfect time to tell your besties how much they mean to you.

Galentine’s Day is all about the thought- just like Valentine’s Day was when you were a kid.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to treat your gals to a fun Galentine’s Day gift they will love.

I’ve got an easy, creative, totally chic, and pocket-friendly way to create Galentine’s Day gifts for your whole squad with two of my favorite self-care must-haves from Fashion Show.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

One of the best ways to give a gift to a large group is to buy something in bulk (something super extra in size) and break it down into smaller but mighty portions.

I am OBSESSED with Vie Healing bath salts.  I discovered these lush, natural, herb bath salts at Neiman Marcus.  They are handmade, totally luxurious, calming, soothing, and come in a ginormous 64oz bottle!

Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray from Nordstrom is one of my go-to products for a quick skin pick-me-up.  One spritz and your tired skin is brought back to life!  Plus it’s ROSE WATER and only $7 which makes it perfect to add to your Galentine’s Day Gift.

I have been making an effort to wrap gifts in a more sustainable waste-free manner and I thought what screams “Valentine’s Day” more than a doily!  I up-cycled vintage lace doilies that I thrifted to create this chic wrapping.  It’s totally easy, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Of course your Galentine’s Day gift has to have a witty card attached, so I whipped up a fun FREE printable for you to download and attach to your gifts HERE:  Galentine’s Day TAG FREE DOWNLOAD

Let’s Get Started!

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

What You Need:

  • Vie Healing 64 oz Bath Salts (Neiman Marcus)
  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray (Nordstom)
  • 8-10 8oz Mason Jars
  • FREE DOWNLOAD Printable Tags
  • Twine
  • Vintage or Thrifted Doily’s- these were 12″ doily’s

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP ONE: Divide the bath salts into the mason jars. You should be able to get 8 filled to the top or 10 if you just fill them to the neck.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP TWO: Take your twine and lace it through the edge of the doily all the way around leaving about 3 inches on each end to create a drawstring.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP THREE: Stack your Rose Water Spray on top of the mason jar filled with bath salts and place in the middle of the laced doily- like you would if you were going to wrap them in cellophane.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP FOUR: Pull the ends of the twine until the doily comes up and around your gift.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP FIVE: Stretch your doily until it comes up to the neck of your spray bottle, then wrap the twine around the bottle and tie it off.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

STEP SIX: Pull the twine through the tag you printed out and tie in a bow.

There you go!  Repeat 8-10 times and you’ve got Galentine’s Day Gifts for your whole squad.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Whole Squad

By the Numbers: The VIE Healing Bath Salts retail for $56. If you break them down into 8 jars they cost $7 each- even less if you break them down into 10 jars.  Add that to the $7 you spend on the Rose Water Spray and your chic gifts cost around $14 each- give or take the minimal amount you spent on your jars and doilies.

This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.