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New Fragrance Duo from TUMI

Tumi Fragrance Duo

TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, just launched it’s first mens fragrance and it’s a total adventure.

Debuting not just ONE but TWO fragrances TUMI has created this scent duo to act as a complete fragrance wardrobe for the modern man.

Designed to accompany him throughout his day, whether it’s the work week or during his down time, both fragrances are highly concentrated and feature a patented anti-habituation technology that make them ultra-long lasting.

Aimed at the guy with a non-stop connected life, these scents are marked by Greenwich Mean Time.

GMT is clock time rather than solar (astronomical) time. Solar time varies throughout the year, as the time interval between the Sun crossing a set meridian line changes.

But each day measured by a clock has the same length, equal to the average (mean) length of a solar day. It’s a way of standardizing and regularizing time so we can all know exactly what time it is for our (or anyone’s) location.

No matter where you are, what time of day it is or what season, TUMI’s  AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] and UNWIND [20:00 GMT] will have you perfectly scented.

Tumi Fragrance Awaken

AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] is a citrus woody fragrance that serves as an energizing accessory to boost his day. It is refreshing, revitalizing and stimulating. Based on the power of dreams, and the limitless mentality it invites him to experience each day and each moment to the fullest.

AWAKEN [08:00 GMTScent Notes
Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Coriander
Middle: Clary Sage, Fir Needle, Cypress
Base: Olibanum, Patchouli, Cedarwood

Tumi Fragrance Unwind

UNWIND [20:00 GMT] captures the essence of discovery invoked by travel and examines the feeling of being transported. Exploring the unique contrast between freshness and warmth, it is crafted for the contemporary man who approaches life with casual charm and timeless style

UNWIND [20:00 GMT] Scent Notes
Top: Aquatic, Lemon, Ginger
Middle: Lavender, Sage, Geranium
Base: Vetiver, Oud, Sandalwood

Click to SHOP TUMI Fragrances:

Tumi Mens Fragrance

Men’s Watch Trends 2018

men's watch trends 2018

Can you believe 2017 is almost in our rear-view window?

It doesn’t feel like that long ago when I was preparing for the arrival of 2017 and thinking about what I wanted to accomplish, setting goals and resolutions for the year.

Time is a funny thing but the New Year is all about looking ahead so let’s take a peek at what is predicted to be one of 2018’s hottest trends: men’s timepieces.

Believe it or not the smartwatch has NOT de-throned the luxury watch as the ultimate statement of style and status.

Analog watches are still the cornerstone of the modern man’s wardrobe. No style icon worth their salt, whether a secret agent or a rap legend, would be seen without a classy timepiece attached to their wrist, and for good reason. A fine watch will add a sense of refinement to any look whether it’s red carpet black tie, boardroom chic or simply streetstyle.

A great timepiece can be to a man what a luxury bag is to a woman; a solid investment into your personal style. And, just as there are certain trends in the handbag industry, watch makers follow trends as well and who better to help showcase the trends than Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot.

For 2018 there are two standout trends in the niche of men’s timepieces that land on two opposite ends of the spectrum:  Ornate and Minimalist.

men's watch trends 2018

Ornate watches are just what you might think, bedazzled, bejeweled and brightly colored accents, intricate watch faces and innovative materials. The Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire timepiece (above) is about as innovative as it gets.

This stunning timepiece is made of sapphire crystal.  The case middle, bezel, and case back are all cut out of blocks of sapphire crystal, which is scratch resistant and is almost as hard as diamonds.  The Ornate timepiece trend is all about wearing your personality on your wrist.

men's watch trends 2018

Sleek, minimalist designed watches will be equally as HOT HOT HOT in 2018.

The idea behind this trend is to make the experience of glancing at the watch straightforward.  Get the time and then get right back to your task without any distractions.

Think understated but sophisticated. Trendy large uncluttered and uncomplicated faces, subtle straps and slim hands. Colors like black or silver emphasize the modern look.

Millennials are leading the charge with this trend, mainly because the minimalist designed analog watches create a sense of relief from the constant barrage of technology.  Checking your watch for the time rather than your smartphone gives you a break from the endless stream of push notifications, Facebook notifications, and emails.  A break from the anxiety.

These Classic Fusion timepieces from Hublot are clean, concise and luxuriously minimalistic.

men's watch trends 2018

Hublot Forum Shops

Hublot Forum Shops

TREND ALERT for the Ladies: one of 2018’s biggest trends steals from the guys:  Boyfriend watches are EVERYTHING for 2018. Wear any mens watch to instantly show your style know-how.

Check out these gorgeous Hublot timepieces in person at the brand new Hublot Boutique located in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

Get Your Game Face On with Game Face Wipes

Game Face Wipes

I have talked alot about on-the-go face cleansing and refreshing during the summer months for the ladies, everything from Evian Spray to Caudalie Beauty Elixer and Rosewater Spritzers but I haven’t really addressed anything yet this season for the guys.

Dudes I have two words for you: Face Wipes.

There are some solid reasons that guys should consider adding face wipes to their summer grooming arsenal.

First, they act as an instant pick me up at work, allowing you to refresh and recharge all without moving from your desk. Secondly, after any form of exertion they are the next best thing to a shower– whether it’s a quick sesh at the gym, after a sporting event or hey even a post hot sweaty concert there is nothing like a refreshing face wipe to quickly erase that dirt, oil, grim and environmental grodiness from your skin.

Game Face Wipes

This is why I was so excited when Brandbacker reached out to me about testing a product which has quickly rose to the top of my Must-Have’s-For-Dude’s list: Game Face Wipes.

It’s time to get your Game Face On Fellas.

Game Face Wipes are designed to help athletes cool down, swipe away dirt and grime while gently exfoliating to even out skin tone and leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Perfect for anyone who sweats, whether as a refresh after the gym or for wiping the sweat off your brow during a marathon session of Call of Duty or even as a makeup wipe for the ladies!

Game Face Wipes

Here are the Stats: Game Face Wipes are Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Made in the USA, Cruelty Free, 98% Natural AND made from 100% Biodegradable TENCEL.


They have light fresh citrus scent, are super moisturizing and they are HUGE.

In this case size does matter.  No wimpy tissue sized wipe here.  These guys are big enough that you can  get away with only using one wipe to clean your whole face.

Both my hubby and I took them for a test drive and folks these wipes are winners.

Aaron used as a refresh after golfing and said they felt totally refreshing, had a fresh clean scent that was “uplifting” and left his skin feeling clean yet moisturized.

For me I used after a hike.  My skin was so happy for the cool down.  The wipe was super soft and non abrasive on my skin, smelled fantastic and left my skin clean without drying it out.

There are four varieties of Game Face Wipes Available:

  • Deodorizing Underarm and Body Wipes – These are perfect for post-workouts at home or at the gym.  Kills odors so skin feels clean.
  • Anti-Bacterial “Warrior” Wipes – These are made with a mild sanitizing cleansing formula that kills germs and leaves the skin feeling fresh.  Free of MRSA and other staph-based bacteria that are common in work out facilities.
  • Cooling Facial Wipes – These are specifically designed to keep you cool by wiping away sweat without leaving trace residue.
  • Cleansing Facial Wipes – These easily wipe away dirt, grime, and sweat while also hydrating the skin.

They even let you come up with your own “Game Face Plan”. Buy your wipes individually as a one time purchase, mix and match different combinations, set up as a monthly subscription or even send as a care package.

Game Face Wipes are Available at , Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, and Walmart.


Cocktail Courier

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself “Where the heck have you been all my life”?

Scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago I spotted something that made me wonder just that, Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir.

See folks- Instagram ads do work lol.

Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir is the box subscription service I have been waiting for!  It’s booze in a box delivered directly to your door!

Yaas oh yaas!

They send everything you need to make a tasty drink concocted by some of the worlds best bartenders.

“Cocktail Courier aims to demystify the craft cocktail process by delivering its cocktail packages complete with pre-measured ingredients (including the liquor) and an easy-to-follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.”

For just  $39.99/box for Standard Subscriptions and $49.99/box for Premium Subscriptions you can have an mixologist worthy box of ingredients to make 6-8 cocktails (depending on the recipe) right at home. There are different delivery plans but they range from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly. You can also skip at anytime and there is even the option to purchase one-off boxes that are not subscription based!

When it arrives just open the box, shake or stir as directed, then sit back and enjoy!

Cocktail Courier

Your anytime Happy Hour goodies arrive in a cute box  loaded with fresh ingredients, artisan mixers, top-shelf spirits, and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

The drink I received was Scot’s Cidre, a super refreshing whiskey/ginger/lemon drink.  SO DELISH!

Cocktail Courier

The instructions were super easy to follow and I mixed this drink up like a boss for some friends at a brunch who didn’t know I was taking blog photos around the corner and thought for a few minutes that I had just whipped up this masterpiece on my own.

Full disclosure- I may have let them believe it for MORE than a FEW minutes before I told them its was Cocktail Courier lol.

I am so in LOVE with this service.  A great gift idea and a fun way to reward yourself for a hard week or month’s work.

It’s like a party in a box.

Sign me up!

Cocktail Courier Scots Cidre

Scots Cidre

Click here to check out Cocktail Courier for yourself. Click, order, sip!

When to Tuck a Shirt


To tuck or not to tuck- that is the age old menswear question and I’m here to answer it- or at lease clarify a few rules.

Tucking faux pas are one of my biggest fashion pet peeves, just ask my husband I am constantly on him about it.

Making the wrong choice can completely destroy a mens silhouette and instantly take a look from sharp to sloppy.

It basically comes down to the cut/style of the shirt paired with the occasion.

An easy rule of thumb that can never steer you wrong is: If the shirt hem is even- leave it untucked. If the shirt has visible ‘tails’ or an uneven hem – tuck it in.


But…of course there are a few exceptions and today’s man likes to be a bit style adventurous and add a little swagger, so if you are thinking of breaking the rules and playing fashion rebel, keep in mind shirt length, style and fabric.

You can leave an uneven hem shirt untucked IF it fits you really well, is the right length and is made of a casual fabric like denim, flannel or cotton. The ideal length for an untucked shirt is something that hits the middle of your back pocket or the zipper of your pants. If a shirt hangs below your hips, tuck your dang shirt in please.


If you’re wearing a tie, tuck in your shirt. If you’re wearing a linen breezy shirt, camp shirt or other type of vacation shirt- don’t tuck. Think of it this way- if in a million years you would never wear a tie with that shirt it’s probably OK to keep it untucked.

One last thing, if your shirt is tucked you should ALWAYS wear a belt. Once you’ve committed to tucking in your shirt, it’s essential it stays there, and you do not allow it to come loose during the day.  A belt keeps the shirt in the waistband as well as puts the finishing touch to a polished look.