Take The Personal Style Quiz

If I asked you right now what your personal style was would you be able to answer?

Most likely you would struggle with defining it. Besides the fact that our personal style is ever evolving, none of us are just one thing or one mood- we each appreciate a handful of different styles. But which one truly speaks to you?

When you close your eyes and picture yourself what are you wearing?

Defining your personal style makes shopping and getting dressed so much easier.

I want your closet to be filled with clothing and accessories that make you feel confident, happy, and bright not sad, depressed and confused.

Let’s start by REALLY thinking about what you LOVE.

I have developed a quiz style quiz to help you define your style personality.  There is one for those that identify as She/Her and one for those that identify as He/Him. Click on the corresponding image to get started.

As you go thorough this style quiz it will tally up your answers. At the end it will tell you what your style personality is.

Style Quiz for She/Her

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