I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new Diptyque Skincare Collection, known for their beautiful candles, luxe body line and heavenly scents the L’Art du Soin for the face Collection marks the brands first foray into the world of facial skincare.

Composed of five pampering skincare essentials, the collection is designed to bring a new type of  beauty ritual to your daily regime. The products are packaged in beautiful sophisticated containers which make you feel as if you just went to the apothecary and had bespoke products created just for you.

Formulated to be gentle but hardworking each product has a base of damask rose hydrosol which is known not only for soothing the skin, but also for calming the psyche.

Although all the products in the range are pretty amazing, for me the line has three award winners:  Infused Facial Water (I don’t think I can ever live without this now that I have tried it), Nourishing Cleansing Balm (I’m addicted) and the Protective Moisturizing Lotion (Heaven).


Infused Facial Water.

Bursting with the vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers this multi-purpose facial water is enriched with Damask rose hydrosol and infused with nasturtium to bring out your complexion’s natural radiance. It can be used as a toner, on its own to softly cleanse skin or as a substitute for water with the other products in the range, it hydrates, tones and perfectly preps skin before makeup plus is smells fantastic!  Since I have been using it I have notice my makeup applying much more smoothly and my skin feels super-hydrated even in the sweltering 110 degree weather we have been having in Vegas.


Nourishing Cleansing Balm.

I have become addicted to Cleansing Balms this year.  They are one of those products that make you think “Where have you been all my life”. Not only do they cleanse the face like nothing else they also remove all traces of makeup!  The Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm works three ways: When gently massaged onto dry skin it becomes an oil that removes makeup and impurities, once mixed with water it is a lotion that can be wiped away with a damp washcloth or use as a mask by applying to face then leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off for a quick complexion pick-me-up. Rich and buttery it leaves skin looking plump and feeling velvety soft- great for hands and elbows as well!


Protective Moisturizing Lotion.

I am a serious moisturizer snob. This is probably the one singular beauty item I am the most critical about.  My moisturizer must contain an SPF and provide deep moisture without leaving my skin looking greasy or the product feeling too heavy.  Diptique’s Protective Moisturizing Lotion delivers and then some!  It has a soft light texture and applies almost as fluidly as a serum, provides and SPF 15 and keeps my skin hydrated all day long!  It contains grape extract to brighten and even skin tone, is packed full of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, as well as vitamins and trace minerals plus the orange blossom scent is positively luxurious.  I’m in love.

The full range of Diptyque’s L’Art du Soin for the Face is available at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com


What to Wear for the In Between Season

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I’m totally over summer.  

I have always had a rocky fashion history with the hot months.  My heart belongs to Fall.  Layers, leathers, boots and snugly sweaters are the stuff my style personality is made of!

We are now entering what I call “The-in-between-season”.   Summer is coming to an end yet Fall hasn’t really quite arrived.

I have been salivating over what’s to come for Fall for months now. The Fall runway shows seemed like they happened forever ago, my inbox is packed full of Fall Lookbooks and I am knee deep in Fall Fashion shoots!

But….it’s still 110 degree outside.

What to do, What to do?

The best way to whet your appetite for Fall  is to slowly start incorporating some key-trend pieces into your look.  It will make the seasonal transition easier plus you’ll be 1/2 way through your Fall shopping before the season begins!

Here’s a peek at two of Fall’s Hottest Trends: 1960′s Silhouettes and Old West Influences and how you can wear them now!

Feeling groovy? Well you will this Fall,  1960′s silhouettes a la Austin Powers- think micro A-line mini skirts and knee high boots are at the top of the Fall must-have list.  Go-go your way into the season by picking up a few mini’s now and pairing them with basic cami.  Once the cool weather hits add a fitted sweater, knee-high boots and a textured overcoat.


Click to shop the look:

Go West!  Old West influences continue into fall in the form of fringe accents, Aztec prints and all things leather . To wear now pair denim shorts with American Indian inspired jewels and statement making cowboy boots.  For Fall add a leather jacket, jeans with contrast stitching, a bandanna inspired scarf and a whole lot of outlaw attitude.


Click to shop the look:


How will you add Fall Trends to your look for The-In-Between-Season?


Beauty Starts from Within: Hum Nutrition

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HUM Nutrition Launches at Sephora

What goes inside our bodies can have just as much of an effect on our skin, hair and nails as what we apply on the outside.

As you all know, I have been fighting an ongoing battle against hair and nail breakage which has resulted in me sampling every hair mask, conditioner, shampoo, hair cleanser and even attempting the “No-Poo” method all with minimal to no results.

About a month ago a sassy little PR birdie told me about HUM Nutrition.

HUM Nutrition was founded by two adventurous Brits who decided to reinvent Nutrition.

Having gained unwanted pounds and found ourselves ripped off by pseudo experts, confused by the news, bored by outdated meal plans and lost in vitamin aisles (in NY to be precise), we decided to turn the nutrition market upside down and launch Hum”.

We all know that supplements are good for us, our doctors and dietitians recommend we take them but it can get ultra-confusing knowing which supplements to take.

HUM simplifies this process by creating personalized nutrition. It all starts at the HumNutrition.com where users can sign up for free and take their cheeky cheery Hum Quiz.

While the questions may make you giggle, they are actually very comprehensive.  They ask the typical ones, like age, sex and are you a smoker then they delve more deeply into your lifestyle with questions like what is your zip code, to determine the air quality in your area, and are you a “Health Nut Nora” or a “Eat Everything Eve”.

Within 48 hours of completing the quiz, your HUM Nutritionist sends you an email with their suggestions of which supplements they think might benefit you and why.

You then order your supplements online and they are shipped right to your door.  Easy breezy.



Always a huge fan of witty yet effective products,  I take special appreciation in the colorful names of the supplements like “Pimp My Calcium”, “Geek Pride”, “Smooth Operator” and “Gut Instinct”- who says nutrition can’t have a sense of humor!


I have been taking their Runway Ready daily packs for 30 days.  Developed for Paris Fashion week, Runway Ready combines HUM’s Killer Nails™ and Red Carpet™ formulas into daily packs for glowing skin, glamorous hair & perfect nails.

Red Carpet™ formula includes the perfect balance of GLA, ALA, and Vitamin E. Made from bio-available nutrients from black currant and sunflower seeds, Red Carpet’s healthy essential fats support fuller, shinier hair and glowing skin. It works to support the skin’s glow through increased skin moisture and protection, while supporting fuller, shinier hair through hair follicle support.

Killer Nails™ is widely used for strong nails and hair, thanks to its key ingredient, biotin—a water soluble B-complex vitamin necessary for cell growth and the production and metabolism of fat into amino acids. It has been specially formulated for HUM® in a high potency vegan formula.

My skin has never looked better and I have noticed my hair breakage beginning to slow. I went from a jungle of tiny broken hairs on the bathroom counter after I brushed to barely any and my hair is growing like crazy- better up my root touch-up appointments from every five weeks to every four!

I also love having my supplements in these little envelopes because I can grab them and go- perfect for my busy lifestyle. The price-point is perfect – just$35 for a 30 day supply. (NOTE: this blend that I have been taking is a special product that is ONLY available at Sephora.com)

I have absolutely fallen in love with HUM over the past month and strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to target specific concerns.  Check out their full product range and take the quiz at HumNutrition.com

All of HUM’s products are Pure & potent, Gluten free, Non GMO, GMP Certified, Sustainably Sourced, and contain No Artificial Colors or Preservatives.

How could HUM help you?  

Use this code to get $10 off your first order of $29 or more at HumNutrition.com :  F572A


Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher

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photo (66)

Your skin is glowing!  Those are the words we all long to hear.

Youthful, fresh, glowing skin is, after all, the most coveted of beauty traits and the key to achieving it is exfoliation.

Throughout the day dead skin cells build up on the surface of our faces which causes the  skin to appear dull, dry and flaky. The best way to get rid of this build-up is to exfoliate. The right exfoilator can minimize pores, remove dead skin cells and even surface imperfections.

Exfoilators can be divided into two basic types

1. Chemical exfoilators which use gentle acids or enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells- think of this as a peel.

2. Mechanical/physical exfoilators which contain grains and  granules that slough of the dead skin cells- these are the types of “scrubs” most people are familiar with.

You really need both types in your skin routine but until now you have had to use them separately.  I discovered a fantastic new Dual Beauty product that is both a physical and an acid exfoilator in one!

Three cheers for double duty products!

Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher.


What is It: An effective skin polisher featuring the luxurious quality of a mask and the impact of a peel.

What Does it Do: Restores dull, tired skin to its former radiance through a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation. Skin becomes smoother and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced due to the high concentration of lava powder and tropical fruit extracts. It improves the look of UV damage and further protects from sun damage, resulting in clearer, softer, healthier-looking skin.

What’s in ItHungarian Moor Mud to cleanse, Lactobionic Acid which is a gentle, non-irratating AHA to smooth skin, Lava Powder to physically exfoliate, Microalgae Extract to detoxify cells, Fruit Extracts to plump the skin and Copper Gluconate which is an astringent to help improve problem skin. It also contains the Omorovicza signature healing waters from Budapest that have a high mineral content of copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium and are known for their skin benefits.

How To Use It: Apply a pea-sized amount to skin and rub it in circular motions from the nose outwards- the product will build into a lather and the color will turn to a lighter green. Once applied, leave on skin to set for two minutes- this allows the mud to extract impurities before rinsing off with warm water.

Why I Love it:  The granules are strong enough to get a good exfoliation yet gentle enough not to irritate the skin plus there is no burny feeling like you get from most chemical exfoliators.  Left my skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and glowing!  I am also a fan of what this product DOESN’T contain!  Like all Omorovicza products, it DOESN”T contain any chemical nasties like parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Love Love Love it!

Where to Buy It: Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com 


Steal The Style: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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In the Spring of 1997 a TV battle of good vs. evil began that would change the whole damsel in distress horror movie formula and rewrite the standard for teen drama television. With a peppy, blonde, smart-mouthed, mini-skirt wearing female hero in the lead this series would go on to run for 7 years across […]

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Summer Road Trip Essentials

July 9, 2014

There are tons of things to love about summer, but if you’re anything like me then vacations sit on the top of the list. While  jet-setting to exotic hot spots is super dreamy, there’s something All-American special about a simple road trip.  A long car ride with the windows down, music blasting and shades on. […]

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July Scent of the Month

July 8, 2014

I love fragrances.  Home fragrances, colognes, perfumes, scented lotions, bath potions and even car fragrances.  I have become somewhat of an amateur olfactory connoisseur- able to sniff out exactly  what blend you are wearing or displaying in your home. So I thought I would start a new series that features a Fragrance of the month. […]

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Dar Um Jeito: Brazilian Street Style

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Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Makeup Remover

July 2, 2014

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I Am Absolutely Glowing with Eve Lom Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder

June 26, 2014

I always carry powder with me to give myself touch-ups throughout the day. Who wants a shiny face? Right! The problem with powder is that compacts usually come with a sponge or puff- which I hate.  They are dirty, gross and collect oil.   I prefer to apply with a brush, so I have to pack a […]

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