Ok so we are about 1/2 a candy cane deep into the holiday season.  Yep, it’s here- already.

It’s that time of year when we cut back on personal purchases and splurges in lieu of saving our cash for gift giving which usually means no dollars left for much needed beauty rituals. #nopedicure #forgetthefacial #mybackfeelslikeimluggingsantasbag.

I have discovered the secret to maintaining your beauty rituals throughout the holiday season while still having cash in your pocket for gifts!  The Aveda Institute.

Last week I was invited with a select group of bloggers to tour The Aveda Institute.  I am a LONG standing fan of Aveda.  I love their products, services and corporate message.

The Aveda Institute is Aveda’s cosmetology school- there are 59 locations worldwide -one located right here in Las Vegas!

At the core of Aveda’s philosophy is wellness. Focusing on organic and natural products, utilizing essentials oils combined with mental and physical wellness.

What sets them apart from other cosmetology schools is their holistic vision of what it means to be successful.

More than teaching hair, skin care and body care techniques, The Aveda Institute’s unique, salon-ready environment puts students behind the chair, behind the retail counter, even in the owner’s shoes—in direct contact with clients, for personal, practical experience. They impart real-world retail and business skills, and strategic insights that help students find—and take best advantage of—the tremendous opportunities in beauty and wellness.


Students are instructed in the full range of cosmetology including hair, nails, esthiology and skincare services (if you know someone looking for a career in the beauty industry I strongly recommend they take a look at this school).

So how is this relevant to you and saving dollars?  Did you know you can get the SAME services with the SAME quality products at the Aveda Institute as you would in a Spa or Salon for about 1/2 the price?

I know what you are thinking “I have been to other beauty schools and received their services- it always felt like I was part of a classroom discussion”.  Not relaxing at all.

The Aveda Institute is completely different. All services are performed by supervised students in a salon type atmosphere.

I received a relaxing 1 hour facial and if I hadn’t been told ahead of time that it was by a student I would have never known.

The serene facial room sets the mood with low lighting, candles,, relaxing essential oil scents and beautiful statues. Each treatment table is surrounded by curtains on a track  which are drawn to surround your table during your service to optimize privacy and relaxation.


After your service there is even a retail shop where you can pick up some holiday gifts!  Two birds with one relaxing Aveda stone!


But here is the BEST feature: No waiting in line like other schools- you can make your appointment on their website and show up at your selected time just like any Salon or Spa! www.AvedaLasVegas.com

The Aveda Institute is the perfect way to pamper yourself this season while still leaving all the dollars you need for everything on your list!

(702) 459-2900


Give Thanks with Hostess Gifts

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So you were invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  You have your expandable waistband clothing chosen and have starved yourself the appropriate amount of time in order to maximize your stuffing intake.  You have it all planned out- except maybe one thing- a Hostess gift. 

Throughout the holiday season we are invited to many soirees, dinner parties, cocktail events and over-night stays with family.  

One of the most debated topics of the season  is “Should I bring a host/hostess gift”.

To put it simply the answer is always YES.

Bringing a gift to any party will not only show that you are Little Miss Manners, it will also make sure you are invited back.  A hostess gift doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive–it’s the gesture that counts.

But what exactly is an appropriate hostess gift?

It is always stylish to bring a gift that the host can use for future entertaining- games, bar tools and cook books are great additions to their party repertoire.  Items for the home are also a solid choice- scented candles, serving platters, reusable grocery totes, fun kitchen tools or unique culinary treats.  Feel free to add a little humor and gauge your gift towards your hosts interests!

Whether it be an overnight stay for the holidays, Thanksgiving Dinner or an evening of cocktails here are my top picks for hostess gifts this season.


ONE: My Non-plastic bag is totally judging you reusable grocery tote

TWO:  Nest Holiday Candle

THREE: Finding Your Inner Hostess Book Flask 

FOUR: Key to the Recipe Measuring Spoon Set

FIVE: Rough Day Wine Glasses

SIX: You Wash I’ll Dry Dish Towels

SEVEN:Cards Against Humanity Game

EIGHT: Beer Jelly Set


Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher

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Image-1 (3)

It’s that time of year when cold dry weather starts to creep in and your skin develops an urgent need for a little extra care.

Skin is dry, lips are chapped and for some reason when you look in the mirror things just don’t look the same as they did a month ago.  You have lost your glow.  In the back of your mind you keep thinking you must have missed a step in your skincare regime and according to Korean skincare experts at Sulwhasoo you have.  You missed the Finisher.

What is a finisher?  Think of it as a primer on steroids. It gives you the benefit of smooth makeup application like a primer but it does so much more than that!

Sulwhasoo is the first to introduce the concept of a skincare finisher into the modern skincare routine. Developed from the ancient tradition of Mi-an, which literally translates as “beautifying finish”, Mi-an was introduced 1,500 years ago as a last step in the skincare regime followed by Korean women in ancient times. It was formulated during the Age of Three Empires and recorded in the Kyuhap-Chongseo (Encyclopedia of Women’s Life) during the Joseon Dynasty.

What is It: Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher. To be used as the final step in your skincare routine it helps skincare products applied before it to be more readily absorbed and sealed in while also preparing skin for make up application.

What does it do: The finisher maximizes the effect of your other skin care products while building a protective barrier over your skin. The Luminature Essential Finisher’s primary focus is to give your face a luminous finish. But the product doesn’t just do that. Sulwhasoo’s finisher works to strengthen your skin’s metabolism, while building its luminosity and hydration over time. Giving you bright dewy skin, naturally.

What’s in it: includes the concentrate of 5 roots of ginger and the anti-oxidant benefits of 110 cups of green tea in every 80ml bottle.  A blend of Green Tea (to purify the skin) and Korean Red Ginseng (to help regenerate and strengthen inner skin regeneration) make up the major ingredients.

How to Use It: Apply day and night AFTER moisturizer.

Why I love it: OMG my glow is back! The recent cold dry weather combined with outdoor photoshoots have been brutal on my skin but Sulwhasoo’s finisher was just what the beauty doctor ordered- after just one application I had radiant glowing skin again!  Makeup applies smoother,  lasts waaaay longer and I noticed that this product really did enhance the effectiveness of my other skincare products by locking in the moisture.  I was at a point that I thought I needed to switch moisturizers but when combined with the Finisher it was like a jumpstart and all the things I loved about my moisturizer to begin with were renewed!  The Finisher is a must for your winter skincare routine!

Where to Buy it: Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com


Holiday Travel Essentials

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Image-1 (2)

With the holidays approaching most of us have some sort of travel plans ahead.  Whether its a quick 1 hour flight for a Thanksgiving gathering or an across country trip to head home for the holidays make sure your carry-on is travel ready with Travel Tested Solutions from Kiehl’s.

Each product is a compact TSA friendly size and has been designed to infuse skin with essential moisture and nutrients during and after travel.

The travel set includes “First Class” Purifying Hand Treatment, In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist, Eucalyptus Lip Relief, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

One of the downsides of a getaway is the effects it can have on our skin.  Low humidity, low air pressure and recycled air can leave skin parched, tired and dehydrated. Travel Tested Solutions contains soothing and anti-microbial properties to help defend skin immediately against these damaging environmental conditions.

Kiehl’s says that the typical relative humidity in aircraft cabins for flights over an hour is below 10% for most of the journey, often dropping to less than 5% on longer flights. “Preventing hydration loss during a flight is only half of the battle. Just as jet lag must be tended to for days following travel, travellers should actively nurture aggravated skin 2-4 days post travel to restore their skin’s natural balance,” believes Cammie Canella, Kiehl’s Vice President Education and Customer Relations.

The collection contains Cactus Flower extract, which is known to deliver 24/7 hydration, and Tibetan ginseng, a mountain plant that increases skin-cell respiration at high altitudes. With a blend of soothing lavender, stress relieving geranium and healing rosemary essential oils help protect against dehydration and defend against germs commonly encountered during travel.

I LOVE the fresh clean scent of these products, it’s like an insta-spa plus for a germaphobe like me “First Class” Purifying Hand Treatment is a must!  The Eucalyptus lip balm is a soothing olfactory treat that keep lips soft and moisturized with a cooling effect.  I’m a huge fan of Facial Mists (I never travel without one) and the In-Flight Refreshing Mist is an instant pick-me-up for skin. The lightweight Midnight Recovery Oil is your after-flight captain to repair the skin overnight creating a smooth radiant complexion (a must-have for dry hotel rooms).

Make sure before you board your next flight you have Travel Tested Solutions as your co-pilot!

Kiehl’s Travel Tested Solutions is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com



DreamWorks Adventure to Santa

November 14, 2014

Last night the holiday season officially began for me! I attended the opening ceremony of DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa hosted by Holly Madison and her daughter Rainbow at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. What a way to kick off the season!   The holiday jubilee was packed full of VIP families invited […]

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Kiss Chappy Lips Goodbye

November 9, 2014

You may notice that as things cool down outside your lips begin to dry out!  Chapped lips are a sign of the season. You bundle up in extra layers, but your lips are still exposed to the sun, wind, cold, and dry air. The only thing worse than dry cracked lips is grabbing a lip […]

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Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D

November 8, 2014

Ok so lets be honest, there are really only a few times in your life that you actually find a product that delivers such AMAZING results that you realize you can’t live without it ever again. This is how I feel about Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma Sub-D. It all began with insomnia.  I have been […]

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What’s Hot: Mens Joggers

November 3, 2014

This season menswear is loosening up. Its time to relax.  Skinny jeans are taking a step back and making way for the Jogger. Designers have reinvented this classic menswear staple to make a luxe statement that says anything but gym. Cool and edgy yet ridiculously comfy, joggers are a tapered sweat pant with a loose fitting […]

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Charlotte Olympia Halloween Collection 2014

October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat?   When it comes to Charlotte Olympia it’s definitely a Treat! Her recently debuted Trick or Treat Collection has me on a total sugar high. From clutches covered in creepy-crawly spiders to kitty flats that glow in the dark, candy wrapper bedazzled heels and of course her signature cob web and spider […]

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October Scent of the Month: Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle

October 28, 2014

It can’t be a surprise to any of you that my October Scent of the Month is a glorious fragrance-tastic Pumpkin blend. I Love Pumpkin! This season Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle takes pumpkin to a whole new level with a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy Masala chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. This special edition Fall […]

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