V-Day Gifts for Her Fox5

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For all the ladies!

Here is part 2 of my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas segment on Fox 5 and this one has everything to put your lady, gal pal or even yourself in the Valentine’s Day mood.

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What girl doesn’t love chocolate!  The Chocolate Melting Pot by Cooking melts up to two cups of chocolate at a time and comes with 12 fun chocolate recipes.  Available at Amazon.com

Serve her breakfast in bed with the CucinaPro Classic Heart Waffler.  This cute heart-shaped waffle maker makes 5 waffles at a time and is available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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MMMMM Cupcakes!  My happy place.  Give her a tasty treat from Sprinkles at The LINQ.  The XOX box is filled with Red Velvet, Chocolate Marshmellow, Classic Chocolate and Classic Vanilla flavors!

Photo Feb 12, 8 30 22 AM

Seduce her with eco-friendly all natural beauty products.  The Two hearts Gift Set from LUSH cosmetics includes a Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, a Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb and a Honey Choclate Massage Bar.  Available at LUSH cosmetics Downtown Summerlin and Fashion Show or at Lushusa.com

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I LOVE the packaging of this cute, ironic & fun fragrance from fashion brand Moschino. Moschino Fresh Couture has notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Raspberry and comes in this cute household cleaner spritzer!  Available exclusively at Bloomingdales.com

Moroccan Oil Fleur de Rose.  Transform, nourish and hydrate skin with this warm fragrance that is expertly formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to instantly sooth the mind and body.  Available at Moroccanoil.com

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You may have noticed a theme here…Fragrances and Chocolate.  You get the best of both worlds with this gift! Ralph Lauren Fragrances Valentine’s Day Gift.  With the purchase of any 3.4oz or larger bottle of the best-selling ROMANCE or MIDNIGHT ROMANCE fragrances, you’ll receive a complimentary box of twelve floral-shaped, decadent milk chocolates from Dylan’s Candy Bar. *Offer available at select Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sephora stores nationwide while supplies last from February 1 – February 14.

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If you would like to watch the full segment click HERE.


V-day Gifts for Guys Fox5

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Ahh Valentine’s Day…..what to buy, what to give, oh the pressure!

This week I had a double dose of Valentine’s Day fun with my favorite newscasting posse at Fox 5.

I did a two day appearance presenting Valentine’s Day gifts for him then Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

In case you missed the segments I wanted to share these great gift ideas here for you as well!

If you are stuck on what to get him I have a little something for every type of guy!

Photo Feb 11, 2 29 07 PM

For the Liquor Lover.  Sipping Stones make a fantastic addition to his bar tools.  Just rinse, place in freezer until cold then drop them in your drink.  They were created to use with whisky but are great with any type of liquor that you don’t want to dilute the flavor of.  Available at amazon.com

Photo Feb 11, 2 29 36 PM

For the guy who loves his city…and loves to drink.State Slate Glasses from theuncommongreen.com.  Drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes with city maps etched in them.  The ones I presented have maps of Las Vegas but you can choose pretty much any city on thier site!

Photo Feb 11, 2 29 50 PM

For the Style Guy.  Mitch by Paul Mitchell Grooming products. Specifically tailor made for the modern man with high performance ingredients to achieve even the most current hair trends. You can pick them up at Paul Mitchell salons and amazon.com

Photo Feb 11, 2 30 15 PM

For the Guy with a scent for romance.  Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Gift Set.  Has notes of ginger, red leather and red roasted coffee.  It’s fiery and seductive. Available at Macys and amazon.com

Photo Feb 11, 2 30 29 PM

Take care of all his manscaping needs with the Remington Lithium Power Series 4 in 1 Vacuum Trimmer.  This is a 2016 GQ Grooming Awards winner.  The advanced trimmer ensures a mess free grooming experience with a high velocity blade vacuuming system.  The hair lands in a removable chamber and not on the floor!  Available at Walmart and amazon.com

The next three gift ideas come for a really cool shopping app that you can download in the app store: Star Shop App.

Star Shop Gives shoppers intimate behind the scenes access to celebrities and their favorite products. You can watch videos and get the latest fashion trends.

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For the Tech addict: the Stelle Audio Pillar with portable wireless bluetooth speaker and built in speakerphone.  It’s sleek, sexy and techie!

Photo Feb 11, 2 31 21 PM

For the Sci-fi Guy: Rebel Symbol Tie Bar and Cufflinks gift set.  Let the force be with him in the boardroom


Give him wood for Valentine’s Day. Great Dane Wood Watches are made from 100% natural wood.  They are Unique and eco-friendly.

If you would like to watch the full segment click HERE.


How to Fix a Boucle Snag

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Boucle (boo-clay) is one of my favorite fabrics.  

Chic, elegant and ultra sophisticated this classic fabric will forever be synonymous with Coco Chanel who used it as a signature in her designs.

Boucle refers to both the yarn and the fabric made from it. Boucle yarn contains loops that range in size from large, loose curls to tight circlets. In fact, the word boucle is French and means “to curl.” The larger the loops, the more texture the finished material will contain. Like other woven textiles, several colors can be used to create an endless variety of designs and patterns.

Although boucle is ultra chic it can also have a tendency to snag easily.

After the many many tears I have cried over snagged Boucle jackets I developed a quick easy fix to save your Boucle!


Let me preface this with a warning: NEVER EVER EVER cut the thread of a snag in boucle or any other yarn fabric- it can leave you with a hole in the fabric or begin to unravel the fabric either way it spells DISASTER!


If the snag is still a loop like above:

STEP 1 Grab hold of the snag with a pair of sharp tweezers from the front of the piece.


STEP 2 While holding onto the snag poke the tweezers gently through the fabric at the base of the snag and grab the yarn with your fingers on the backside as you release the tweezers.


STEP 3 Gently pull the yarn through to the backside (don’t yank it because you might create a run by pulling the yarn too tight).

IMG_0593 (1)

STEP 4 Gently tug and readjust the piece at the snag to even out the stitching until you can’t see if from the front of the piece.

IMG_0594 (1)

If the Snag is a single thread like below


STEP 1 Grab the snag with a pair of sharp tweezers and poke the tweezer holding the snag through the fabric and grab the yarn with your fingers.


STEP 2 Gently pull the yarn through (don’t yank it because you might create a run by pulling the yarn too tight) and tie a small knot in the yarn as close to the base as possible (don’t worry it will be on the inside of the piece so no one will see it).

IMG_0596 (1)

STEP 3 dab the knot with a dot of clear nail polish- let dry.

IMG_0597 (1)

IMG_0594 (1)

Voila! No more snag!


Weleda Skin Food

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Today I’m dishing on a celebrity makeup artist secret weapon: Weleda Skin Food.

Weleda Skin Food is a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts.

Makeup artists and celebrities have been using this amazing little multi-tasker for years for everything from hand close-ups to achieving the perfect glowy dewy skin look in a photoshoot.

Lately its popularity has become so well known that celebrities like Adele, Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts and Rihanna are asking their makeup artists to stock their kits with this hydrating all natural and vegetarian friendly blend.

If you walk back stage during fashion week I can pretty much guarantee you will find a tube of Weleda Skin Food in just about EVERY makeup artist’s kit.

With the ability to nourish any spot on your body that may be hungry for some moisture, it can be used as a primer for your face under your moisturizer, as a night cream, on feet, elbows, hands, cuticles basically anywhere you want to achieve more supple nourished skin.

and…..it doesn’t cause breakouts.

Weleda Skin Food contains extracts of soothing Chamomile (healing and anti-inflammatory properties), Rosemary (stimulates the circulation and the metabolism. It is also used to treat poorly healing wounds and eczema), Calendula (possesses powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties), Wild Pansy (known for its soothing and healing properties, has long been used to treat various skin conditions, such as eczema and acne) and Sunflower Oil (provides a rich source of unsaturated linoleic and oleic fatty acids and Vitamin E. Sunflower Seed Oil is soothing, calming and caring to the skin) and ALL of the ingredients are grown bio-dynamically and their products are about as organic and high-quality as it gets but at a price that is super pocket friendly!



The cream is super duper thick and rich with a soft spa-like chamomile scent.  It takes a bit of time to sink into your skin (so if you’re using it on your face and worried about the cream sinking in before applying your makeup i.e. not looking for a dewy look, use it at night), but once your skin drinks it up, it won’t feel greasy at all — just perfectly, utterly balanced. And, it will stay that way all day long!  I am ADDICTED!!!!

Because of the thickness of the cream, I have found it’s best to pat on rather than rub.

Weleda Skin Food is Available at usa.weleda.com and TARGET for just $12.99

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