When Sheet Masks

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Sheets masks are one of my beauty obsessions.

Originating in Korea, sheet masks are cloth, paper, fiber or fermented coconut juice bio-cellulose (bacterial cellulose) saturated in a solution similar to a serum chock-full of moisturizing ingredients.

They’re an easy and relaxing way to quench your skin and give it that extra boost.  While most masks brands have one goal in mind, like delivering hydration or brightening, one brand stands out for addressing our skins many different needs.

WHEN was created by a Korean healthcare specialist who wanted to bring the high-quality sensitive skincare treatments from dermatologist clinics and spas to fit the busy lifestyles of modern women who may not have the ‘time’ to afford such luxuries.

Made from from fermented coconut juice (a.k.a. bacterial cellulose) which boasts high purity, strength, moldability, adhesion and increased water holding ability.  Their all-natural bio-cellulose sheets can hold essence 100x its weight – that’s 10x more than fabric or paper mask sheet!  Due to their close contact with the skin, they effectively deliver nutrients by first trapping the formula, and then forcing it to absorb and seal in moisture.

All When masks contain hyaluronic acid and ginseng extracts to help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

When’s sheet masks are vegan and gluten-free. They’re also contain NO parabens, sulfates, and triclosan.

The sheet mask range includes 5 masks that are formulated to achieve different results for different occasions – from dehydrated skin  to dull skin and everything in between.

Each mask comes individually packaged, which keeps them fresh and makes them great for travel!

  • When 10PM – When your skin feels tired and worn
  • When Glamour Base -When you want your makeup to look great and to last longer, prepare your skin with When Glamour Base for smooth and supple looking skin
  • When Travelmate – When you are on the road, take along When Travelmate to help refresh your skin from hours in the sun, wind and dry air.
  • When Snow Magic – When you want clear and brighter looking skin, put on When Snow Magic to help your skin find its radiance and charm.
  • When The Last Choice – When your skin needs that extra glass of water, quench the thirst with When The Last Choice.
  • When Special Package- WHEN YOU WANT ALL FIVE!!

BrandBacker sent me the When Special Package to review.

Always down for a good beauty treatment and since I live in the dry dehydrated Las Vegas desert.  The second the box arrived I paused my Netflix, washed off my makeup and took When the Last Choice for a test drive.

Dripping with goodness- seriously these masks are packed with “essence”- they have a soft, jelly like texture that feels cooling, hydrating and oh so refreshing on the skin.

I found them much easier to peel from the packaging than other sheet masks I have tried in the past.

They mold easily to the face so that once on, you can walk about the house, watch tv or perform any other upright task with ease.  After 30 minutes of resuming my Netflix binge, I removed the mask and my skin felt ultra hydrated, quenched and youthful.  A great easy skin pick me up.

Pro Tip:  Don’t let that “essence” go to waist.  If you have any excess essence after applying the mask, and you will, rub it on your hands and decolletage.   

When Masks are Available at WhenMask.com

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Why You Should Be Using a Skin Scrub or Polish

by christiem on August 18, 2017 · 12 comments

You probably exfoliate your face on the regular to get rid of buildup and dead skin cells right? But do you take the same time to exfoliate your body?

Just like your face your body needs exfoliating.  Without regular exfoliation, you can end up with clogged pores, which block moisture from getting into the deeper layers, and create dull dry looking skin.

Exfoliating dead skin and rough patches away will not only give oh so glowy skin, but also allow products such as moisturizers, tanning lotions and fragrances to absorb better and give a longer lasting effect.

Did you know that by exfoliating your body you can enjoy smoother skin, help reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots, minimize the appearance of large pores, get smoother elbows and knees, help prevent ingrown hairs, make hair removal easier, smooth razor bumps AND reduce stress!

My exfoliation method of choice is a Sugar Scrub or Body Polish.  The best body scrubs have great balance.  Just the right ratio of skin-sloughing properties to moisturizing elements, and an delish fragrance that is energizing, yet relaxing enough to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury spa.  I prefer sugar scrubs to salt ones, mainly because sugar scrubs are less abrasive than salt (sugar granules are rounder than those from salt, so they are gentler on your skin.  You can use them all over your body, even if you have sensitive skin)  AND you don’t get that “after-burn” if the scrub accidentally hits an abrasion or freshly shaven leg.

My FAVORITE body scrubs/body polishes are brewed up in my pal Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen.  Her products are all-natural and contain a short list of simple powerful ingredients that you can actually pronounce!

Her Sugar Scrubs and Skin Polishes are sheer perfection!  Made with Organic fine sugar, they gives just the right amount of scrub before dissolving and leaving your skin uber soft PLUS they smell amazing!

Right now I am OBSESSED with four of her delish scrubs:

  • Butterfly Kisses Sugar Scrub- a yummy floral bouquet organic sugar scrub with French mimosa, cyclamen and jasmine blended with tea,tangerine, lemon leaf, coconut and a hint of musk. Is it weird to call this scent “pretty”?  That’s what comes to mind when I smell it.  It’s clean, fresh and puts you in that “pretty” mood.
  • Cashmere Glow Skin Polish a sexy scented organic sugar polish with vanilla, french pear and cashmere.  I seriously want to dip my entire body in this scent daily.  Sexy, earthy, warm and inviting.
  • Tropical Smoothie Skin Polish This one is like a tropical vacation.  Delicious hints of mandarin, sugar cane, honeydew, coconut, hibiscus and vanilla will have you more relaxed than three Pina Coladas on the beach.
  • Southern Belle Magnolia Sugar Scrub- Organic sugar blends with Golden Magnolia and sweet jasmine, garden rose. There’s nothing like the scent of sweet magnolias, this scent is packed full of Southern Charm Ya’ll.

How to Use a Sugar Scrub/Skin Polish:

Begin with wet skin in the shower. Scoop out a handful of a delish Beauty Kitchen scrub from the releasable bag. Apply to skin in circular motions. Maintain gentle pressure and scrub your whole body from the shoulders down. Rinse off with water.  For best results pat dry with a towel, don’t rub.

Check out Heather Mariana’s products for yourself at HeatherMarianna.tv PLUS she has a ton of fun easy tutorials on how you can make organic beauty products right in YOUR own kitchen! 



3 Fall Trends You Should Know

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Any moment now the big fat delicious September issues of your favorite fashion magazines will land in your mailbox packed full of Fall Fashion goodness.

Time to get those pens ready and take note of What’s in, What’s Out and What you need to get your hands on NOW!

As a Fashion stylist I am always working a season ahead (right now I’m looking at trends and planning shoots for Resort 2018) so its pretty fair to say that I know my way around Fall 2017’s must-haves  (I have been working with them since June).

To get you up to Fall Fashion speed and in the fashion-know I focused this weeks Outfit of the Day on three of my favorite Fall 2017 trends: moody florals, high necklines and boxy silhouettes.

Moody Florals are not only an absolute must-have for fall they are also the most seamless way to transition between seasons.   Your fresh, light springy floral prints turn darker and more opulent for fall.  Think bouquets of burnt orange, caramel, toffee, burgundy, oxblood, brown, deep blues and rich purples.

The perfectly moody fall floral I’m wearing was actually once a dress that I scored on the clearance rack at Neiman Marcus Last Call for $25.  I loved the top of the dress but not the bottom- it was way too short for me- so I had my tailor transform it into this oh-so-on-trend high neck blouse!

High Necklines.  For Fall 2017  The Victorian Era reigned the runways.  Loads of lace, ruffles, and high necklines cascaded down the catwalks of the most notable designers.  Expect to see regal high necklines all season long.  The good news about this trend is that its super chic, perfectly romantic and incredibly flattering.

Boxy Silhouettes are everything this season.   Designers got Utilitarian with workwear-inspired boxy shapes in everything from denim to boiler suits, suiting, layering pieces and topcoats.

This beautiful boxy Longchamp jacket was my score of the summer. I was combing through the depths of the Nordstrom Rack Clearance section and stumbled upon it for $100!


But it gets even better.  It was a clear the rack day so I got another 25% off the $100!

Yaas oh yaas.

Stylist Tip: Remember that trends are meant to mix and match.  I used THREE trends to create this chic fall day look. You don’t have to go head to toe Victorian or over the top with boxy on top and bottom.  Let the trends be fluid, use them to inspire you to create something new.

What Fall Trends are on your Must-Have list this season?

What I’m Wearing: Nanette Lepore Dress (I had it altered to become a shirt) | Longchamp Jacket | Joes Jeans Waxed Denim | Donald J Pliner Feliz Sandal |  Karl Lagerfeld Bucket Bag |

Click to SHOP Some of my Favorite Moody Florals, High Necklines and Boxy Silhouettes:



Chloe Fall Preview

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Chloe Boutique Forum Shops at caesars

The FW ’17 season marks creative Director Waight Keller’s final collection with Chloe and it’s a collection that encompasses everything I love about the brand.

Girly and feminine with that perfect mashup of boho and refined the collection draws inspiration from both the ’60s and ’70s infusing folksy details and lots of charm.

Any of you that are frequent readers know that I am head over heels OBSESSED with Chloe.  The brand suits my personal style to a T!

I wanted to give you an up close and personal look at some of my favorite pieces from this stunning collection so I popped into the Chloe Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars to take you on a little Shopping Adventure.

Chloe Forum Shops at caesars

This dress.

It’s Everything.

Crêpe de chine with delicate eyelet details and a button down front.  Imagine this with tights, the cutest booties, Oversized Chloe sunnies and a floppy hat.

Chloe is know for their “it’ bags.

Remember back in 2005 when they launched The Paddington lock bag?   Waiting lists were a mile long and getting longer; the fashion industry was in a full-on Paddington panic, and EVERYONE was clamoring to get their hands on one!

Fast forward to 2017 and meet the Nile Bracelet Bag. It’s “THE” bag of the season.

The gold hardware acts as a bracelet that you can either lift up and carry or wear down with a shoulder strap attached. Being able to wear the bag multiple ways makes the bag that much more versatile and timeless. The Nile Bracelet Bag is available in Motty Grey, Black, Caramel and Off White two sizes, small and medium.  Shown below is the small in Motty Grey and Medium in Black.

Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag Small

Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag

Speaking of “IT” pieces I have to talk about the Chloe Susanna boot.  This iconic style has been hotter than hot in fashion circles for the past few seasons (it was released in 2008) and it’s still on fire for 2017.

This season we will see the Susanna in a wide range of colors, including cherry syrup, greige, bordeaux, jasper green, black and reef shell in both leather and suede with either gold or silver hardware.  So many choices!  I need a pair NOW!

Stylist Tip: Wearing these boots 1/2 zipped is the fashion forward trend.  Keep that zipper loose ladies.

Chloe Susanna Boot

I am OBSESSED with Chloe sunglasses (I own like 6 pairs, yes I have a problem lol). There is something so perfect about them.  Statement making with a retro vibe and a perfect fit.  They are oh so chic and in my opinion the most fashion forward sunnies out there.

This season there are three styles that will be taking over: The Carlina, The Jackson and the Dafne.

Chloe Carlina Sunglasses

Chloe Carlina Round Sunglasses.

Chloe Jackson Sunglasses

Chloe Jackson Round Sunglasses.

Chloe Dafne Sunglasses

Chloe Dafne Sunglasses.

Last but not least meet Faye.  I am convinced she is going to be my BFF.  Oh the adventures Faye and I could have together!

I’ve been eyeing this bag for the last year in one form or another and now I know I have to have her in this patchwork stripe.  Look how happy she makes me!

Chloe Faye Handbag

Fall in LOVE with the Chloe FW ’17 collection for yourself  at the Chloe Boutique at The Forum Shops at Ceasars!



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