Neiman Marcus Spring Trends Fashion Show

by christiem on February 25, 2017 · 0 comments

Earlier this month the fantastic folks at Neiman Marcus invited me to style a Spring-tabulous Spring Trends fashion show for the House of DIFFA event.

A celebration of fashion, design and philanthropy, DIFFA is one of the largest and most successful service organizations in raising funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Since its formation in 1984, DIFFA has raised over $41 million to support hundreds of HIV/AIDS organizations.

For the fashion show I focused on three of the key trends Neiman Marcus’s Fashion Guru/Fashion Director Ken Downing has dubbed must-haves for Spring: Fully Loaded, Stripes and The Frill Factor.  Here’s a peek  behind the scenes of the show to help you get a little fashion-inspired for Spring.

Fully Loaded

It truly is loaded… fully. Pile on everything embellished, decorated, adorned, embroidered, distressed and destroyed.  Layer it, bling it out. A dress over pants, sure.  Double layers of skirts.. oh yes.

If you are wearing three necklaces add four more.  Why carry just one handbag when you can crossbody strap a few minis and then carry one glorious oversized tote in your hands!  More is more and less is a bore when it comes to this trend.  Bling it out this Spring.


Who doesn’t love stripes? Fashion’s favorite print is timeless and totally wearable. Get ready to see stripes in all sizes and colors on everything from deconstructed shirts to knit dresses, bags, sunnies and shoes.  Mix and match (yes, you can wear stripes of different sizes and colors in the same outfit!), go head to toe or use them as an accent. From bankers stripes to bold colorful and graphic, broad bands to hypnotic skinnys for SS17 the classic print got a glitzy update.

The Frill Factor

Ruffles & Flounces raise the bar.  It’s boho done right.  Femininity balanced with a little sleekness —think asymmetrical dresses, one-shoulder tops, and voluminous skirts styled as effortlessly as a pair of jeans.  Ruffled sleeves, ruffles skirts and ruffled necklines.  It’s all about frills, flounce and ruffles for SS17!

Which trend are you excited to rock for Spring 2017?

-All of these looks are available at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show.



Armani Power Fabric Foundation

by christiem on February 20, 2017 · 9 comments

I don’t know how they do it, but with every new release Armani Foundation just gets better and better.

I loved the original Luminous Silk then last year fell head over heels for Maestro Glow and now Armani blew my mind with their latest release: Power Fabric Foundation.

Giorgio Armani Beauty launched this new full coverage foundation earlier this month and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  The day it arrived at Neiman Marcus I was first in line to get a sample.

This game changer of a foundation combines long-lasting coverage with a radiant, breathable finish that feels like a second skin.

The foundation is designed to help you cover discoloration and blemishes, and provide a smooth and even complexion with an undetectable finish.  It is available in 20 shades (so there is a match for EVERY skin tone), contains SPF25 (Hooray) and is designed to offer full matte coverage with a velvety texture.

Although it’s matte you still get a great ” luminous glow” when wearing it.  It’s different from other matte foundations in that it is matte, but it still looks natural and not flat.  It is your skin but better.  It’s like you’re looking at your skin through an Instagram filter or Beauty Selfie app, but you’re not.

The full coverage formula is super light-weight- you only need a small amount so be careful not to over apply and waste product. It spreads easily over the skin and then blends perfectly to effectively blur imperfections with a lightweight matte veil that feels like you’re not wearing make-up at all.

I matched to a shade 5 and it flawlessly covered all of my Rosacea redness and uneven skin tone like a boss.

Another thing I love about this product is that you can use it as a regular  foundation, on the entire face,  or as a concealer, only applied on certain areas where you feel you need to correct or hide skin imperfections. The formula is easily buildable without getting cakey and you can apply with a brush or just your fingertips.

Needless to say, after my tester ran out I went straight back to Neimans and bought a full size.  If you have been looking for a bit more coverage or have been struggling with evening out your skin tone I highly recommend you give Armani Power Fabric Foundation a try. You’ll love it!

Available at Neiman Marcus.




Las Vegas Now Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

by christiem on February 17, 2017 · 4 comments

Earlier this week my gal pal Lindsey Simon invited me to appear on her new show at Channel 8, Las Vegas Now, to present some last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

In case you missed it I wanted to give you a little recap here because seriously, these gifts are so good you could give them on March 1st and your recipient wouldn’t even care that you were 14 days late!

First up is the mother of all Valentine’s Day gifts- and beyond. (I’m looking at you Mother’s Day.  I see you creepin’)  Tiffany & Company’s Tiffany T Collection.

The Tiffany T Collection takes the letter T to the next level.  It’s simplified, deconstructed, extended and bent to form the most perfectly modern pieces of jewelry.  Showcase here are some of the newest additions to the collection:  Tiffany T CT60 Dual Timepiece, Tiffany T Square Bracelet, Tiffany T Rings and Tiffany T Hinged Wrap bracelet.

I have really fallen in love with Alex and Ani over the past year, their pieces are eco-conscious, sustainable and totally gorgeous.  These sets are from their Valentine’s Day Collection and are full of a whole lotta love.  Wear them alone or stack them up Alex and Ani has something perfect for every occasion.

HUG Sparkling Wine Cocktail.  This is one of my personal favs.  It’s all natural, only 140 calories per serving and is infused with natural elderflower, mint and lemon extract.  So refreshing and totally tasty it is available exclusively in Las Vegas at select Smith’s locations.

Who doesn’t love unicorns.  I want these on top of a cake for my b-day!  These adorable Unicorn Strawberries are from CupKates and are only $3 each!  They are dipped in white chocolate then sprinkled with edible glitter!  Pop into Kate’s shop CupKates in Tivoli Village to check out some of her other amazing treats!

If you are a frequent reader you know how much I LOVE Aventus by Creed.  It is the single best smelling mens scent EVER!  It opens with notes of fresh apple and pineapple then settles into a woodsy fragrance with a hint of vanilla.  Available at Neiman Marcus it is the ULTIMATE gift for him

What is more romantic than a sunset helicopter ride over the beautiful Las Vegas skyline!  Although their Valentine’s Day Special has now ended Maverick Helicopters has an incredible Las Vegas Nights package that kicks things off with a Champagne toast before your flight as well as tons of other amazing packages to knock her (or him) off his feet!  check them out at

To View the Full Segment click below or visit:



Hair Sweet Hair

by christiem on February 16, 2017 · 4 comments

Over the past few years there has been a growing movement in the beauty industry based on the premise that beauty comes from within, literally.

In a world full of juice bars and organic foods, beauty supplements, tonics, vitamins and chews have become all the rage. They even received their own official beauty category “Nutracosmetics”.

A leader in this new category of beauty is HUM Nutrition.

I have shared the amazingness that is Hum Nutrition before (HERE).  Their genius targeted beauty products helped me battle back from severe hair damage (I’m an avid user of their Runway Ready supplements).

Now Hum has something even sweeter happening!

They just launched a brand new supplement, Hair Sweet Hair AND it’s a yummy gummy!

Hair Sweet Hair has a unique combination of clinically research nutrients for stronger, healthier hair. Which include: biotin, zinc, PABA (helps maintain hair color), folic acid (supports cell growth) and fo-ti (a root used in Chinese medicine for healthy hair).

The gummy is fully vegan with no gelatin, gluten, soy, or dairy, only 2g of sugar and no artificial colors.

Just two of these tasty gummies per day (and they ARE super tasty- like a pomegranate treat) have been proven to positively enhance the resilience and overall health of the hair, contributing to growth and radiance over time.

Hello Luscious Locks!

HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair is Available at Sephora.




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