Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel

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I just wrapped up a week long photoshoot.  Long hours, sweltering studio conditions and waaaay too much coffee had left my skin in need of a pick-me-up so it was the perfect time to test out a brand new product from one of my favorite skincare lines Omorovicza, Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel.

The Blue Diamond Collection is the latest addition to the Omorovicza skincare family.

A trio of innovative ingredients work with Omorovicza’s exclusive Hydro Mineral Transference delivery system to supercharge the skin’s ability to renew and de-age.  The three product range includes: Blue Diamond Super-Cream, Blue Diamond Concentrate and Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel.

This beauty test couldn’t have come at a better time for me, my skin was in dire need of a jump-start…and spoilers ahead…THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!!!!


What is It: Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel. An opalescent peel to lighten, brighten and firm skin.

What’s In It:  Packed full of key ingredients including Diamond Peptides (These innovative peptides promote DNA repair while combating the effects of cellular stress and prolong the healthy life of skin cells), Arabinogalactans (brightens tone and smooths complexion), Essential Amino Acid and Copper Compound (promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and gives skin renewed firmness and elasticity), Lactobiotic Acid (provides mild exfoliation to brighten complexion and stimulate cellular turnover), Tropical Fruit Acids (to plump skin while reinforcing the skin barrier to improve firmness and tone) and Keratolytic Enzymes (promote gentle exfoliation and loosen dead skin cells).

What Does it Do: Refines complexion, encourages cell renewal, brightens tone, purifies the skin and regulates the production of sebum (the oily substance your skin produces) to avoid shine.

How to Use It: Twice weekly apply a generous amount to face and neck.  Massage gently for 2-3 minutes in circular motions avoiding contact with eyes and lips.  Rinse and follow with moisturizer.

Why I Love It: The first thing you will notice on application is that there is no “tingle” or “burny-ouchy feeling” like you get with most peels.  This peel is very gentle on the skin so you won’t have any redness or irritation after using, yet it gets the job done!  The result is flawlessly radiant skin.  My skin looked as if I had just returned from vacation and was all caught up on my sleep debt.  Bright, fresh and ultra smooth to the touch.  Love Love Love!  Proof that beauty doesn’t have to mean pain!

Where to Buy It: Available at Neiman Marcus and


SPANX Sara Blakely on her Jiggle Free Mission

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As if you weren’t excited enough about the opening of SPANX first West Coast Location on September 5th here in Fabulous Las Vegas (I have been counting the hours to get my hands on Bra-llelujah Bras in EVERY COLOR!)  I decided to stir the proverbial excitement pot a little more and get you uber-excited by chatting with the creative powerhouse behind SPANX, Sara Blakely to find out more about her Jiggle Free Mission.

Q: You have built an empire on shaping women’s bodies- and now even mens!  What inspired you to begin this journey?

SB: I was inspired by my own butt! I was getting ready for a party when I realized I didn’t have the right undergarment to wear under white pants to hide cellulite and look blemish free. I grabbed a pair of control top pantyhose, scissors and cut off the feet.  That was it!


Q: How did you come up with the name “SPANX”?

SB: I knew I wanted something bold and funny—something completely different. Spanx came to me while I was driving one day, it was edgy, fun, extremely catchy, and for a moment it makes your mind wander.


Q: What is your best advice to a women when shopping for shapewear?

SB: Ask questions! Our store is very approachable. We call our associates the Transformation Team because they are experts on everything we offer, but also on women’s bodies. Customers come in with a picture of a dress, or tell us about an upcoming event, and our team can advise on fit, compression level, what to wear under certain fabrics and silhouettes, etc.


Q: Why is shapewear important?

SB: I like to say that shapewear is the canvas and your clothing is the painting. Without a good canvas as the foundation, you’re missing a key piece to a great looking outfit.


Q: Who should wear it?

SB: Everyone can benefit from shapewear, and we provide different levels of slimming and a wide variety of products to meet the specific needs of each person for everyday wear and special occasion dressing.


Q: When should they wear it?

SB: People think of Spanx as the go-to for special occasion dressing, but I like tell our customers to make every day Spanx worthy! We have a full range of products that offer the perfect amount of smoothing no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going.


Q: What is THE must-have piece of shapewear every woman should own?

SB: That’s a tough one! There are SO many great SPANX products to choose from that each have their own unique functions. If I had to choose, I would pick a high-waisted mid-thigh shaper like our Trust Your Thinstincts option. This will make you look incredible under a fitted dress, pants, a skirt—really anything!


(above:  SPANX Trust Your Thinstincts® Adjustable Strap Mid-Thigh Body)

Q: What is your favorite product in your line?

SB: That’s like asking someone which child is the favorite! But I wear my Bra-llelujah every single day. It’s the most comfortable bra in the world! It has an all-hosiery back to eliminate back fat and hosiery straps—it really is most comfortable thing you can wear.


(above:  SPANX Bra-llelujah!® Soft Touch Underwire Contour)

Q: Why did you choose Las Vegas to open your first West Coast Boutique?

SB: Las Vegas has some of the best retail in the country, and as we expand our retail presence, it felt like a natural step for us.


Q: After the “Bridget Jones” Shapewear incident many women are afraid to wear Shapewear on a date- their mental picture is that is just isn’t sexy!  Can Shapewear be date friendly?

SB: Absolutely. With lace-trimmed smoothing teddies, curve hugging slips and even shaping bustiers, Spanx has date night covered! 



(above:  SPANX Lust Have Slimming Teddy)


Come out and celebrate the SPANX store opening with me Friday September 5th at Fashion Show Mall from 6-8pm!  

It will be a Jiggle Free Jubilee!

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SPANX I’m Hosting a Jiggle Free Jubilee

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Ladies of Las Vegas prepare to be jiggle free!

This Friday- September 5th I am hosting the opening of SPANX first West Coast Boutique at the Fashion Show Mall from 6-8pm!

A super exciting feature of this event- aside from the ridiculously good giveaways- is that there will be a presentation to show you HOW to wear different SPANX pieces property and what to pair them with!

What you may not know is that SPANX has gone waaaaay beyond biker-shortesc shapewear.  They now dish up legwear, panties, Ah-mazing bras, slips, activewear and a denim line that will have you tossing all your other jeans in the trash!

Please come out and join me and kiss goodbye to those lumps, bumps and wobbly bits!

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Stories by KO

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I haven’t been this excited about a clothing launch in quite awhile.

Kelly Osborne has finally announced the release date of her highly anticipated fashion line Stories by KOSeptember 25th on HSN.

This first collection is called Chapter One.  Not only does it look absolutely adorbs (I would wear EVERY Piece), it will also range in size from 0-24.  Yes you heard me 0-24. This is basically unheard of for a celeb line, most lines run either from size 0-12 OR as a plus size range from size 16 and above- NEVER both!


It is beyond exciting to see a line that is all inclusive and gives women of totally different sizes the opportunity to wear the same looks!

Osborne admits that she isn’t trying to be the next number one fashion designer in the world her aim is simple: to make fashion more accessible to real girls.


The 13 piece collection is based in a palette of black & white with pops of color throughout and comprised of  cute jumpsuits, pencil frocks, a Union Jack dress, high-waisted skirts, minis, blazers, fun tees and a super chic rose print blouse. Prices will range from  from $55.00 to $170.00 US.

Hurry Up September 25th!!! I need to shop!

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