Aerin Iris Meadow


If your last name is Lauder and you launch a beauty/fragrance collection it better be really, really good.

Aerin Lauder is basically beauty royalty, as the grand daughter of the grand dame of cosmetics Estee Lauder she worked her way up through the ranks of the billion-dollar family company for 25 years to the position of style and image director until finally launching her own brand: Aerin.

Aerin is a global luxury lifestyle brand based on the premise that “living beautifully should be effortless”.

I think that is the perfect description to keep in mind when choosing a fragrance, it should be effortless.

When I am asked about fragrance I always try to explain that a fragrance should sit close on your skin.  It should hug you softly and should only be detected by someone when they come close to you.  It should never be a cloud surrounding you or a trail of scent left behind after you leave a room.  It should be effortless like a second skin.  It should be you.

Aerin Iris Meadow is just that scent. Sophisticated, refined with an “I woke up like this” softness about it. Crisp green notes are infused with lush florals and deepened by warm, energizing woods. A blend of mandarin, blackcurrant, iris and Egyptian jasmine on a bed of cedar wood giving way to creamy woody musks.

“Iris meadow is a place to dream- wide open fields, brilliant blue skies and an endless landscape of wildflowers,” -Aerin Lauder

I love the simple refined subtleness of the scent. Fresh yet luxe it has just a touch of the floral notes amidst the warm woodsy and citrus notes.  The perfect amount so as not too be too flowery.

It is a little taste of Spring during the cold winter months.

Aerin Iris Meadow is Available at Neiman Marcus and

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