Model BootCamp: Don't Sweat It


The last 10 days are a blur.

2 fashion shoots an advertising campaign and a half dozen video shoots have given me one huge reason to pull my Model Bootcamp series out from the archives, dust it off and shine a light on some awkward topics once again.

Here is my message for the week:

Dear Models, deodorant is a requirement on a shoot NOT a choice.

Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance when you are wearing  a designers or stylist’s clothing.  We often work in crazy conditions and wacky environments all during insanely long hours where you need a deodorant that can stay with you for the long haul.

My personal favorite photoshoot worthy deodorant is  Dry Idea’s new Stain Clear Invisible Solid. Not only does it deliver 72-hour deodorant performance it also has stain fighting power without compromising on ultimate sweat and odor protection. That means no annoying white streaks on the clothing and no salty looking sweat ring stains left behind!

This new formulation encapsulates the active ingredient in the water phase enabling the use of less wax than traditional invisible solids, allowing the formula to go on clear and STAY clear.

Pick one up at your local drugstore!  For just $3.99 you can show up to your next gig and not sweat it.

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