Shark Week with LUSH


Finally…it’s favorite part of summer….insert the JAWS soundtrack..da-duh..da-duh..da-duh…Discovery Channel’s annual week long series SHARK WEEK!

Since 1987 Discovery Channel has been luring viewers in and catching their attention with entertaining and educational shark-tastic television programming. This year will feature over 14 hours of new content as well as  presenting information on the preservation of sharks, and the negative impact in the oceans should sharks cease to exist.

My favorite animal loving beauty company LUSH has teamed up with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart and his organization, United Conservationists to raise awareness for sharks and stop the unnecessary slaughter for their fins. Check out Rob’s story below and join #finfree movement by signing the petition or by purchasing LUSH’s  limited edition Shark Fin soap– Made from vegetarian, cruelty-free ingredients the limited edition Shark Fin Soap was created especially for Shark Week. With every purchase, LUSH will give 100% of the price to United Conservationists for a fin-free planet.



LUSH’s Shark Fin Soap is Available at and LUSH Fashion Show Mall.

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