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Spring Beauty Chat with Blair Patterson

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Estée Lauder’s Director of Global Makeup Artistry, Blair Patterson at Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas to chat about beauty trends, must haves and the in’s and out’s of Spring/Summer 2017 beauty.

As Director of Global Makeup Artistry, Blair develops artistry curriculum, trains Estée Lauder’s Makeup Artists around the world and shares his expertise with women everywhere. He helps launch press tours, meets with beauty editors and travels to fashion capitals throughout North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is the driving force behind the brand’s how-to videos plus several features on Estée Stories, the brand’s editorial platform.  He works closely with brand spokesmodels Joan Smalls, Carolyn Murphy, Liu Wen and Global Beauty Contributor Irene Kim not to mention his impressive portfolio of work which has been featured in such prstegious magazines as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire.

So yeah, he knows ALOT about beauty.

Q: What is the single biggest beauty trend of Spring Summer 17?

BP: YouTube. Bloggers and YouTubers are so influential at this point. Trends set by influences have become the adopted point of view, the beauty of it is that you can kind of do anything you want to.  There are so many different voices out there now with different interpretations of what beauty is, it’s pretty amazing.

Q: For Fall it was all about Matte and Velvet lips.  What should we look forward to for SS17?

BP: COLOR!  Spring is always a little bit more colorful than Fall but this season we are doing a CRAZY collection of color.  It’s called Envy Pure Color Love, we have been working on it for the past year and a half.  It’s colorful in a way that allows you to be really creative but totally wearable.  The collection is  packed with true color pigments, Cooled Chromes, Shimmer Pearls and Edgy Cremes and have medium, buildable coverage.  Texture is another HUGE trend.  The technology in pigments and ingredients in lipsticks that we are using is getting so advanced that you can literally manipulate textures in a way that we couldn’t before.  Chromatic lipsticks, real chrome, liquid metal colors and rose petal mattes that hold that soft texture and feel for hours!

Q: The spring runways were all about sparkle and glitter from clothing to lips, eyes and cheeks. What are your tips for pulling off this trend at any age?

BP: It’s all about where you place it.  I know women in their 60s who rock a little glitter on the inner part of their eye.  It also depends on your lighting situation.  If you are going our to a restaurant with dim beautiful lighting you can wear anything.  Makeup really is about the lighting so you need to think about what kind of lighting situations you will be in and plan your makeup accordingly. Always look at yourself in the lighting environment you live in the most and that’s what you should create your makeup looks for.

Q: What is the biggest DON’T of SS17?  What trend is over?

BP: This is just my personal opinion but I think the baking thing just isn’t meant to be worn on the street.  It’s more of a costume thing.  I would like to see anything that could be mistaken for Broadway makeup take a little bit of a nap. LOL.

Q: Tips for choosing the best powder, foundation and concealer?

BP: Seasons. People don’t pay enough attention to the change of seasons!  Always but your foundation at the height of summer and the height of winter where ever you live because everyone changes at least one shade.  Also it’s important to be knowledgeable about the different kinds of finishes and textures that are out there.

Q:  If a women buys only one new beauty product this Spring what should it be?

BP: I’d love to see alot more women of different ages taking chances with bright colored and pastel lips. Beautiful watermelon shades, pinks, stains, glazes, mattes.  Lipstick brightens everything!  It changes your mood, your look and it’s such a cheap way to make yourself feel amazing.  It’s a known fact in the beauty industry that lipstick has power.  Throughout every recession lipstick sales have always remained if not gone up. It’s a phenomenon called “The Lipstick Effect”.  It has occurred during every major recession in U.S. history. No matter what their economic situation women can always afford a $20 pick-me-up of lipstick that will last them months. Its the cheapest, most effective way to layer into your wardrobe alot of changes and options.

Q: What song do you think embodies Spring 2017 beauty trends?

BP: Daft Punk & The Weeknd “I Feel It Coming”.