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The "How To" of Dry Shampoo with Cibu

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo

It’s hot, sweaty and pretty much unbearable during the summer months here in Vegas and I certainly don’t want to wash my hair every morning, or even every other morning.

With my busy schedule plus the added Mad Max-esc unbearable heat, by Friday I’m pretty much running on 50% Dry Shampoo and 50% Coffee.

Blowing out my hair is a sweat filled process full of sectioning, blow-drying, heating and styling that I would equate to a 30 minute work-out at the gym- which is why I was obviously thrilled when I became familiar with the hair refreshing nirvana that is Dry Shampoo.

For those of you that have yet to make this life changing discovery, dry shampoo is a spray sent straight from the heavens to restore volume, texture and soak up excess oil from second, third, fourth, (cough, fifth, ahem, cough) day hair, all without water.

I use Dry Shampoo only slightly less than oxygen and my holy grail of Dry Shampoo is Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo.

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo

Ka Pow is so amazing it pretty much B%^#@ slapped all the other dry shampoos out of my medicine cabinet.

This spray will extend the life of your blowout, absorbs oils and is perfect for creating that tossled beachy texture. The best thing about Ka Pow is that it works on various hair types and human hair extensions!

Last week I watched a model spray dry shampoo all over the top of her head, like hairspray.  My inner beauty blogger voice was screaming “You are using that WRONG”!  but my outer stylist voice stayed quiet.

Alot of people fall into this beauty-gone-wrong trap with products they hear a buzz about and purchase without knowing how to use them properly.

So I, being a dry shampoo aficionado am going to break it down for you.  Step by step how to get the most out of your Dry Shampoo.

Tips for Applying Dry Shampoo:

  1. Start with dry, dirty hair. NEVER use Dry Shampoo on wet hair.
  2. You want to hold the nozzle around six to eight inches away from the hair and don’t focus on one area for too long, to avoid product build-up.
  3. Separate your hair into sections and apply throughout your locks at the roots…. only the roots. Focus on the crown of your head.
  4. Once you’ve evenly sprayed the dry shampoo into the hair, massage it into your scalp like you would wet shampoo in the shower – making sure it’s all rubbed in and evenly distributed.
  5. For added volume, flip your hair upside down, then use your fingers to blend the powder, shake out your roots, and allow the dry shampoo to move towards your ends.

Follow these steps and your Dry Shampoo will give you great hair for days…and days…and days.. and then maybe one more day. LOL

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo is available at and select hair salons.