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How to Fix Scuffed or Stained Suede Shoes

How to fix Scuffed or Stained Suede Shoes and Boots

It’s boots and booties season!  Hooray!

But its also bad weather, hot coffee and sugary cocktails season which can spell disaster for those suede boots you saved up for.  Boo!

Suede is one of those fabrics that shows every last imperfection.  Dirt, dark patches, grime and other stains show up on suede in a super magnified way so taking care of these little blemishes quickly will keep your suede shoes and boots looking #ShoeoftheDay perfect.

The first thing you should do BEFORE you wear suede shoes is protect them with a sealant.  Either take them to a shoe professional to have done or DIY it.  You can pick up a suede sealant at most drugstores or on amazon.  A thin application will last several months and help repel dirt, water and other stains. Make sure to reapply after brushing.

Now on to my tricks for fixing scuffed or stained suede shoes and maintaining that luxe suede look.

How to fix Scuffed or Stained Suede Shoes and Boots

Brusha Brusha Brusha!  Brush Your Suede after every wear.  This is the secret to keeping the suede fluffy and shiny-spot free.  You can do this with a suede brush or with a dry/clean soft nylon toothbrush. If you’ve got a shiny, worn spot, use the brush/toothbrush to lift the tamped-down fabric with short, gentle strokes.  It will also remove any loose dirt, lint or pet hair.

How to Fix Scuffed or Stained Suede Shoes

Suede Eraser

I don’t know about you but my suede booties get scuff marks like crazy!  To remove these marks gently rub an eraser back and forth over a scuff or stain until it lifts, then brush off any eraser shavings with your suede brush. You can do this with a suede eraser or in a pinch a pencil eraser will do.  I swear it’s magic- see above before and after!

For black suede pieces you can also touch up faded or scuffed spots lightly with a black crayon, then rub the color into the suede with your finger. Repeat until the spot blends with the surrounding suede

If tragedy strikes.. aka liquid spills on your suede shoes use talcum powder or cornmeal to treat them. Start by patting (NOT RUBBING) the area with a clean cloth or towel and then apply a layer of cornmeal or talcum powder. Let it sit overnight, and then brush the suede the following day to remove the dried powder.

Stylist Tip: These tips are meant for small accidents and imperfection.  Don’t attempt to restore severely damaged or severely stained suede at home. Take it to a drycleaning professional who specializes in the care of suede and leather.

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How to Fix Scuffed or stained suede shoes.