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Yellow Pit Woes

Over the last couple of weeks I have been at the eye of a mens styling storm.  3 photoshoots  back to back… to back (LOL) all focusing on mens fashion.

Often on a shoot the models are asked to bring some of their own clothing.  I go through it and usually end up with a look that is a combination of items I have brought and some of their’s.

Lately, I have  noticed a trend. This is not a chic fashion trend. This is not a urban street trend.  Its just a horrible gross trend.

White shirts with yellow armpits.

Look guys, I know this is a problem ALL MEN face (as well as some women).  It doesn’t mean you are dirty or unclean but it does give off a negative impression! So I’m here to help you learn how to prevent it AND how to treat it.

Why do the arm pits of your shirts turn yellow?  The reason the fabric turns yellow is that there is a chemical reaction between the aluminum in your deodorant/antiperspirant and your sweat (more specifically the salt your body produces in sweat). Now don’t get me wrong, I am in NO WAY suggesting you stop using deodorant (ewe) but there are a couple things you can do to prevent this from happening.


1. Wear an undershirt.  This will absorb sweat BEFORE it gets to your dress shirt!  I suggest a v-neck because I think an entire look can be ruined by a undershirt playing peek-a-boo through an unbuttoned collar.  It just looks messy and un-stylish.

2. Switch to an antiperspirant that is specifically designed to prevent staining.  Mennen’s SpeedStick Stainguard is awesome.  ” SpeedStick Stainguard features Stain Defense™ technology that keeps more antiperspirant on your skin, helping to fight the appearance of yellow stains on your favorite white T and shirts”.

3. Trim your pits!  Keeping your armpits trimmed reduces wetness!  Try my fav mens grooming product for this Norelco’s Body Groom Pro!

4. Let your antiperspirant dry COMPLETELY before putting your shirt on.

Removal.  We have all read the home remedies on Pinterest and browsing the web.  Let me just say I have tried them ALL!  Do not waist your time on hydrogen peroxide, baking powder, aspirin, vinegar, meat tenderizer, etc.  They don’t work.

After years and years of trying to remove yucky yellow pits from models and actors shirts I finally found a method that is effective and that I highly recommend!

How to Remove

Raise armpit stain remover. Love Love Love this stuff! It targets and dissolves the yellow stains WITHOUT ruining the clothing!  I have had HUGE success with this product.  Apply to pit area. Brush or rub the solution in. Let sit for 15-20 minutes then launder as usual. BONUS: Raise works great on ring around the collar as well!

*A little know armpit stain fact: Using bleach can actually set a perspiration stain.  It reacts with the proteins in the stain and makes it permanent- so stain removal methods may not work as effectively on shirts that have been bleached.

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