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He's a Bombfell


The ladies have New Beauty Test Tube, Birchbox and Glossy Box-monthly subscriptions that send goodies straight to your home, but what about the guys?

Are they to never experience the sheer joy and excitement we feel when we crack open those precious products each month to discover the surprise that awaits inside?

Enter Bombfell, a monthly clothing subscription designed entirely for men.

The concept for Bombfell came about when friends and former Harvard roomates Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim realized they were relying heavily on outdated wardrobes, and lacked the time and energy to hit the mall. The two then teamed up with Sarah Lee, a fashion-minded stylist, and Bombfell was born.

Aimed at the fashion challenged, fashion exhausted, guys that don’t have a fashionable gal BFF to pick out clothing for them and the no time for fashion gents,  Bombfell creates a bro-tastic fashionable solution.

With brands like Ben Sherman, Penguin, JACHS and French Connection Bombfell is sure to transform even the most fashion impaired guy from geek to chic and take the stressing out of dressing,

I sat down with Bernie Yoo  Co-founder of  Bombfell to get you all the deets on how it works!

Q: What does Bombfell mean?

BY:  Bombfell is short for “Bombfellow.” Goodlooking women are called bombshells, but there’s no corresponding term for guys – it’s a glaring gender imbalance. So we coined the term bombfell as the male equivalent of bombshell

Q: What is the pricing for a subscription?

BY: You can set your own budget! Once you set your ceiling for price per item, we’ll do our absolute best to find the best clothes for you within that budget. We offer three budgets: $69 per item, $129 per item or $199 per item.

There’s no subscription fees, and you only pay for what you keep. There’s no service fee, no shipping fees and returns are free. If you return your clothes, you pay nothing.

 Q: How are pieces selected to fit the individual style of the subscriber?

BY: To start, we pull in your social media data from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so that we can get to know you and your style better. We then leverage algorithmic recommendations we’ve created based on fit and style to find you clothes you’ll love, and that algorithm gets smarter every month as we collect more data points on purchases and returns.

The ultimate decision, though, rests with a personal stylist who takes everything into account – the user’s body shape, skin tone and style preferences, photos, geography, occupation and their past purchases and returns – to find clothes for that individual guy.

 Q: What is your demographic..who is the Bombfell subscriber?

BY: Men 23 to 39, both single and married, in all 50 states (and even some military bases as far away as Afghanistan!). We make clothing a solved problem for guys who want to look good, but who aren’t passionate about fashion.



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