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Toile the Wallpaper Print Trend

You may think of it as wallpaper or a pattern for dishes but there is something so utterly elegant and romantic about a Toile print.

Inspired by 18th century French scenery, Toile patterns have all the charm of a floral but with the same vintage vibe as your favorite prairie dress.

They hit the cottagecore trend but in a decidedly French country-side way.

Toile, short for toile du Jouy, was originally a style of decor fabric with a copperplate-engraving-style image of a complex scene—normally something pastoral. It was traditional a blue  or red print on a white background but today, toile can bear any kind of print or color, although the most common are still blues, reds, and blacks.

The utterly elegant style instantly adds a touch of femininity and nostalgia to your look.

Try sending those ginghams and florals out to pasture for a bit and wrap yourself in the French elegance that is the Toile the Wallpaper Print Trend.

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Toile the wallpaper trend