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Full Velvet Takeover

How to Wear a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a trend head-to-toe has been officially “a thing” for the past few seasons and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

From donning all one color to full body florals, wearing the “full look” was all over the spring/summer runways from Chloe to Valentino, Emilio Pucci, and Chanel.

Put on the training wheels and start experimenting with this trend now in the form of lux velvet, winter whites, millennial pinks or nudes then once Spring hits you’ll be a pro at it and ready for something a little more adventurous like head-to-toe yellow, bold monochromatic top to bottom reds or all-in hawaiian prints.

Whether you choose to make your head-to-toe statement with color, patterns or fabric the key to pulling off the trend is texture.  Make sure that there are details to break up the monotony of the recurring theme.  Lace, sheer pieces and ruffles are great accents to bring life to a head-to-toe look.  Small touches like a pop of another bright tone in the form of accessories will also lift your ensemble to the next level.

Velvet Trend

FURLA Metropolis Bag

Velvet trend

Wearing velvet head to toe

Wearing Velvet head to toe

Donald J Pliner Velvet bootie

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

What I’m Wearing: Shoshanna Velvet Tiered Dress | Donald J. Pliner Black Velvet Bootie | FURLA Metropolis Tote | Kendra Scott Color Bar Ring | Vintage Rose Ring |

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Caring for Velvet

In case you missed it last Fall, velvet is back for a encore performance in Fall 2017.

Velvet was EVERYWHERE on the Fall 2017 runways from gorgeous lux stamped velvet at Erdem to shiney matchy matchy sets at Gucci and 70s retro velvet pant suits at Prada.

Each designer gave velvet their own unique twist making the possibilities for styling it endless!

One of my favorite things about the trend is that even cheaper fabrics can look chic when you’re wearing velvet so you don’t have to spend a ton!

Whether it’s an investment piece or some fast fashion, keeping your velvet looking plush, fluffy and lux takes a little know-how.  Proper care for and storing of your velvet pieces is the key to their longevity.

Caring for Velvet

NEVER EVER iron velvet, you’ll crush the nap.  Even an iron at a low temperature can cause damage to the soft texture. If your velvet garment gets wrinkly, use a steamer to relax the creases but only steam from the INSIDE of the fabric.

Invest in a clothing brush.  This old school method of clothing care will help to remove dirt and grit that accumulates on the surface plus it will keep the velvet from becoming crushed. Brushing your velvet after every wear will help to ensure that any creases or matted patches don’t become permanent.  If you leave these spots untreated they can eventually lead to bald patches,  ESPECIALLY on velvet shoes and handbags!

Do not fold velvet and NO WIRE HANGERS! Instead hang velvet on padded hangers.  Make sure to leave some space around the piece, don’t let it become crushed in your closet.

NEVER hang your velvet inside plastic clothing bags this will make them sweat and can cause damage the fabric.

Velvet gets flattened easily, so if you spill something, don’t press or blot. Shake off the moisture and, if it leaves a stain get it to the dry cleaner ASAP.

If velvet shoes are you OBSESSION make sure to check the weather report before wearing them (Rain + Velvet= DESTRUCTION) and avoid wearing them to a club or bar where a drink could easily be spilled on them.  I have my velvet bags and shoes treated with a protective coating from my shoe repair shop.  You can do this at home as well just make sure that you follow the directions and make sure the protective spray you are using is safe for velvet.

Velvet fashion Trend

Caring for Velvet

Caring for velvet

Caring for Velvet

What I’m Wearing: Vintage 1960’s Velvet Long Jacket (similar found here) | Alexis Leather Sleeveless Top (similar found here) | AG Jeans | MODCLOTH Green Tie Neck Blouse (Similar Found Here) | Mulberry Clutch | Henri Bendel Military Cocktail Ring | TOPSHOP Wide Ring |

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National Consignment Day

National Consignment Day

Designer labels, lux fabrics and beautifully tailored silhouettes are the things fashion dreams are made of.

Such pieces may seem out of reach, but the luxury of owning designer clothing is possible when you shop consignment.

As the seasons change and our lives evolve, so do our styles and budgets.   On the first Monday in October, National Consignment Day offers a way to elevate both.

My favorite consignment shopping site TheRealReal,  founded National Consignment Day as a way to celebrate consignment as the smart, sustainable way to shop, earn money and extend the lifecycle of luxury items.

Never consigned before?  Well, it is oh so easy.

Start out by giving yourself a seasonal closet edit.  Grab those designer pieces that just don’t fit or you simply have grown tired of and consign them at which will make room for and give you extra cash to update your wardrobe with gently used, name-brand items for a fraction of the retail price!

Another bonus: nothing ends up in the landfill.  That’s right! Exchanging someone else’s fashion sense for your own keeps the cycle of good taste going.

Don’t want to consign, just want to shop?  Well that’s even easier!  I do all of my designer consignment shopping at 

TheRealReal is the premier site for online luxury consignment with over 600 employees and multiple locations across the United States that accept and ship product worldwide.

Shopping on TheRealReal is never a gamble, they ensure that every item on the site is 100% the real thing, each piece is authenticated through their dedicated team of authentication experts, horologists and gemologists. They know exactly how to tell real from counterfeit, from the quality of the leather to the zipper manufacturer.

TheRealReal is also one of the easiest and most convenient ways to shop- you can sort items to only show your size (both shoe and clothing).  I LOVE this feature because it keeps me from falling in love with something that will never fit me!  You can also mark pieces you are drooling over as an OBSESSION which adds them to a curated wish-list that you can view later PLUS TheRealReal will email you to let you know if the pieces go on sale!

I can’t begin to tell you how much shopping consignment has changed my own life.   Many of you have left comments here and on my Instagram commenting on how amazing my designer shoe and handbag collection is.  Well I’m going to share a HUGE secret.  Almost EVERY SINGLE piece in my collection was purchased second hand from TheRealReal and when I get tired of something or have worn it too much I just consign it back to the RealReal again!

Everything I am wearing in this week’s Outfit of the Day I purchased on TheRealReal!  Including my latest score: A leopard Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch!

Fall Fashion Trends Velvet

Velvet Fashion Trend

Alexander McQueen De-Manta Bag

Chloe T-Bar Pumps

Chloe Butterfly Sunglasses

How to Wear Velvet

Fall Fashion Trends 2017

What I’m Wearing: Akris Belted Velvet Accent Dress | Chloe T-Bar Pumps | Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch | Chloe Butterfly Sunglasses|

This month TheRealReal is launching the #NeverThrowAway movement urging consumers to either consign or donate items they no longer want.

  • Consign – Set up a free consultation and in-home consignment appointment. Get started here.

  • Donate – Send your items to GOOD+ Foundation to help break the cycle of poverty. Learn more here.

  • Valuations – Office or facetime appointments with one of The RealReal’s experts to receive a free price quote, or drop off your items at one of our Luxury Consignment Offices. Get started here.

  • Share –  Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable living and conscious consumption by posting your consignments and donations on Instagram this week using the hashtags #NeverThrowAway and #NationalConsignmentDay.

    Visit for more information!  Start Consigning Today!

National Consignment Day TheRealReal