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Why You Should Be Rockin’ A Denim Jacket

Denim jacket

If you ask me, denim jackets are the great wardrobe equalizer.  Classic and timeless they are one of those staple items that will NEVER go out of style, look great on EVERY body type and work for EVERY age.

The true beauty of a denim jacket is that it goes with literally EVERYTHING and works in EVERY SEASON! Seriously, no matter when you wear it or what you pair it with you really can’t go wrong.

It lends a casual easy vibe to an evening look, works as a lightweight layering piece without covering up the rest of your outfit and is the perfect go-to piece when a look feels a bit too stuffy and needs a little edge.

Sometimes we need that one piece to pull a look together, and a denim jacket does that. It gives a look interest, depth and a bit of swag.
It’s one of those classic pieces that you should have in your closet season after season.
But for a denim jacket to do it’s job it needs to be the RIGHT denim jacket.

When selecting a denim jacket there are a THREE major things you need to consider:

1. COLOR- Just like jeans, denim jackets come in all shades of blue (and beyond). Darker denim feels more versatile throughout the seasons so if you want something you can wear all year, go with a darker wash. I am a big fan of contrast so if you plan on rockin’ that denim jacket with an all black look maybe opt for a light/distressed wash to give the look some tension and interest.
2. FIT- Although the oversized trend comes and goes- denim jackets are best when they fit a bit snug, to create that lean, classic silhouette.
3. LENGTH- A classic denim jacket hits at hip length, which is perfect for pairing with jeans or pants since it won’t cut you off at the waist. A cropped denim jacket is a good choice when you want to wear it with skirts and dresses, as the shorter length visually raises your waist and elongates your legs.

Out of all the jackets I have in my closet (and there are ALOT), I find myself almost always reaching for my denim jackets to style my outfits with.

Seasonless, timeless, durable, longlasting and just plain cool they are a classic staple and you need one. Period. Whether its a dark wash, aged or embellished with patches, hardware or embroidery a denim jacket is a must for this season and the seasons ahead.

Denim jacket

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Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

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