5 Reasons Why a Blanket Coat/Poncho is the PERFECT Gift


For fall/winter 2015-16, no coat is more important than the blanket coat aka poncho (just reference Burberry’s IT blanket coat coveted by trendsetters, streetstylers and celebrities , you can even have it monogramed!  Click here for info ).

Although they are slightly different (a blanket coat wraps around like a blanket while a poncho has a hole where it goes over your head) they are still in the same fashion family.

I am obsessed with these comfy yet simultaneously chic and cozy pieces.  They are multifunctional (perfect for travel because you can wear it and then actually use as a blanket on a plane or road trip),  look fantastic on everyone and make even a basic outfit into something unforgettable.

Here are 5 reasons why a Blanket coat makes the PERFECT Gift this year:

1. They are TRULY one-size-fits-all.  How often can you say that!  No matter what your shape, size or stature a one-size blanket coat/poncho will fit.

2. They are functional.  Cozy, snugly and warm.

3. They are uber chic.  Whether you drape it over your shoulders, belt it, tie it or flip it over one shoulder.  Blanket coats/ponchos make a chic sophisticated style statement.

4.  They come in a HUGE range of price points.  No matter what you want to spend you can find a blanket coat in your price range.  From high street to couture everyone did a version of this beautiful silhouette this season.

5. There is one for everyone! Whether it’s boho, edgy or ladylike there is a blanket coat/poncho for every style.

If you are on my gift giving list here is fair warning:  You will most likely be receiving some form of a blanket coat from me this year. I’m OBSESSED!!!

Here are some of my favorites:






Looking for the perfect blanket coat/poncho?  Click below to shop the post:


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