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Sometimes we all can get flat out lazy with our accessories.  Either we stick to the same old piece or we forget about them all together.

Ladies here comes the first big style tip of the year: NEVER underestimate to the power of a great accessory. It can be the focal point of any look and can take a t-shirt from drab to fab or be the piece that brings a look together. Plus they are super fun to shop for because they ALWAYS fit!

Today I have a special guest post with some fantastic tips from Alaina Wiggins on when and where to wear what kinds of accessories!


Fashion followers everywhere have likely heard the phrase, “Accessories can make or break an outfit.” And I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely true! Accessories have a truly magical way of transforming an outfit and making into a completely special ensemble you may not have even envisioned at first. A lot of times, accessorizing is a fun trial-and-error game where you start pushing boundaries and pulling different pieces together until you find a good match. Fashion is finicky in that the accessories that seem to look the best with an outfit are often the ones you would’ve never imagined.

And that’s where creativity comes in. Styling an outfit is a constant boundary breaker. So many ensembles come to existence after trying an abundance of combinations. Since it’s quite the process, I decided to compile a little cheat sheet to help beginners with styling outfits for all kinds of occasions. Having a couple tips to refer back to can really help when you’re in a bind and feel like nothing is working out. Here are my tips for the best accessories to wear according to occasion…

Occasion: Brunch
Accessory: Colorful Bag

If you’ve got a brunch date planned with the girls, you know that everyone in the group will be dressed their #InstagramBest. Since brunch is during the daytime, a light and bright outfit is the way to go—and a sunny pop of color in the form of a satchel or clutch is very appropriate. I like this fashion composite that gives you some ideas for incorporating bright colors. Remember to keep it fun!

Occasion: Party
Accessory: Statement Necklace

It’s not too often that you can wear an overstated, blingy necklace without people thinking you look out of place. One of the few times that bigger is better is when dressing for a party. You want to stand out, and amping up the glam with a statement necklace is the perfect way to bling up an LBD. You can also use a statement necklace to bring much-needed or unexpected color into your outfit.

Occasion: Date Night
Accessory: Drop Earrings

Now, not all date nights ooze romance, but for the ones that require reservations, consult this tip. First, you’ll likely be wearing a slim-fitted dress to “up the after-dark wow factor” like those mentioned here. Then, to make your look even sexier, a pair of drop earrings will work wonders. They draw the eye to your neck and collarbone, slimming your face and grabbing your date’s undivided attention.

Occasion: Work
Accessory: Watch

Yes, unfortunately, we all have to work just as much as we play. So if you’re an office dweller looking for a new way to spice up your work wardrobe, adding a watch will do much more than just look good. A watch is just as functional as it is fashionable, and it adds boss-lady bling to the mix, making you a stylish force to be reckoned with. You can stack bracelets around the watch, too, like this article shows.

In Opening Image:

TOPSHOP Plunge Midi Dress

Linea Envelope Clutch

Aqua Arianna Drop Earrings

Saint Laurent Black Leather Platform Heel

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