Cocktail Courier

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself “Where the heck have you been all my life”?

Scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago I spotted something that made me wonder just that, Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir.

See folks- Instagram ads do work lol.

Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir is the box subscription service I have been waiting for!  It’s booze in a box delivered directly to your door!

Yaas oh yaas!

They send everything you need to make a tasty drink concocted by some of the worlds best bartenders.

“Cocktail Courier aims to demystify the craft cocktail process by delivering its cocktail packages complete with pre-measured ingredients (including the liquor) and an easy-to-follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.”

For just  $39.99/box for Standard Subscriptions and $49.99/box for Premium Subscriptions you can have an mixologist worthy box of ingredients to make 6-8 cocktails (depending on the recipe) right at home. There are different delivery plans but they range from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly. You can also skip at anytime and there is even the option to purchase one-off boxes that are not subscription based!

When it arrives just open the box, shake or stir as directed, then sit back and enjoy!

Cocktail Courier

Your anytime Happy Hour goodies arrive in a cute box  loaded with fresh ingredients, artisan mixers, top-shelf spirits, and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

The drink I received was Scot’s Cidre, a super refreshing whiskey/ginger/lemon drink.  SO DELISH!

Cocktail Courier

The instructions were super easy to follow and I mixed this drink up like a boss for some friends at a brunch who didn’t know I was taking blog photos around the corner and thought for a few minutes that I had just whipped up this masterpiece on my own.

Full disclosure- I may have let them believe it for MORE than a FEW minutes before I told them its was Cocktail Courier lol.

I am so in LOVE with this service.  A great gift idea and a fun way to reward yourself for a hard week or month’s work.

It’s like a party in a box.

Sign me up!

Cocktail Courier Scots Cidre

Scots Cidre

Click here to check out Cocktail Courier for yourself. Click, order, sip!

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