Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel

A new Chanel fragrance is a very rare event, the last was the debut of Chance in 2002 (fifteen years ago) but on September 1st the world will finally meet Gabrielle Chanel, the latest olfactory masterpiece from Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel

Last week I got an insider preview of the fragrance at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in The Forum Shops at Caesars and today I’m dishing on the details.

The scent is named after Coco Chanel herself.  Gabrielle was actually her real name!  Coco (her nickname) has become so legendary today, that everyone forgets that her given name was Gabrielle.

The design of the bottle is super sleek and feminine (the thinnest to date) and it took the fashion house years to perfect. If you look at most perfume bottles, you’ll see they have a solid bit of glass at the bottom, whereas with the Gabrielle bottle, the base is sleek, chic and barely there.

Gabrielle Chanel

Playing with the idea of duality, a woman being both lady and rebel, this scent is instantly a classic and yet something new, more modern and contemporary.

It’s Chanel for a new generation.  Opening with notes of white florals and jasmine the scent then settles with fruity green notes of Ylang-Ylang, sparkling Orange Blossom and Grasse Tuberose.

Totally addictive.

MAJOR INSIDER TIP:  Although the fragrance doesn’t launch worldwide until September 1st, 2017 YOU can get it NOW exclusively at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars! Just tell them you want to meet Gabrielle.

Gabrielle chanel

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  1. Chanel is such a classic! No matter how many new perfumes I try, I always wind up going back to Chanel brand fragrances. Will have to give this new scent a try 🙂

  2. I am usually not the biggest fan for Chanel fragrances but I will be sure to test that one the next time I’m shopping for a new one! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is so cool! I didn’t know the last bottle they made was in 2002. SO cool!

    Looking forward to smelling this. Praise the Channel gods I am in Vegas to head over to Caesars to give this a sniffarooonie! :)) Thanks for the insider tip!

    Sivan | The Olive Brunette

  4. Interesting. I knew Coco was not her real name but I never knew it was Gabrielle. How wonderful that a scent with her birth name has been created!

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