Girl Power: GapKids x ED


ELLEN DEGENERES has teamed up with The Gap to create a girl power packed children’s collection.

GapKids x ED is more than just a clothing collection it is a social movement encouraging young girls to embrace and celebrate their individuality, and to find their own voice – something that DeGeneres has long been an advocate of.

The campaign shot in black and white- features “inspiring real-life girls” including a pro-Skateboarder, a young entrepreneur, a professional drummer, and even a 9-year-old engineer of prosthetic hands – urges children to take selfies wearing the collection and share words of strength and encouragement with other girls around the world.

The aim is  to celebrate the things that make people different.


“I think if we shine a light on real girls doing incredible things, that’ll encourage other girls and boys to do incredible things, and that’ll encourage even more people to do incredible things, and eventually the world will be a more incredible place,” states DeGeneres. The Ads encourage girls to take and share selfies that show them being amazing, hopefully adding to a groundswell of feel-good, can-do energy.

There’s a definite girl-power feel to the clothing, the collection features non-frilly, expression-boosting—and fun—clothes with graphic prints including lightning bolts- to represent power- and a speech bubble -to allow girls to find words of encouragement. Although the collection’s primary focus is on girls there will be a small offering of pieces for boys, “We believe in equal-opportunity cuteness,” DeGeneres added “I think it’s important to teach boys at a young age to respect girls and their ideas.”

GapKids x ED will be available at Gap stores and August 17th- just in time for Back to School!










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