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For the past month I have been traveling for work.  Living out of a suitcase, dining on a poor eat-what-I-can when-ever-I-can diet, long hours and a new climate haven’t added up to the most “glowing” of complexions. Luckily for me I arrived home to a beautification package from my pals Neiman Marcus’ Beauty Cue.

Right away I spotted the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask and knew it would be just what the beauty-doctor ordered.


GlamGlow is a 10-20 minute treatment originally designed for behind-the-scenes use in the entertainment industry to give stars a camera ready glow in minutes.

This fantastic 100% natural, cruelty free mask uses a low-sodium mud base gathered from the coast of Southern France which absorbs oil and tightens skin combined with volcanic rock for buffing away roughness and Green Tea leaf for defense against free-radicals.

True to it’s claims, my skin was literally glowing after use.  Soft, fresh and completely exfoliated.  I have a tiny bit of rosacea on my cheek which flairs up when its hot out and Glamglow dramatically reduced the redness from it.

Tips to get the most out of GlamGlow:

Stir the product before applying to clean dry skin. I like to apply masks with a small soft fan makeup brush, that way I can be precise in application and keep my hands clean. For the first 5 minutes you will feel a slight tingle. The amount of tingle varies from person to person- my husband felt a strong tingle while I barely felt it.

Depending on your skins needs you can leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes- I left it on the full 20 because my skin had been through such a beating.

After the mask turns white and you are ready to remove take a warm/hot wet towel and placed it over your face to soften the dried mask and then wash it off with warm water in circular motions to exfoliate.

My skin defiantly had a more youthful glow and smooth soft tone with a noticeable reduction in my pore size.  The 1.7oz jar retails for $69 and is good for 17 applications as a face mask or 1000 spot treatments.

I give Glamglow a Glowingly fabulous thumbs up!

GlamGlow is available at Neiman Marcus retail stores and at 

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    1. I have a bit of Rosacea on my cheek and Glam Glow really helped reduce the redness. Of course everyone’s skin is different so you would need to try it to see how it works for you. If you head to a Neiman Marcus Glam Glow Counter they will give you a sample to try at home 😉

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