Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel


I just wrapped up a week long photoshoot.  Long hours, sweltering studio conditions and waaaay too much coffee had left my skin in need of a pick-me-up so it was the perfect time to test out a brand new product from one of my favorite skincare lines Omorovicza, Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel.

The Blue Diamond Collection is the latest addition to the Omorovicza skincare family.

A trio of innovative ingredients work with Omorovicza’s exclusive Hydro Mineral Transference delivery system to supercharge the skin’s ability to renew and de-age.  The three product range includes: Blue Diamond Super-Cream, Blue Diamond Concentrate and Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel.

This beauty test couldn’t have come at a better time for me, my skin was in dire need of a jump-start…and spoilers ahead…THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!!!!


What is It: Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel. An opalescent peel to lighten, brighten and firm skin.

What’s In It:  Packed full of key ingredients including Diamond Peptides (These innovative peptides promote DNA repair while combating the effects of cellular stress and prolong the healthy life of skin cells), Arabinogalactans (brightens tone and smooths complexion), Essential Amino Acid and Copper Compound (promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and gives skin renewed firmness and elasticity), Lactobiotic Acid (provides mild exfoliation to brighten complexion and stimulate cellular turnover), Tropical Fruit Acids (to plump skin while reinforcing the skin barrier to improve firmness and tone) and Keratolytic Enzymes (promote gentle exfoliation and loosen dead skin cells).

What Does it Do: Refines complexion, encourages cell renewal, brightens tone, purifies the skin and regulates the production of sebum (the oily substance your skin produces) to avoid shine.

How to Use It: Twice weekly apply a generous amount to face and neck.  Massage gently for 2-3 minutes in circular motions avoiding contact with eyes and lips.  Rinse and follow with moisturizer.

Why I Love It: The first thing you will notice on application is that there is no “tingle” or “burny-ouchy feeling” like you get with most peels.  This peel is very gentle on the skin so you won’t have any redness or irritation after using, yet it gets the job done!  The result is flawlessly radiant skin.  My skin looked as if I had just returned from vacation and was all caught up on my sleep debt.  Bright, fresh and ultra smooth to the touch.  Love Love Love!  Proof that beauty doesn’t have to mean pain!

Where to Buy It: Available at Neiman Marcus and

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