Plus Size Project: Be Voluptuous + Sanrio 50 year Anniversary!

This week kicks off my COUNTDOWN to the Holidays.  In the coming weeks each post will be filled with fashion, beauty, recipes and gift giving ideas to help you navigate the holiday season in style.  Some weeks will include double posts and double giveaways!


  The first up this week is my Plus Size Project full of Fashion tips for Curvy gals then its a Special Treat for Sanrio Fans with info about their mobile Tour!  Each has a giveaway, so when you leave your comment please note which giveaway you are entering!


Lets Face it, its tough out there for a Curvy Fashionista!

Until recently Plus Size gals have been banished to such sad shopping sources at Walmart and Lane Bryant.  They were , by default, forced to wear things that aren’t exactly Fashion Forward or necessarily flattering.

Hip and Trendy Fashion brands seem to operate with the notion that no one over a size 10 follows fashion!

Why is this when over 62% percent of women in America wear a size 14 or larger, as District Chronicles reports and the “average” woman in America actually wears a size 14 and weighs 165 pounds, according to the New York Times?

One of the biggest challenges that many designers state is that it’s harder to create clothes for larger women.  The biggest difficulty is that the dimensions to the body change in women who wear sizes greater than 16 because they gain different amounts of weight on different areas of their body – some become top heavy, some fill out around the stomach – making it harder to create patterns that will work for many women.

Ladies, this year the fashion industry is finally taking notice of the Plus Size Fashion dilemma and  making some major changes.

For the First time EVER NY Fashion Week had a Plus Size fashion show! Gabourey Sidibe and Nikki Blonksy were among the celebrity faces present as hosted this groundbreaking move forward for Plus Size ladies everywhere.

(above: Fashion Show from

Italian Vogue launched a new website, Vogue Curvy with fashion, news, tips, how to’s and daily suggestions for curvy gal’s

(above: from daily suggestions at Vogue-Curvy)

 Saks Fifth Avenue has become the first major US retailer to stock plus size clothing from high end designers such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and YSL.

Being a Fashion Stylist, I normally deal with models who average in size from 2-4.  Believe it or not dressing them has challenges of its own,  but I wanted to do something different this month.

I decided to do a Plus Size Project.  

Grabbing a gorgeous curvy pal of mine, Jamie, we set out to find her 4 fab Fashion Forward outfits, at a price she could afford.

We headed off to Voluptuous, a new Plus Size boutique from Patty of Patty’s ClosetPatty’s Closet has been dosing out affordable Fashion to Vegas since 2007.  Seeing the need for a Plus Size Boutique, Patty noticed that Plus Size Pretties were being under-served and underestimated as far as their choices in fashion and she wanted to change that.  Voluptuous opened  in September to a line out the door of curvy gals who wanted to get their Fashion on!

The concept at both Patty’s Closet and Voluptuous : they only receive 6 of each item! (which seriously eliminates the uncomfortable showing up somewhere wearing the same thing as someone else situation).  They get shipments every week so there are always new things to choose from!

My goal was to provide Jamie with 4 affordable and Fashion Forward Fall/Winter looks for different  occasions.

Here’s how we did:

LOOK 1 CASUAL (shopping, lunch, coffee, movies)

TREND: Rock and Roll Chic. High boots, skinny jeans and distressed t-shirt.

Skinny Jeans $26.50/ t-shirt $22.80/ light cardigan $21.80/ boots $40.80/ handbag $39.40/ Flower ring $15.80  Head to toe look total= $167.10

LOOK 2 (hitting happy hour then off on a date)

TREND: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 80’s inspired florals,leggings, and high waist belting.

Floral dress $26.50/Belt $13.80/Shoes $27.80/bracelet $22.80/leggings $8.80 Head to Toe look total= $99.70

LOOK 3 Evening (see a show, concert or night on the town)

TREND: Shine On. Metallics, leggings, statement jewelry.

Silver dress $27.80/belt and leggings repeated from look 2/necklace$17.80/bracelet$16.80/ Shoes $26.80   Head to Toe look Total= $89.20

LOOK 4 Cocktail (Holiday Party, wedding or special event)

TREND: Mad Men. Lady-like retro inspired silhouette, jewel tones, glamour.

Dress $38.80/ Necklace $18.80/ Earrings $15.80/ Shoes $26.80  Head to Toe Look Total= $100.20

(above: The project was a success as shown by Jamie’s purchases)

Jamie told me that her experience at Voluptuous was a turning point in shopping for her “As a plus size shopper, a typical shopping trip with your friends means hitting the mall and browsing the accessory and shoe sections while your non-plus size friends try clothing on as you watch.  It makes you feel really uncomfortable and sad.  At Voluptuous I went in and saw all this amazing clothing and knew I COULD try it on and it would fit! My non-plus friends could convieniently  hop next door to Patty’s Closet.  Voluptuous made me feel pretty and hip again, I actually enjoy shopping now, rather than dreading it!”

PLUS SIZE FASHION TIPS: it’s super important to keep your body balanced, make sure your clothing isn’t too big or too small and NEVER underestimate the power of belting.  A belt can pull your whole look together and give you shape!

Curvy gals you HAVE to check out Voluptuous.  The selection was hip, trendy and on point with current fashion!  The prices were totally affordable and the sales staff extremely helpful!

Voluptuous Fashion Plus Size Boutique

10271 S. Eastern Suite 114


This weeks giveaway is for my Curvy readers!  Voluptuous is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Voluptuous plus a surprise gift.  Las Vegas residents ONLY please.


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Leave a comment on this post between Nov. 7 and Nov.13 naming 2 Curvy Celbrities whose Fashion Style you admire and why.

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What’s new Pussycat?

Sanrio is Celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

SPECIAL Treat for Sanrio Fans! 

Celebrating 50 years of Hello Kitty and friends, Sanrio has joined forces with Target to bring a party to fans of all ages with SMALL GIFT- the 8 week mobile pop-up tour. 

Inspired by Sanrio’s “Small Gift, Big Smile” philosophy the Small Gift Tour will bring a fun and unique experience directly to fans through the newest trend of Fashion Trucks, two trailers wrapped in super cute Sanrio graphics.

The Tour  will roll into Las Vegas Town Square on Saturday November 13th through Sunday November 14th from 10am to 7pm.

At Small Gift guests can immerse themselves in the Sanrio experience by playing games, entering contests, sharing photo ops with characters and enjoying the interactive space with other fans!  You will be able to purchase “50 must have” collectible products featuring your favorite characters. 

Be sure to get there early!  Goody bags will be handed out to the first 50 people in attendance! 

Be sure to stop by the Sanrio Spin wheel for the chance to win prizes including Target gift cards!

The Sanrio Small Gift Tour has a Special surprise Goodie bag for my readers!


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Leave a comment on this post between Nov. 7 and Nov.13 telling me what “sparkling” jewelry designer does a line of Jewels that incorporates Hello Kitty. (Yes there are 2 correct answers).

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(Last weeks lucky winner is Jodi V.)

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  1. I am a plus size…would love to model too…but I am having a HARD time finding boots to fit my calves…I wear a size 14 and clothes are now becoming very cute for us people. Keep up the good work and I love your blog

  2. I’m plus-size! But, I dot think I’ll be shopping at Voluptuous any time soon! 😛
    Way to go Snoop!

  3. So for Sanrio the main jewelry designer I can think of is Tarina Tarantino. As for the curvy celebrities whose style I admire…the first is Queen Latifah. She’s never trying to hide her body and she always looks so sexy, elegant and womanly. I don’t know about any of you, but I find it hard to feel any of those 3, especially as my dress size has gone up and up. My second is Kate Winslet. She’s far from being plus size, but she’s resisted Hollywood’s need for everyone to be a size 0, show’s off her curves and often goes for a simple, classic Hollywood look for the Oscars. Can’t wait to check out voluptuous, plus I love Badtz-Maru (the penguin) from Sanrio. Great blog this week!

  4. I admire Queen Latifah, she dresses with style but doesn’t give off that “I wanna be” look.

    I just recently visited Patty’s Closet and found a new shopping place for Christmas shopping. Every store has different merchandise, so if you don’t find everything you are looking for you can just head on to another store. The jewelry was really unique. It was fun to be in one location and be able to get an entire outfite from head to foot. Great fun!!!

  5. It would be Gabourey Sidibe aka Clarice “Precious” Jones. I love that she looks so great on red carpet events. Also, the classic guy “Fat Albert” he is sharp wearing a undershirt and he rocks a BELT very well put together. I love that he radiates happiness all the time. My all time favorite is Chunk from “The Goonies” he was not afraid to show his stuff while doing the truffle shuffle. There are so many Bootylicious people in the world from Dree Hemingway, Queen L, to the average Joe.. What matters is how you feel inside and love yourself no matter what! Just be happy being in your own skin! Snoopy

  6. I love love patty closet! So glad you’ve finally gone after I told u about it so long!!! There r 2 real close to my house- its great for when I can’t find something to wear, I can just go pick something up! There is ALWAYS something cute every time I go in as they are constantly getting new things in. PLUS everything is soo affordable!! Jamie looks sooo great in all her new looks!!! Good job christie!!

  7. Snoop you look fabulous!! I absolutely love the evening dress.. Christie you are a godsend to fashion challenged people like my self.. Keep up the good work.. I still have a ways to go but you are definitely making it easier!!!!!

  8. I shopped at Patty’s Closet a few times and squeezed into the outfits I bought. I LOVE Voluptuous! My 2 Curvy celebrities are Kate Winslet and Kate Dillion because they both prove that you don’t need to be a size 0 to be beautiful. If you have it, flaunt it. I would love to be a model, unfortunately I am too short, only 5’4, 150 lbs. Thank you Patty for opening Voluptuous for all of us curvy ladies out here!!! Like Kate Winslet once said “I’d much rather be known as some curvy Kate than as some skinny stick.” xoxo

  9. I don’t know whose style I actually admire. I have my own style and I generally look cute and I am not saying that to sound conceited I get complimented so I must be doing something right. 🙂 I would really have to think about that one. I am glad though to have another shopping option because in Vegas our choices are limited. For the Patricia, I have Lymphedema so it is often difficult for me to find shoes and boots but Lane Bryant has new ones in this year that even fit me so go check them out and Easy Spirit online sometimes does double wide so check that out too. I also have luck at Macy’s at the Fashion Show for clothes and if you ever make the drive to LA your clothing options do become so much greater so ladies even if you are voluptuous you don’t have to give up on fashion. There are great things out there, you just have to know where to find them. 🙂

  10. Hmmm pick 2 curvy celebrities that I admire their style… I cant pick 2 I have a few… Here goes… Kim Kardashian one of the most beautiful woman in the world she is a fashion icon.. Marilyn Monroe, Emme she put plus size on the map…just to name a few other very curvy beauties Anna Nicole Smith, Tyra Banks, Salma Hyaek and Scarlett Johansen.. There are really to many fabulous beauties that I have not mentioned..