#Selfie: Empire Case

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“Selfie” was Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year in 2013.  Seriously!

Selfie’s are powerful business from marketing lipcolor to nail lacquers and the #OMG what are you wearing I #havetohaveit!

Each day millions of  #selfies are uploaded to social media- in fact just last Sunday at the Oscar’s Ellen DeGeneres broke the most Reweeted photo world record and crashed Twitter for more than 20 minutes with her A-list Group Selfie that was Retweeted more than 2 million times before midnight!


With the current #selfie craze (don’t roll your eyes- you know you do it too) it is just as important for your cell phone case to be as stylish as your clothing, after all the most popular #selfie style shot is the “in the mirror” selfie!

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I have been getting messages and comments like crazy on my social media  asking where I got my cell case.

My case is from Empire Case’s Signature series.  

I am OBSESSED with Empire Case!  Not only does the case look ridiculously cool it is made of  durable polycarbonate to protect your precious device and comes in a ton of  trendy patterns with a sleek smooth finish PLUS each case includes a premium Microfiber cloth and Clear Screen Protector for just $14.95!  EEK before I discovered Empire Case I was paying extra for the screen protectors at up to $50!

Click below to check out all of Empire Case’s Fabulously Fashionable Cell Phone Cases.  They have them for just about every model and series of phone out there!





Hashtag your look.  Click to shop some #selfie gear


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