Spring Cleaning: BluePrintCleanse

I have watched the models I work with experiment with different types of cleanses for years- pills that cleanse, the Master Cleanse, Model Detox cleanse, home brewed leek cleanses, etc. -but what I also noticed is that they seemed to leave the person cleansing either REALLY Cranky, REALLY hungry, REALLY in need of a restroom constantly or in some cases from garlic pills REALLY smelled bad!

Over the last year I have heard a ton of chatter from celebrities like Jason Wu, Olivia Wilde, and Sarah Jessica Parker plus recommendations from friends in New York- models, actors, PR gals, marketing gals, designers- about this amazing cleanse that makes you feel incredible: the BluePrintCleanse.   Founded by raw food enthusiast Zoe Sakoutis the BluePrint motto is We Think You Drink!

The winter months combined with traveling for work have not been kind to my weight or how I feel physically (tired, lack of motivation and lack of focus) so I decided to give The BluePrintCleanse a go.

What does it do?

“The Cleanse will gently rid your body of impurities, regain the alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism.  Too often a cleanse stirs up   detox symptoms that are far too intense for the average person.  BPC is designed for people that would like to give their insides a rest while simultaneously going  about their daily lives”.

Why a Juice Cleanse vs. the other kinds of Cleanses?

BluePrintCleanse is a nutritional cleanse made with fresh fruits and vegetables, so rather than a deprivation cleanse or fast, you are flooding your system with loads of vitamins, nutrients and live enzymes that feed your body on a cellular level and give it everything it needs while your digestive system is able to rest and reboot.

How Does it Work?

BluePrintCleanse is unique!   Offering different levels of intensity plus each level gives a choice on how long you want to cleanse (either a 3 day, 5 day or 10 day programs).




“The main difference between the three levels corresponds with how many green juices vs. fruit juices per day.  If you are new to juicing and aren’t used to as much green juice start with level one and gradually work your way up.”

I chose the Renovation 3 day Cleanse, set my delivery date on the calendar (they let you schedule when it arrives) and placed my order. (If you live in New York it is hand delivered to your door, if you live elsewhere like me it is sent via fed-ex for a minimal charge.)

Once my juices arrived everything was as easy as 1-2-3! (NO mixing, NO Blending-its all done for you!)

(above: BPCleanse locked and loaded in my refrigerator)

I had 6 juices to drink per day (which were numbered).  You combine your juices with a plentiful water intake and green tea.  I added fresh lemon to my water for flavor.  The green juices were a bit hard for me to get down at first but you get used to them (putting them over ice and adding freshly squeezed lemon helps) and they are broken up with some delicious fruit juices in between-Pineapple Mint is yummy!

I am so proud to say that I made it through my ENTIRE cleanse without a single cheat!  I wasn’t even hungry.  Seriously.  It was more a mental game, something looked good but my body wasn’t craving it, my mind was.

During my cleanse and after, the folks at BluePrint were so supportive!  They sent me encouraging emails and tweets of support.  It fealt like I had a whole nutrition team cheering me on!

Since completing my cleanse the biggest question I am asked is  “How do you feel?”

It’s hard to explain how much better you feel!  I am REALLY clear headed, REALLY energized and focused and my body feels like I have been getting in good workouts for about a week (even though I haven’t).

My reasons for cleansing were to clean out my body and reset myself both mentally and physically before starting a weight loss plan.  I have really had problems in the past committing to a weight loss plan and not cheating.  After my BPCleanse dieting has become so much easier- now I don’t want to put bad things in my body.  It was life changing for me!  I am down 10 pounds and its been the easiest 10 pounds I’ve ever lost.

I began this journey for myself, I hadn’t planned on writing about it but I had such an amazing experience with BluePrint  I just had to share it with you!

I would HIGHLY recommend the BluePrintCleanse  -whether you are looking to loose weight, feel better physically or just do some “Spring Cleaning” you will be amazed at what this cleanse can do for you. (Its gluten free and 100% vegan so no excuses!)

Here are just a few of the possible benefits from doing a BluePrintCleanse:

  • boosts immune system
  • alleviates allergies
  • improves thyroid function
  • provides rest for digestive organs
  • provides normalized weight
  • promotes normalized blood pressure
  • reverses signs of aging
  • elevates mood and sex drive
  • alleviates symptoms of PMS
  • Increases energy
  • promotes clear skin
  • combats viruses

The BluePrint folks recommend that you cleanse after times of excess such as post holidays and followings trips PLUS seasonally, springtime and fall are the best times of year for a cleanse.

You can order your cleanse at BluePrintCleanse.com and follow them on twitter @ BPCleanse

*Make sure to follow their instructions for breaking the cleanse– don’t just jump straight back into food afterwards!

This week its time to do some Spring Cleaning!

1 Lucky winner will receive a 3 day Cleanse from BluePrintCleanse.

To Enter:

First “like” BluePrintCleanse on Facebook or follow them on twitter

Then, leave a comment on this post between Feb. 26 and March 3rd telling me why you need BPCleanse to help you do some Spring Cleaning.  

Good luck and thanks for reading!

For additional entries use the buttons below to “Share” this post on Facebook and Twitter!

Last weeks lucky winner is: Lollieshopping!  Congrats!


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  1. I have been so curious about this cleanse, so this post was extremely helpful — thanks. I would love to win this as I have been feeling a bit lethargic lately and a 3-day cleanse might just be the answer 🙂 I read somewhere that these will soon be available in select Whole Foods–although I imagine this would start in California exclusively. (And I “liked” them on FB and Twitter!)

  2. First!
    I’ve done the Master Cleanse 7 or 8 times over the last 15 years. I know what you mean about the hardest part being the mental aspect of being “hungry”. It’s such a hard thing to take out of your daily routine. Especially for 5 days or more!
    This BP Cleanse sounds really awesome. I love that the drinks are already mixed and bottled. That really is the most irritating part of the fast for me; making juice and cleaning up every morning.
    Cool article. Thanks Christie!

  3. What a refreshing way to work out the toxins in our body. Thank you for your great description and intro to the product line. I am excited and will definitely give them a try.
    : )

  4. Seemed too good to be true and yet it is! Wow, thanks for sharing your great results. I could use something like this for sure. I have been in school the last three years with a toddler by my side and I am overwhelmed, to say the least. State boards are fast approaching in April and a recharge would be awesome for my brain power. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. I have really been wanting to do a cleanse. I feel like I eat healthy and try to work out but as you know Christie, being a freelancer in our industry not having a set schedule makes a daily routine in life . impossible. We go on set and the craft service table is full of bad snacks and munchies, most of the time the things provided to us for food are after long periods of time so we are starving and will eat anything given to us which unfortunately most times is pizza , fatty foods and definitely rarely never a balanced meal with fruits vegetables and a solid protein. Not only is it hard to stay on track because of this, how on earth would I do a cleanse while working? Blue print sounds like the perfect answer. I can bring a cooler with my drinks! Sounds like you felt great and your right it is a great jump start into eating healthy after the cleanse, after you feel great when you look at a cookie you start to think twice about how it will make you feel after you eat it. Im dieng to try this cleanse! I think it would be something great to do 2-4x a year even just to jump start things. 3 days, sounds like a perfect timeline. 10 can be a doozey and 1 isnt enough. Thanks for sharing the info! I will definitly be trying it!

  6. I would like to try this cleanse. I think that it would be practical because it’s only 3 days. My motivation would be to jump start healthy lifestyle in the right direction. I would “really like” the experience..

  7. Now you have me curious and I want to try it! I have been feeling so scatter brained lately and I need some clarity.

  8. You did it!!!! Now I want to do it. After giving birth in Nov. working hard to put a magazine to print now is the time for a spring cleaning. and it’s gluten-free!

  9. I’ve been recovering from an injury for the past month and had to put my exercise and diet plans on hold. This would be such the perfect kick-start to getting back to taking good care of myself!

  10. I am getting married at the beginning of July. Since last October, I have lost about 10 pounds by dieting and joining an all-female bootcamp, but it seems I have hit a plateau. I have been doing some research on the BPC Cleanse as a way to change up my routine and found your post on the @BPCleanse twitter page. I’d really love to try it out and see if it gives me the motivation I need to lose those last few pre-bridal pounds!

  11. You havent steered me wrong yet Christie and I would love to try it out for myself! I work a very rigorous, non stop nightlife marketing job and its hard to find time to cook and sit down to eat healthy meals. I easily gained 20lbs this year from the stress and on the go eating. A cleanse would definitely get me going in the right direction!

  12. I’ve been dying to try the Excavation BPC and now that I have baby weight to lose it would be a perfect time! I’m ashamed to admit that I ate way too much sugar (and a bit more caffeine than normal) just to get me through some days. This fresh start would be so incredibly helpful!

  13. I’m a law student and I need a convenient way to clear my mind and body while studying. BluePrintCleanse is perfect for my lifestyle.

  14. I would love to try the Blue Print Cleanse. Being a teacher, I need a cleanse that doesn’t involve much prep work…. And this sounds perfect!

  15. BPC is my favorite way to reset your system. I would live to do it again and recommend it to anyone who will listen about it.

  16. Hello,
    I would love a cleanse for spring cleaning. trying to get out of this winter lull on the island i live on. too much comfort food. I think if i did this cleanse it would jump start me into better choices.. my wedding is this June. i need to make better choices for this day… and every day on.

  17. I havent been feeling too great about myself this winter and I really need a jumpstart!
    Hope that it can get me feeling better inside and out! 🙂

  18. I need the spring cleaning to jump start my diet program so I’m swimsuit ready for surfing Malibu when the first swell hits! I need an energy boost and and ego boost to boot.

  19. I have been wanting to try Blueprint Cleanse for a while now. I go to the website, add the cleanse to my cart, then chicken out. I am going to the beach in May with my husband to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary and my graduation from nursing school. I need something to help kick off my workout/clean eating regimen so I am bikini ready come May! Thank you for considering me to win a 3 day cleanse! I would be so excited if I win!

  20. Since my husband got deployed with the military, I’ve been looking for something healthy and natural to get me back to feeling good about myself AND to have more energy. Being a full-time student, it’s difficult for me to always have the time to prepare my meals for the day. Most of the time I’m stuck in the library eating whatever I could grab that was convenient. Ive never tried any type of juice cleanse before and have heard nothing but good things about blueprint . I would love to be able to experience the feeling of energy and happiness everyone who has tried it says they have. I would be so grateful to be awarded with the 3-day cleanse you’re giving away! It would make my very long year a little bit happier!

  21. I have fibromyalgia, and have spent the last 5 years trying to make changes to my health to relieve me of this awful pain. I really believe it’s mind, body, and spirit. I have found that yoga once or twice a week, jogging a few times a week, and eating healthy is the remedy. I am very aware of how bad I feel when I make bad food choices. I have been stalking the blue print cleanse and even tried to do my own juice cleanse, but it’s just so time consuming with a full time job, family, etc. Please pick me! I want to feel better! Thanks!!!

  22. I have been wanting to try BPC for quite some time! I’ve been taking a break from my health since my last big vacation…and with summer (and a wedding) coming up…I could really use some help 🙂 Would love to win this BPC starter kit.

  23. I would love win the Spring Cleaning to jumpstart an “exercise and get healthy” program I most desperately need. I’m in nursing school now but the last few years of stress and depression after going through a horrible, almost 3 year divorce have really done damage to my body. I don’t even look like the same person I did a few years ago. This would be a great way to help me change that.

  24. Thanks for sharing your experience with BPC! I feel like I need to hit the “reset” button on my life and do some major spring cleaning. I’m in the middle of a vicious cycle of eating junk food (I know the more I eat it, the more I crave it and want to eat more) – it’s just an unhealthy spiral that I want to get out of. Also, I’m in the midst of a serious emotional journey.. I’ve heard cleansing of any type helps bring up a lot of unresolved things in you, and I’m ready to face them and move forward! Thinking the BPC is right up my alley right about now!

  25. I’d love to do the cleanse to “reset” my body from all the sugary indulgences I’ve been gorging on since February. My boyfriend is a keeper… a giant box of gourmet chocolates (rose petal flavored chocolate ganache…sigh), and I managed to eat my way through about 50 pieces in 3 days. And since then, I’ve been hunting for any kind of candy loot I could get my hands on. I love chocolate, but my body could use a much needed “reset.”

  26. I’ve been wanting to try the cleanse for a while now as a friend highly recommended it, but I am strapped financially at the moment. I want a fresh start and am feeling very motivated to make a positive change, and this would be a great way to begin another chapter. I’ve already given up alcohol for Lent, and I think a 3-day cleanse would be a perfect solution to wipe away the cold winter indulgences.

  27. I need to win a 3-day cleanse to get it back to my peak performance. Lately I’ve felt like I am beginning to slow down, lose my vitality and my brain seems cloudy. I need to become energized and more reliable and able to function powerfully in my life that’s why I need to win your 3 day cleanse.

  28. Between teaching full time and going to school to get my masters in special ed at night, I have become extremely lethargic as of late. It us difficult to shop and take case of myself with 95 hour weeks. Ive heard great things about blueprint cleanse in one of my classes and would love to try it!

  29. I’m a law student living in New Orleans, a city of eating temptations! I usually try to eat very healthy foods, but Mardi Gras kind of got the best of me, and I am in need of a good cleanse before graduation. I’ve heard great stories about this cleanse, but I can’t seem to fit it into my student budget! I’m ready to rid my body of its toxins and get a healthy start to the next chapter in my life. Please help me!!!

  30. I have had the same experience as you with the cleanse- I feel energized and healthy (and a wee bit hungry). I have always had to work hard to not only maintain my weight but also to lose anything. I was heavy in high school -the worst time in a girls life to be heavy!!! Since those days I have given birth to two amazing kids and I want to be an example to them as to why it’s so important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I do the cleanse because I believe it’s had a big part in jumpstarting my healthy eating when I have gotten a bit off track. Sooooo THIS is why I want to put my name in for a three day cleanse. I want to “jumpstart” my spring with healthy eating/drinking and some activity and be an example to my family! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I’ve been wanting to try the cleanse for a while now I was recently diagnosed with candida and a cleanse would definitely help release the toxins . I have been looking into BCP for a while. It seems like an amazing program! Thank you for sharing!

  32. I enjoy juicing, and would love to take it to the next level. I have begun reading about the detoxing powers of fruit and vegetable juices. I have PCOS and a thyroid disorder. I have begun seeing a naturopath to try and deal with my problems naturally instead to taking synthetic hormones and drugs. A Blueprint Cleanse would be the most amazing kick off to this journey!

  33. This is awesome! I’ve been looking at blueprint cleanse for awhile but never had the chance to try it out! I’m a college student at UCLA and things can get a little crazy! From working part time at the school of medicine, to keeping up with school work, to prepping for grad school applications, and even part time modeling- as much as I love keeping myself busy, I get fatigued and lose energy sometime (Not to mention those late night snacks studying hehe guilty). I’d love to try this out and give myself some more energy to keep pushing through and achieving my goals and dreams!
    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  34. I need to cleanse to help break my sugar and salt addictions. I know what I need to do to lose weight but the cravings keep getting in the way. I want to wipe the slate clean and finally eat to live- not live to eat!

  35. I’ve heard and read about the BluePrintCleansing for a while now but I’ve always been reluctant to try it because of the price. Being a junior in college, eating right and exercising hasn’t really been on my mind these days… and the late night out’s aren’t quite beneficial to my body or health either. I would love to have an opportunity to try this cleanse and feel the benefits of it! I could definitely use a “resetting” of my body and losing a few pounds with that as well. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  36. I am so in need of a BluePrintCleanse right now! I live in a household of very unhealthy eaters so it can be hard to stay on track. The cleanse will not only help me to get on a path of healthier living, but will also serve as an example to my unhealthy roommates. Who knows….Maybe they’ll jump onboard too! I also need some new blog material (I’ve been on a hiatus due to a car accident), and a cleanse would be an awesome way to start up my blogging again.

  37. For the last 20 of my 37 years, I have been struggling with a nagging extra 30 – 40 pounds. Because my friend always called us “passable” I was in denial that it was crucial to do anything about it. Last month, I passed my one year mark of a dedicated health commitment – eating well and exercising 5 days a week (I think I only missed 10 days the entire year.) For the first time in my life, I’m confident in saying that I have changed. This is not a phase or a diet…it’s me…and I’m a runner now. So, with a new 35-pound lighter version of myself, I’m feeling stuck, with 7 more pounds to go, yet I’ve grown comfortable with a maintenance routine. I desperately need a reminder of why to stay on track and how to do it. I fear getting bored and I’m CONVINCED this BPC will help me get back on track, but I’ve spent my discretionary income on new pants because the old ones just don’t fit. 🙂

  38. I have two little boys, work full time at the office and overtime at home. I recently have been so busy I haven’t been eating anything throughout the day and sleeping less than 6 hours a night. Even though I’m constantly on the go, my body has responded by gaining weight, constipation and I’ve been subjected to numerous colds. I feel I need to re-charge, re-balance and cleanse my body to get my health back. I’ve always wanted to try Blueprint and this Is a perfect time!

  39. I would love to win this!! I have been eyeing BP Cleanse for quite some time just trying to save up the money do actually do it! I recently came back from a cruise, and I definitely need to clean up my body after all that we ate! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  40. I would love to have a 3 day BP Cleanse to get me jump started in spring cleaning… Its time to get to spring cleaning by cleaning the house and cleaning my insides. Right now Im recovery from rotator cuff surgery so I’m really not that active. With BP Cleanse it will help me continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  41. Excited to try bp cleanse because of the success stories that have come with it’s use! I would really enjoy this cleanse to give myself the boost I need as I’ve been dedicated to healthy, portion controlled eating combined with working out everyday since July 2010, and I’m feeling like I’m cruising on a plateau with my fitness goals. Bp cleanse seems to have the ability to naturally strengthen the productivity of my lifestyle and give me the kick I need to continue with my fitness and health goals!

  42. I already like BPC on FB And follow them on Twitter. I need one because I have been slipping in my eating habits and had too much junk lately! I need to be ready for spring and these Always make me feel good.

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