Smooth Operator- ResultWear

Sometimes the road to obtaining the perfect silhouette can be a rocky one filled with potholes, lumps and bumps that we would prefer to hide!

Smoothing things out can make all the difference in how your look comes across.

Enter THE celebrity secret smoothing weapon ResultWear by dMondaine.

ResultWear was created to meet the demand for shapewear that is not only beautiful but also lifts, shapes and creates a smooth silhouette.

Until my ResultWear discovery my dabbling into the world of shapewear had been a bit of a nightmare.  I had purchased shapewear from other brands, you know, the kind that look like biker shorts. Not only were they unattractive but it would take me an hour to shove myself into them like a sausage then I would head out to an event only to find them rolling down on me or pinching my thighs until I was in pain, embarrassingly squirming around trying to adjust them and then finally running to the restroom to take them off!

I sat down with Kiana Anvaripour the creator and designer behind ResultWear to get the “skinny” on her shapely solution.

Q: What inspired you create a shapewear line?

 K: After having been in luxury evening wear and intimates I began developing a classic LBD line. I designed RW whilst I was in search for a perfect accompaniment, that dipped low enough with out the use of an under-wire,  was just as sexy as the dresses so you had no apprehensions to take it off , and contour your body -actually giving it shape in all the best parts. I have always been inspired by old Hollywood glamour – hence the names in the collection such as the Marilyn and the Jane. Every piece has a modern yet vintage look – fashion and function.

Q: You call your line ResultWear instead of shapewear.  Why?

K: There is actually a funny story about the name. When I lived in London in my twenties every time I was preparing for a date I would alter parts of my form fitting dresses , a little here a little there. ( with Safety pins mind you.. ). And all my friends coined the phrase Kiana and her  “ResultWear” – just going out to get some Results- and turn heads. A very tongue and cheek way of saying you get that extra boost of confidence which we gals need to look fabulous by accentuating the positive. I think we as woman should embrace our feminine silhouette and shape all the parts that make us women with out flattening them.

Q:  Some shapewear can be not only confining but down right uncomfortable with pinching, rolling and can basically take an army to get you into it. What makes ResultWear stand out from the rest?

K: What makes Result Wear different from other shapewear companies out there? ResultWear puts the shape back in shapewear. It smoothes and contours but puts everything in all the right places. The key piece the “Marilyn” is easy to get on and off due to its zipper, and once on  it is very comfortable and breathes. Many of our celebrity clients love the performance fabric aspect of the garments because it is so comfortable as well as our veteran buyers which say it withstands the hosiery test and stays put!  Most of all,  its sexy and sleek so you don’t have to be embarrassed when the clothes come off – We are women – lets celebrate our curves – and with the help of ResultWear make them sexier.

Q: Contrary to many people’s beliefs even celebs need shapewear.. give us the dish on who is wearing ResultWear!

K: We have a fabulous fan following. Even if you are a double zero, curves are feminine and the bands in the RW pieces achieve that. To name a few Sofia Vergara, Halle Barry, Ginnie Goodwin, Fergie etc. Michelle Williams –  It is also a fashion item meant to be shown off or worn under sheer which lends itself to another use as well.

Q: How should a woman choose which of the silhouettes to wear?

K: We have a wonderful how to wear guide on our website that shows you how to not only pick your size and silhouette but how to merchandise it. ResultWear can be shown off.. In fact the latest trend for sheer is perfect for any fashionista who needs a shaping slip to wear with her sheer blouse or dress. People will wonder it its even part of the dress as they often do when I merchandise it with my sheer items. (for ResultWear styling tips visit )

No more hiding those ugly knickers like Bridget Jones, ResultWear‘s  stunning styles  look more like a chic evening dress than shapewear AND it  does exactly what it’s suppose to, shape your body!

ResultWear by dMondaine should be EVERY woman’s secret weapon.

Available at Neiman Marcus.

ResultWear wants to give you a smooth start!  1 lucky winner will receive a Marilyn Slip from ResultWear.


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Last Weeks Lucky winner is Karen G.!  Congrats!

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  1. This is a lose/lose situation. So I’ll just say “first!”, and if I win I’ll let Susie decide if she wants the prize. ;P

  2. I NEED this, Christie! I’ve been searching for shapewear that is as sexy as it is effective. With the current shapewear that I own now, I don’t want my hubby seeing me in it. It’s just not sexy. But ResultWear comes off sexy, chic and something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. Thanks for introducing us to this product!

  3. Please pick me! I need something to smooth out my midsection! No situps can fix the extra midsection I have after having my son! I need all the help I can get especially making me feel sexy as its helping me with my troubled areas!

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