Sugar Skull DIY From Naked Vegas Star Kelly Belmonte

Today is the premier of a makeup packed (and pretty much clothing free) new series on the Syfy Network  featuring my fellow Ginger and long time makeup vixen gal pal Kelly Belmonte.


(Cast of Naked Vegas image courtesy of Syfy)

“Naked Vegas showcases the  provocative and imaginative world of body painting art – set amidst the fast-paced glitter of life on the Las Vegas Strip. When casinos, clubs, events, conventions, celebrities, magicians, fashion designers — or anyone in between — wants to throw a memorable opening, they call the Naked Vegas Team (it’s the name of the business AND the show! Booya!).

These four accomplished artists – including Nicholas “Nix” Herrera from Syfy’s hit series Face Off – comprise Las Vegas’ hottest and most innovative body painting company, creating amazing displays of artwork on naked female and male models.

Each episode of Naked Vegas will highlight the chemistry and creative skills of the artists’ different personalities as they collaborate on a major client job while navigating the economics of the business.”


To help celebrate the season and give you a little Syfy boost with your Halloween Costume Kelly put together an easy DIY to help you get a professional looking Day of the Dead Sugar Skull.


(above: Kelly with the Naked Vegas Cast and models at the Playboy Mansion- in Sugar Skull Makeup)

Easy Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are all the rage this season! If you’re looking for an easy face paint to complete your day of the dead look, try this simple directional. 10 steps or less! You can leave steps out, or add steps depending on your level of comfort. Practice a few times and you will be a pro in no time!

What is needed: Face Paints

Fake Roses,if wanted

Sea Sponge


Stick on rhinestones

Glitter if you want 

1)Using a sea sponge cover the face white face leaving the eye sockets blank

2) Using a brush color in the eye socket with black paint, or any color you want. Be neat about it, keeping it in tight circles around the eyes.

3) Using a brush, draw an upside down heart on your nose in black paint.

4) Using a brush draw a flower of your choice on your chin using any color, outline the petals in black, Add leaves if you want.

5) On your forehead draw a spider web with the point being the bridge of your nose. ( do this by drawing a line from the bridge of your nose to your hair line, add more lines starting from that same point out but at different angles until you have a open ” v ” shape . Connect them w little ” half circle” swoops)

6) If you are feeling frisky you can draw a spider right on the bridge of your nose. This is done by drawing a larger circle, with a smaller circle  on top, add legs.

7) For the mouth,  draw a line coming out from each side of your mouth, meeting in the middle of your lips, then draw vertical lines across that line, spaced out evenly.

8) Add the stick on rhinestones around your eyes( all the same size)

9) You can add glitter to your eye lids if you want.

10) As you get more comfortable painting you can add swirls and swoops to your cheeks.

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