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Eyewear Trends That Will Have You Seeing 2020 in Style

Eyewear Trends

It’s time to start seeing things clearly; to bring your vision into focus with eyewear that is chic, cool, on trend and totally YOU.

There’s nothing better than finding that one accessory that makes you feel totally you, that little extra something that gives you more confidence than anything else in your closet.  Why shouldn’t that be your eyewear? You wear your glasses every single day, they should be an extension of your personal style- not just an afterthought. The right shape of eyewear can literally make or break an outfit!

Eyewear styles have really upped the ante on chic spectacles for 2020. From rectangular to round, tortoiseshell to metal, this season’s optical trends are sure to catch your eye. I stopped into LensCrafters at Fashion Show to get the 411 on what’s hot and what’s not in optical.

Let’s talk trends.

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends


One of the biggest trends is transparent/translucent frames. Clear transparent frames have been hot for a few seasons and will continue to be hipster-chic in 2020, but we will also see transparent styles in crystal clear hues of burgundy, rose, gray, green and brown. Translucent frames are super versatile because they almost act as a neutral, and pair well with most outfits: a great classic to have in your wardrobe. (Versace style: 3276)

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends


A trend that has really been building steam over the last couple seasons  is women wearing men’s frames, both in optical and sunglasses.  Crossing gender barriers more and more women are using men’s aviators as their optical of choice which makes sense considering menswear inspiration is so HUGE in fashion right now.  Combining their long heritage with the edgy millennial attitude, aviators deliver a prompt style boost for both women and men alike. Newly equipped with on-trend coloration complements every style that indulges every new look. (Michael Kors style: Procida)

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends

Round Metal Wire

Harry Potter, but make it fashion. Yes, these round, wire-rimmed glasses are extra nerdy, but that’s the whole point. Round glasses evoke a sense of smart style and sophistication for both men and women and create a vibe that is retro yet totally modern. A quick tip, when buying round glasses make sure that your eyebrows aren’t completely showing through your lenses. This a fashion no-no! Also, round glasses should not sit on your cheeks. (Giorgio Armani style: AR5069) 

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends

Topline or Browline Spectacles

Think Horned Rim glasses but chic them up. This classic style has been ramped up and crafted from high quality lightweight material for 2020. It’s like your everyday optics and your favorite pair of sunglasses had a baby! Because of the lack of a distinct bottom edge, these guys add softness to prominent facial features. (RayBan style: 3716)

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends

70s Inspired Design

Retro styles are all the rage! Many iconic frame styles are back, with a contemporary twist. Big, bold, geometric, and oh so fashion-forward,  they’re easy for anyone to pull off. This is the style you’ll see walking down the runways at Gucci, Valentino and FENDI this season. Think of them as your favorite oversized sunglasses, but for the indoors. (Valentino style: VA4053).

Eyewear Trends

Tech Relief- Blue Light Protection

More and more optical (and non-optical) wearers are becoming concerned with blue light protection. Anytime you look at an unfiltered digital screen(your computer, your smart phone, tablet, etc), a portion of the light your eyes are absorbing is in the blue wavelength. Blue light — the strongest portion of the visible spectrum — is all around us all the time, but with most of us spending more and more of our waking hours staring at a screen these days, the strong blue light coming from screens can potentially harm your vision and result in “digital eyestrain” which causes loss of sleep and sleep quality, along with a host of other potential problems. By adding blue filter lenses, you can help relieve the issues that come from excess blue light.

Eyewear Trends

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*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Eyeglass Trends

Eyewear Trends from Vision Expo 2017

Vision expo 2017

Last week I attended the Vision Expo 2017 here in Las Vegas.

The Vision Expo is THE ultimate hub for eyewear, sunwear and accessories showcasing the hottest trends from over 5,000 brands and designers.  Basically if you want to know everything there is to know about eyewear, The Vision expo is the place to be.

After Attending a few key note speaker sessions at the WWD Vision Expo Content Studio and walking the show floor it’s pretty clear there are some exciting things happening in eyewear.

Chloe Geometric Frames

Let’s talk trends.

One of the biggest trends I noticed was a fun play with geometry.  Both lenses and frames in geometric shapes: rounds, squares, rectangles, octagons and pentagons all made a showing at pretty much every brand.  These Chloe sunnies showcase the trend perfectly.

Chloe Glasses Flash Lens

Flash lens treatments are another biggie for the season.  A Flash lens is basically a “mirrored lens”, but you feel so much  fancier saying “flash lens”.

Flash lenses reflect the sun’s rays outward and cut down on the amount of light entering the eye plus they look super cool. For Fall 2017 you will find them in every color of the rainbow.  I am really loving the greens and oranges like these sunnies from Chloe.

Chloe Aviator

A trend that has really been building steam over the last year is women wearing mens frames, both in optical and sunglasses.  Crossing gender barriers more and more women are using mens aviators as their optical of choice which makes sense considering menswear inspiration is so HUGE in fashion right now. (Yep more Chloe lol).

MCM Cat Eye Glasses

The cat eye is back and better than ever.  From tiny cat-eyes to oversized in both optical and sunnies.  Adorned, bedazzled and reinvented this silhouette that looks oh so chic on just about every face shape is hot hot hot for Fall 2017.  This cat-eye is from MCM and I think it’s my next optical purchase!

Guys, I didn’t forget about you.  Hands down my favorite mens frames at the show were from John Varvatos.

Delivering an array of earthy tones, like aqua and sky blues, seafoam, grassy and olive greens, coffee ambers, and chocolate browns this collection defines craftmanship.

Details like titanium nose pads, temple shields, flash lenses, detailed wire constructions and frame-less profiles will take daring dudes into new territory this season.

John Varvatos Fall 2017

John Varvatos Eyewear Details

Joh Varvatos Fall eyewear 2017

John Varvatos Sunglasses Fall 2017

I learned so much at the Vision Expo that I can’t contain it all in one post! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!

Vision expo 2017