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Summer Camp Jewelry Trend Guidebook

Summer Camp Jewelry Trend

Okay campers, rise and shine. It’s time to swap out your everyday silver and gold jewelry for vibrant, fun and kitschy options that can withstand a dip in the water and ample sunscreen.

This summer I have created a nifty guidebook to introduce you to the season’s must-have jewelry and sunscreen. From beaded bracelets to stringy anklets and alphabet necklaces, the “Summer Camp” jewelry trend is EVERYTHING right now.

Spotted on celebs and all over your Instagram feed, this trend brings back all the retro feel-good vibes of childhood summer camp.

Packed full of the nostalgia from those simple sunny days of braiding rope friendship bracelets, exploring remote wooded areas, telling ghost stories and crushing on the camp counselors- it’s not only chic but also a mood booster!

Easy to style, playful and laid back (in the best way). You can rock them with just about anything, for any summer activity, without the worry of damaging them.


Since we are besties I wanted to help bring this happy-go-lucky optimistic energy into your wardrobe.  I gathered some of my favorite Summer Camp Jewelry from Kendra Scott at Fashion Show Las Vegas and paired them with my favorite SPF must-haves from Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show Las Vegas to create the perfect bunkmates.

What’s summer camp without sunscreen and friendship bracelets? Just relax by the lake and create some joy.

Kendra Scott

For this awesome nostalgic creation, the new Kendra Scott Ellie DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit allows you to mix, match, and make your own bracelet. Dream up a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you or for your BFF.

Roast some ‘smores not your skin with these two skin protectors.

COOLA SPF Classic Organic Tropical Coconut Sunscreen Stick SPF 30.  A perfectly portable organic sunscreen stick that gives you water-resistant, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection whenever you need it. Infused with antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® Complex, this naturally-scented tropical coconut stick helps combat free radicals while nourishing your skin. Great for the face so you don’t get sunscreen in your eyes.

COOLA Fragrance Free Classic Sunscreen Spray SPF 50. Your first line of defense against the sun’s harsh effects during outdoor activities. Formulated with Plant Protection® which includes a blend of red raspberry seed oil and prickly pear extract, this enriched formula with its lightweight texture keeps free radical damage, sun damage and dryness at bay. Remember it’s essential to reapply sunscreen every two hours AND after swimming, sweating or towel drying.

DAY TWO: Change is Necessary for Surviving

Crafty Jewelry trend

The Gold Strand Kendra Scott Reese Optimist Necklace in pink pastel is a reminder that, at all costs, choose hope in the midst of challenge.

A multi-tasking mineral, the Solara Glow getter Zinc Oxide Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen provides a shimmery wake-up smoothie for your skin! A potent mix of caffeine, antioxidants and responsibly sourced mica help smooth, illuminate and hydrate while protecting against everyday sun, HEV/blue light + pollution. Naturally Scented with Plant Extracts.

DAY THREE: Make New Friends

Friendship Bracelet Trend

Your bunkmate will love the Kendra Scott Optimist Friendship Bracelet. This Gold Woven Friendship Bracelet in Pastel Mix is better than a blood oath to seal the deal as BFF’s.

Ready Set, Glow! Meet your fellow campers wearing COOLA SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray. This Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 keeps your 9am face going until you call it a night. The weightless, matte-finish spritz helps makeup stay put and delivers a quick hit of hydration and sun protection anytime you need it. Made with 70%+ certified organic ingredients, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection and 80 minute water resistance.

DAY FOUR: Survival Gear

Kendra Scott Summer

Did you know there are 82 uses for paracord? I didn’t know that either. But I did know that the Kendra Scott Maisie Gold Chorded Friendship Bracelet and Maisie Paracord Cuff are must-haves. Mint Mix Paracord mixes bright, braided paracord in curated color of the moment. It’s the ultimate Friendship bracelet and a great add to any survival gear. You will never take this “tool” for granted again.

Toss this in your survival kit too. COOLA SPF 30 Broad Spectrum LIPLUX. Subtle tinted lip balms that add a hint of subtle color using naturally derived pigments while protecting, nourishing and softening your lips. Organic Cupuaçu Butter and Mongongo Oil deliver an ultra-creamy texture that smoothes and nourishes lips while keeping them hydrated, so they look healthy, plump, and youthful. 70%+ certified organic ingredients, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection and 40 minute water resistance.

DAY FIVE: A Day Outing

It’s time to venture out before we leave Summer Camp. Get out your compass and check out the new Summer Camp Jewelry at Kendra Scott Fashion Show Las Vegas and find your way to Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Las Vegas to discover the best in SPF protection.

*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I Tried Lip Lab By BITE and Totally Geeked Out

The Lip Lab by BITE

Have you ever been so excited about something that you totally geeked out, I mean completely and totally nerded out over it?  Well, that was me this week as I walked into the brand new Lip Lab by BITE at Fashion Show.

Here’s a little back story… I am a BIG fan of lipstick. There is just something about lipstick that can turn your whole day (and look) around. I am also a BIG fan specifically of BITE’s Lipsticks, if they aren’t on your radar yet prepare to fall in love.

BITE was born with a singular idea: create a lipstick that is remarkably different. They use good-enough-to-eat all natural ingredients like fruit and vegetable extracts and pigments making them a fantastic cruelty free, clean, plant based company. Equally as awesome as what’s in their products is what’s NOT in their products!  NO parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates and all products are gluten-free.

Susanne Langmuir, the founder and driving force behind BITE believes “You eat what you put on your lips, so lipstick should be good for you”!

The Lip Lab by BITE

Lip Lab takes BITE one step further into the arena of Bespoke Beauty.

At Lip Lab you create your own lipstick!  Yes that’s right, from shade to finish, scent and even the name!  What you create is totally unique to you!

Lip Lab by BITE features the brand’s state-of-the-art rapid heating and cooling technologies, as well as high-speed centrifuges to blend each artisanal creation 2,500 times in 5 seconds – all to achieve the perfect lipstick in both performance and feel.  The lipsticks are made while you wait and you leave the lab with your creation.

The process begins with designing a shade.

You can choose from classic lipstick color families (nude, pink, red) or something edgier, like blue or black.

Next, customers can select a finish: matte, satin, sheer or a sparkly finish that Bite dubs “luminous.” Then add a flavor — choose from fruity, floral or fresh.

Your Lip Lab artist will then custom blend a few different options in the desired shade range for you to try on so that you can find your perfect custom colour.


Once you have your shade perfected the artist will create your bespoke lipstick. I made two, an orangey-red for everyday and a pink-red for the holidays.


Next, your formula is measured out, heated and blended in the high-speed centrifuge before it is poured into a mold.

Once in the mold, it is placed on the cooling deck to set.

When cool it is removed from the mold and placed in a tube.

And finally, you “name it and engrave it,” stamping your custom lippy with the moniker of your choice.

I went with “Skinny Marg” for my lime flavored orangey-red shade and “Santa’s Comin’ to Town” for my mint flavored pink-red.

Bite will keep your “recipe” on file and can mix it up again on demand.

This was such a fun process- I could have stayed there all day mixing shades like a mad makeup scientist!

I highly recommend you try it for yourself- I mean who doesn’t want their own bespoke lipstick that they get to name!

Lip Lab by BIte

If you don’t feel like making your own Lip Lab has created a special shade exclusively for Fashion Show which is available for purchase.

Lip Lab by BITE

To celebrate the Grand Opening Nov. 6th, guests will receive 15% off when booking with code WELCOME15 (offer ends November 30,2020)

Reserve your spot at 

Lip Lab by BITE is located at Fashion Show on the upper level near Tiffany & Co.

*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.