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How to Fix a Stubborn Zipper

How to fix a stubborn zipper

There is NOTHING more frustrating then trying to zip a stubborn zipper.

Whether your zipper is stuck or just finicky (not yet stuck but cranky about sliding) I have a secret weapon that will turn that zipper into a smooth operator, wax paper.

This is another old costumer trick I learned when I worked on live productions. The best part is that it’s super cheap and safe on EVERYTHING from a designer handbag to designer shoes and clothing.

The main reason a zipper get’s temperamental is that it needs to be lubricated.  When you rub the wax paper against the zipper it will act like oil (without any residue or mess) and make the zipper work without any problem at all.

How to fix a stubborn zipper

First you’ll need to purchase any kind of wax paper. Just make sure it’s wax paper and not parchment paper.

Next, tear off a small portion.

How to fix a stubborn Zipper

Rub the wax paper on the teeth of the zipper with the zipper open. Coat both sides of the zipper.

Wax paper to fix a zipper

Now take the slider and run it back and forth to test the results. It should zip pretty smoothly.  If it’s still tough to zip you can go back and “wax” the teeth one more time.