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Set the Scene for Thanksgiving with a Thankful Jar

Thankful Jar

I love Thanksgiving because it gives us a chance to reflect on all that we are Thankful for.

In the middle of all the hustle to get dinner on the table, keep up with the ever increasing to-do list (especially during the holiday season) and of course just trying to not loose your sanity it is important to stop and take a moment to reflect on all that we are thankful for and I have a thoughtful and creative way to do just that at your Thanksgiving table with a Thankful Jar.

A Thankful Jar is a pretty simple concept. Before dinner each person writes down what they are thankful or grateful for and then places it in the jar. Once dinner is underway the jar is passed around the table and each person pulls out one slip from the Thankful Jar and reads it out loud.  Then everyone guesses who the slip belongs too.

Not only does it get the dinner conversation started, it makes for a fun and memorable way to share what we grateful for. Writing down what you are thankful for and then hearing it out loud is more powerful than just thinking about it and everyone can take part- even the kids table.

Thankful Jar

What You Will Need:

  • A Jar
  • Shipping tag
  • String
  • Cup of coffee
  • A fine tip marker
  • Slips of paper for guests to write on (I created a free printout to download for you)
  • Scissors
  • Pens/Pencils

Set the Scene:

The number of guests you have will determine how many jars you will need to make- I would estimate 8-10 people per jar.

Select a jar that is ornate, special and matches your table decor.  Mine is pretty rustic/boho so of course I headed to Anthropologie at Fashion Show where I found this gorgeous botanical jar.  It is made of hand blown glass, already contains some festive fall foliage (which helps add to the look) and is topped with a beautiful filigree lid.

Thankful Jar

Once you have your jar you will need to make a label for it.  I used a shipping tag which I aged with coffee, stenciled “Thankful” on and tied to the lid. The string that held the original tag for the jar was perfect for my design so I re-purposed it to hold the new tag but you can use any type of string or yarn you like.

To age your tag simply dip it in coffee.  Completely submerge the tag in the coffee then set it on a paper towel to dry.  Repeat this process 3-4 times until it is aged to your liking. Make sure it is completely dry before you try to write on it.  I would suggest doing this part a few days before the event.

Thankful Jar

Once your jar is completed, you will need slips of paper for your guests to write on. Rather than plain pieces of paper I like to elevate things a bit and give it a stationary like feel with printed slips that say “I am Thankful for…”  It feels more personal and prompts the guest to finish the sentence.

To save you some time I created a FREE downloadable print out for you.


Cut the slips out and place them next to the jar with pencils or pens.

Thankful Jar

Before dinner ask your guests to fill out the slips, fold them and then place them in the jar.

When everyone is done writing down what they are thankful for, take the jar to where you are gathering.

Thankful Jar

Throughout your feast, pass the jar around the table and each person takes a turn reading a Thankful note out loud. Make it a game and try to guess who wrote each one or just sit back and soak in all the good Thankful vibes.

A Thankful Jar is a great conversation starter and perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday. Not to mention, scientific research has found that the practice of focusing on gratitude a few minutes each day tends to positively influence attitudes, increase happiness and joy, reduce stress, foster relationships, encourages compassion, and improves overall well-being including immunity. So being Thankful is actually good for you!

Thankful Jar

Thankful Jar

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This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar DIY