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Well Scented Summer Fragrance Trends

If you check your weather app or just walk outside it’s obvious that things are seriously heating up which also means it’s time to update to your beauty game.

During the warmer months the heavyweight champs, like thick moisturizer, full-coverage foundation and rich winter fragrances need to tap out; they’re no match for the sun, heat, and, let’s be honest, the sweat that summer brings.

The new game plan? Lighten up on everything in your beauty routine starting with your fragrance.

I’m here to help you get started!

I perused, spritzed, sniffed and sprayed my way through Neiman Marcus’ fragrance counters to bring you the best of what’s trending in fragrance now.

Summer weather calls for a lighter and fresher take on perfume.

Think beachy get-aways, blooming gardens, tropical cocktails, iced coffee and organic produce.  Now you are ready to embrace summer 2019’s six fragrance trends: coconut, rose, fruit, coffee, greenery and herbs and anything sustainable.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Coconut- Just one sniff of a coconut-flavored beauty product and I’m weak at the knees. Not only does it instantly transport you to a tropical destination but it also creates a sense of warmth, calm and happiness. This summer, expect to see coconut notes pop up in the top new scents. Coconut blended with sandalwood and almond creates the perfect concoction for a beachy fragrance.

My Pick: Laura Mercier Almond Coconut eau Gormande.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Rose- This summer roses are taking over the perfume world in a major way. About 75% of perfumes created contain rose notes, which makes rose kind of a big deal. Rose notes are the perfect ingredient for a modern yet totally elegant perfume. When paired with oud and vanilla Rose creates a mood of sensual seductive mystery the ultimate scent for a hot summer night.

My Pick: Giorgio Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie .

Summer Fragrance Trends

Fruity– Juicy fruit notes are everything this season. Fruity cocktail blends of citrus and berries! One of my favorites is technically a men’s scent but packed with the most perfect summer note ever (pineapple) so delicious I think it’s the ultimate “shared” fragrance.

My Pick: CREED Aventus.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Coffee Essence– Coffee is one of those “surprise’ ingredient trends that no one saw coming. It creates a vibrant woody roasted vibe that is somewhere between a gourmand and a smoky wood.  The best part is that this note is genderless so it’s the perfect ingredient in a unisex or shared fragrance.

My Pick: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Summer Fragrance Trends

Greenery and Herbs – Today there’s a greater awareness of  nature and the world we live in and the result is an unconscious desire for fragrances that reflect these qualities. Fragrances that bring us back to nature with herby and grass-like notes. These are wearable green juices are like a delicious wheat grass shots for your collarbone.  Totally energizing and grounding.  Great for reinvigorating those of us that spent most of our day indoors.

My Pick: Aerin Eclat de Vert.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Sustainable Scents– Fragrance transparency is growing, and consumers are eager to know the stories behind the materials that make their fragrances unique. With our society becoming eco-friendlier, it’s important to share these stories of sustainable ingredients that have impacts on local communities.  The co founder of Atelier Cologne, Sylvie Ganter, is fierce about her sustainable credentials, which have been an important part of the brand since its launch. The Atelier Cologne fragrances contain no parabens, phthalates, liquid paraffin, colourants, sulphates, genetically modified ingredients or anything derived from animals. The bottles are recyclable and have screw top pumps so they can be refilled and unlike many fragrances, Atelier Cologne never uses colourants in its juice.

My Pick: Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Eau de Parfum

Summer Fragrance Trends

Fragrance Tip: When sampling a new scent always test it on the skin (paper blotters don’t give an accurate impression) and then wear it for a few hours.  You want to let the scent dry down to get the full experience of it.

Make it Last Even When You Sweat: You may have noticed that your fragrance fades faster during the summer.  You can blame that on the heat which makes us sweat more and sweat is a rapid destroyer of fragrance molecules.  If you find your fragrance fading too quickly during these hotter than hot days opt for an eau de parfume, they have the most potent concentration (15-30%) versus a eau de toilette which only has a 5-15% concentration.

You can pick up these e-SCENT-ial summer fragrances at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show. Stop in and give them a spritz.

Best Summer Fragrances