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Neiman Marcus Redefining The Way We Do Holidays

Let the the ho ho ho holiday season begin!

The holiday rush will be here before you know it, so getting your gifting done early this year to avoid shipping and manufacturing delays is definitely the move right now.

But where do you start? Gift gathering can be overwhelming.  What should I buy, what would they like? It can be tough coming up with ideas. Take a deep breath and read on. I have some AMAZING gift ideas ahead and not to fret- I will be here all season long dropping my top gift recommends to help make your holiday season as smooth as a sleigh ride with Santa.

Now dasher! Now dancer..

Here we go!

Neiman Marcus has THREE exciting new things happening this season that redefine gifting, wrapping and giving back.

That’s right!  Neiman Marcus redefining the way we do holidays!

To make your holiday shopping the easiest and most convenient experience yet, Neiman Marcus launched a luxurious Gift Suite that is an IRL wonderland of gifting ideas. Packed full of the most unique gifts and hottest trends the Gift Suite is even divided into gifts categories! So easy it’s like someone did the shopping for you!

Here are some of my top picks from the The Gift Suite..

Francis Kurkdjian Candles

Francis Kurkdijian Holiday Candles.

From one of my favorite perfumers these are next level holiday scents that transport you to a winter stroll in a snowy forest, to a charming storybook gingerbread house, promising sweet treats and childhood delights and to a holiday market to savor a juicy, generously caramel-coated candy apple. Available individually or as a set its a fragrant gift of an olfactory fantasy.

El Arroyo Puzzle

El Arroyo “I’d Rather Be Someone’s Shot of Tequila than everyone’s Cup of Tea” Puzzle.

Since 1975, El Arroyo has been serving up Tex-Mex with a side of laughs on their famous marquee sign that stands on the corner of West 5th and Campbell in Austin, Texas. The Last Queso Stop Before a Bunch of Yoga Studios – over the years they have covered every food pun imaginable while never forgetting witty commentary on current events. Now you can gift one of their iconic signs made from recycled paper in puzzle form!

wine handbag

Wine Bottle Carrying Clutch.

Holiday Mic drop.  Nobody’s Going to know… lol. What better way to carry your wine or champs than in a discreet (lol) clutch! It’s also a really adorbs way to wrap a boozy gift.

Byredo Hair Perfume

Byredo Hair Perfume.

One of the hottest trends in beauty, each hair perfume combines one of BYREDO’s signature scents with a unique silicone and polymer formula to create a light, invisible veil designed to leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst divinely scented.

Jonathan Adler Decanters

Jonathan Adler Decanters.

Serve up booze in the chicest wittiest way possible. The Whiskey one is currently Center Stage on my home bar cart.

Holiday Lights Set

Holiday Lights Cups.

This is one of my holiday staples. I buy them every year to serve up holiday cocktails for the adults and hot cocoa for the littles. Fun and festove they put a smile on everyone’s face.

It isn’t just the perfect Gift that Neiman Marcus has to offer this season….

They have also given their iconic gift boxes a sleek matte black modern redesign which includes  a luxurious magnetic closure. GORGEOUS. No wrapping necessary!

PLUS they have created an easy way to make a difference and give back this season.

Neiman Marcus has partnered with The Give Back Box to help you donate to someone in need this season while lessening  your fashion environmental  footprint.

It’s so easy!

Pack a box with gently used clothing, accessories and shoes.

Scan the QR code on the paper that was included in your order or given to you by your sales associate.

Print the free shipping label.

Then drop off your box to UPS or FEDex.

The Give Back Box will redirect your donation to a local charity. Or you can choose the charity you want.

There you go.  Three ways Neiman Marcus is redefining the way we do holidays!

Click Below to SHOP My Favorites:

Cold as Ice The Ice Roller Trend

Ice Roller

When it comes to de-puffing a swollen face, whether from a salty dinner the previous night, lack of sleep, too much alcohol or seasonal allergies, the best tried-and-true method is treating your skin to some good old-fashioned ice therapy.

The ice roller is the latest beauty craze to hit TIKTOK and Instagram feeds.  They are a pretty simple little gadget that looks kind of like a mini paint roller. Inside the roller is a mixture of gel and water which turns to ice when put into the freezer. But, unlike ice, it takes far longer to melt (if you apply ice to your face, it melts within seconds) meaning there’s more time to reap the rewards.

You just stick these bad boys in the freezer to get them nice and chilly, then roll out your face. I love using cold compresses whenever my skin gets inflamed especially around the eyes so I was super excited to try this trend out.

And oh my oh my, it is everything the internet promises.  I have rosacea so for me it really is helping with reducing redness.  I have been using the Stacked Skincare Ice Roller from Neiman Marcus.  This facial roller is designed with a premium stainless steel surface, allowing the tool to retain its coolness while you massage your skin. It’s super durable and won’t break even if you put a lot of pressure on it or accidentally drop it or unintentionally tousle it around in the freezer.

Neiman Marcus Ice Roller

Here’s how it works:

As you roll the frozen roller across your skin it constricts the skin resulting in a shrinking effect while boosting circulation and bringing blood to the skin surface which helps to restore radiance and encourage optimum cell function. It instantly reduces puffiness and redness, much like an ice-pack can reduce swelling and bruising.

They can be used on your face, neck, and chest to not only deal with puffiness but also alleviate muscle aches, migraine pain, and more.

Store it in the freezer and use it every day as part of your skincare routine or at the very least, keep it in there and pull it out on days you feel super puffy.

Stacked Skincare Ice roller

Here’s how to use it:

Always ice roll on a clean face.  Start by ice rolling your forehead and work your way down. Roll in a zig zag motion up and down forehead and then from left to right. Move down to beside your nose, lower cheek working upwards. You can apply a little extra pressure in this area if you really want it to be lifted. Roll outwards on the sides of your mouth, then down under chin, and then finish with your neck. It can also be used on the collarbone and upper chest.

There are even ice rollers designed for the body to help with on the go swelling for athletes like the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller.

You can do this morning, night or both. It’s a great way to “roll out” tension at the end of the day.

Ice Rolling benefits:

  • Tightened pores
  • Kickstarted blood circulation
  • Alleviated jaw tension, sinus pressure, migraines and menopausal flushes
  • Stimulated lymphatic drainage for a natural detox
  • Reduced puffiness (particularly around the eye area)
  • Soothed inflammation and/or swelling
  • Uniformed temperature (as opposed to ice which could burn)
  • Immediate radiance

Ice Roller

Ice Roller

The Stacked Skincare Ice Roller is Available at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show or at 

Gift Guide for the Cocktail Lover

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life?  I’ve got you covered.

I don’t know about you, but I think we are all missing out on in-person foodie and cocktail bar experiences this year so…what could be better than a gift that brings that experience home?

Here’s my list of top gifts for cocktail lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, and cocktail novices alike. They are all available at Neiman Marcus AND if you order them for curbside pickup Santa will bring them to your car (more about that at end of post).

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes

These little babies are pure GENIUS. Carefully crafted from some of the best-sourced ingredients in the world. Imagine a perfect cocktail where you don’t have to measure, search for ingredients or follow a complicated recipe!  These conveniently cubed cocktail mixers will revolutionize the way you craft a cocktail. Shake or stir one cube until dissolved, with a shot of the spirit of your choice, to make your own perfectly crafted cocktail.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Eat Your Drink.

A snack AND a cocktail?  Sign me up.  These gummies not only taste like your favorite cocktail, they actually HAVE an alcohol content!  This box includes 10 5% ABV and fruit blend cocktail gummies.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Edible Glitter Dust

This is one of my favorites and the key to making your cocktails the perfect amount of “extra”. Smith & Sinclair’s Edible Cocktail Glitter Dust instantly enhancing your cocktails with shimmer and color. The edible cocktail enhancers dissolve in drinks to provide fruity flavor and a dazzling effect. All you need is a third of a teaspoon of this vegan-friendly formula to create out of this world “galaxy-like cocktails”.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Good Cheer Double Old Fashioned Glasses

I’ve shared with you before in my post “Five cocktail Glasses everyone Should Have in their Home” how double old fashioneds are my go-to glass for a ton of different cocktails.  It’s the most versatile of all cocktail glasses. So when it comes to mixing up and lifting holiday spirits what could be more perfect than a festive double old fashioned glass.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

We all have that one friend. No matter how many times you correct them, they will always belt out “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Embrace the hilarity of getting the lyrics to “Tiny Dancer” and other songs so wrong with these clever coasters. The cork designs come in two styles: classic rock and greatest hits. Classic rock includes hits like “I Wanna Hold Your Ham.” And then there are the greatest hits, with tunes like “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark.” Each set of six laugh-out-loud coasters makes a memorable housewarming or “just because” gift. Our suggestion: Use them to spark a round of mistaken lyrics karaoke.

Fun fact: This odd (and hysterical) phenomena has a name. The word “mondegreen” originates from a misheard bit of an old Scottish ballad.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies

They may look like candy but they are actually a an adult “luxury food”. designed to mimic the taste of your first sip of wine these tasty gummies are free from: gluten, nuts, gelatin (which makes them suitable for vegans) , fat, lactose and artificial coloring. And yes, and they are also free from alcohol. All this makes the wine gums more accessible for those with allergies, or if you don’t drink alcohol. Pro tip- they taste really great when you eat them while drinking wine!

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Champagne and Wine Night Kits

These fun little kits contains everything but the booze!  The Champagne Kit is an effervescent 10-piece set includes gold rimming sugar, two coasters, “Ring for Champagne” bell, two swizzle sticks, decision coin, gold-tone champagne stopper, champagne cocktail recipes, and metallic confetti. . Wine Night has 11 essentials to help you “wine down”- wine glass marker, two coasters, stain removing spray, “If you can read this, bring me some wine” socks, decision coin, three wine removing towelettes, gold-tone wine stopper, and gold-tone corkscrew.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Neiman Marcus is boosting holiday cheer every Saturday throughout the season with Curbside Santa.

Place your order online or with an associate and Santa will deliver your purchase AND Milk & Cookies to you curbside.

Santa will be on delivery duty every Saturday through December 19 from noon-6 PM, so you can get a socially distanced selfie and an extra dose of good cheer. As always, be sure you wait for your confirmation email before heading to the store.

Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

Just because we are all stuck at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a visit from the Easter bunny.

It’s time to get out that glue gun and grab a few supplies from around the house to create the ultimate Panier de Paques (because Easter Basket sounds so much more luxe in French right?). The perfect Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY.

The kids can even help with this one and make little gifts for each other or for your neighbors.

I love things with a modern farmhouse feel, they deliver a sense of laid back luxe.  Farmhouse Style is unique and approachable plus it’s totally on-trend. Classic farmhouse style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Traditional without being fussy, think crafty but make it fashion. It’s all about using what’s around you and elevating it to create something chic.

My gifts were crafted for adults, but you could tailor them toward kids by filling them with candy filled eggs, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, chocolate Easter bunnies or homemade treats.

The items in your gift don’t have to be crazy expensive- in fact they shouldn’t be.  They should evoke a sense of low key sophistication and style without breaking the bank. Every great Easter basket should have three key ingredients: something luxe but whimsical, a fancy self-care treat and a dash of tradition.

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY


When I was little the Easter bunny always put bubbles in my basket.  They always remind me of Easter so when I discovered the grown-up version created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian I lost my mind! Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Perfumed Bubbles are one of my go-to whimsy packed gifts and totally PERFECT for Easter. Part perfume, part playground they are fun, unexpected and oh so chic.  You can purchase them individually or buy a box of four and then split them up. (available at Neiman Marcus)

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

Self Care

Patchology makes these cute little Mood Patch Eye Gel Kits which are infused with tea and essential oils to brighten your skin and your outlook.  Not only do these feel wonderful they are also little works of herbiary art.  Each patch has a sprinkling of confetti like leaves pressed into them. (available at Neiman Marcus)

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY


Easter baskets originated with ancient farming rituals where farmers would bring seedlings in baskets to temples to be blessed with hopes of having a bountiful harvest.  Whether you’re religious or not, you can honor this springtime tradition of rebirth and new beginnings by including seeds in your Easter gift or even a plantable card.

Modern Sprout makes these cutest little Seed Poppers which are inspired by traditional English crackers. Each popper includes 4-6 clay balls featuring organic, non-GMO seeds, confetti, and instructions!

Now it’s time to make it festive- here is the part where you need the glue gun..

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

All you need are a few things you probably already have laying around the house:

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

STEP ONE: While the bag is still closed, cut “bunny ears” by cutting a deep V shape at the top of the paper bag.

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

STEP TWO: Open the bag and hot glue the pom pom or cotton ball towards the bottom of the bag to make a bunny tail.. Press it in place until it cools.

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

STEP THREE: Add a small amount of Shredded Paper Easter Grass or a bit of Tissue Paper.

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

STEP FOUR: Fill your bag with the Easter goodies.

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY

STEP FIVE: Now, tie your bag at the base of the ears with twine and add your gift tag. Arrange the ears so that they look like bunny ears.

There you have it, a Farmhouse Chic Easter Gift DIY that’s  sure to be a chic hippity hoppin’ hit.

In case you don’t have all the supplies at home here is a link where you can grab them (without leaving the house):

Easter DIY

Well Scented Summer Fragrance Trends

If you check your weather app or just walk outside it’s obvious that things are seriously heating up which also means it’s time to update to your beauty game.

During the warmer months the heavyweight champs, like thick moisturizer, full-coverage foundation and rich winter fragrances need to tap out; they’re no match for the sun, heat, and, let’s be honest, the sweat that summer brings.

The new game plan? Lighten up on everything in your beauty routine starting with your fragrance.

I’m here to help you get started!

I perused, spritzed, sniffed and sprayed my way through Neiman Marcus’ fragrance counters to bring you the best of what’s trending in fragrance now.

Summer weather calls for a lighter and fresher take on perfume.

Think beachy get-aways, blooming gardens, tropical cocktails, iced coffee and organic produce.  Now you are ready to embrace summer 2019’s six fragrance trends: coconut, rose, fruit, coffee, greenery and herbs and anything sustainable.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Coconut- Just one sniff of a coconut-flavored beauty product and I’m weak at the knees. Not only does it instantly transport you to a tropical destination but it also creates a sense of warmth, calm and happiness. This summer, expect to see coconut notes pop up in the top new scents. Coconut blended with sandalwood and almond creates the perfect concoction for a beachy fragrance.

My Pick: Laura Mercier Almond Coconut eau Gormande.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Rose- This summer roses are taking over the perfume world in a major way. About 75% of perfumes created contain rose notes, which makes rose kind of a big deal. Rose notes are the perfect ingredient for a modern yet totally elegant perfume. When paired with oud and vanilla Rose creates a mood of sensual seductive mystery the ultimate scent for a hot summer night.

My Pick: Giorgio Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie .

Summer Fragrance Trends

Fruity– Juicy fruit notes are everything this season. Fruity cocktail blends of citrus and berries! One of my favorites is technically a men’s scent but packed with the most perfect summer note ever (pineapple) so delicious I think it’s the ultimate “shared” fragrance.

My Pick: CREED Aventus.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Coffee Essence– Coffee is one of those “surprise’ ingredient trends that no one saw coming. It creates a vibrant woody roasted vibe that is somewhere between a gourmand and a smoky wood.  The best part is that this note is genderless so it’s the perfect ingredient in a unisex or shared fragrance.

My Pick: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Summer Fragrance Trends

Greenery and Herbs – Today there’s a greater awareness of  nature and the world we live in and the result is an unconscious desire for fragrances that reflect these qualities. Fragrances that bring us back to nature with herby and grass-like notes. These are wearable green juices are like a delicious wheat grass shots for your collarbone.  Totally energizing and grounding.  Great for reinvigorating those of us that spent most of our day indoors.

My Pick: Aerin Eclat de Vert.

Summer Fragrance Trends

Sustainable Scents– Fragrance transparency is growing, and consumers are eager to know the stories behind the materials that make their fragrances unique. With our society becoming eco-friendlier, it’s important to share these stories of sustainable ingredients that have impacts on local communities.  The co founder of Atelier Cologne, Sylvie Ganter, is fierce about her sustainable credentials, which have been an important part of the brand since its launch. The Atelier Cologne fragrances contain no parabens, phthalates, liquid paraffin, colourants, sulphates, genetically modified ingredients or anything derived from animals. The bottles are recyclable and have screw top pumps so they can be refilled and unlike many fragrances, Atelier Cologne never uses colourants in its juice.

My Pick: Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Eau de Parfum

Summer Fragrance Trends

Fragrance Tip: When sampling a new scent always test it on the skin (paper blotters don’t give an accurate impression) and then wear it for a few hours.  You want to let the scent dry down to get the full experience of it.

Make it Last Even When You Sweat: You may have noticed that your fragrance fades faster during the summer.  You can blame that on the heat which makes us sweat more and sweat is a rapid destroyer of fragrance molecules.  If you find your fragrance fading too quickly during these hotter than hot days opt for an eau de parfume, they have the most potent concentration (15-30%) versus a eau de toilette which only has a 5-15% concentration.

You can pick up these e-SCENT-ial summer fragrances at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show. Stop in and give them a spritz.

Best Summer Fragrances