Tom Ford Mens Grooming Perfect for Gifting

Oh Tom Ford you keep getting better and better!

The demi-god of men’s style has taken (just in time for the Holiday season) a fashionable leap forward into one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry: Mens Grooming Products.

No longer for the just the “Metro” guys, men of all walks of life have gotten hip to the importance of looking good. A recent study in the UK found that one in ten men secretly wear makeup with concealer being their favorite product to camouflage imperfections.

Come on guys- you know you do it.  A little sneaky-weeky of the wifey’s concealer now and then.

Based on his own years of research, Ford’s muti-functional high performance skincare line is  aimed at remedying men’s everyday skin problems.  Ford says the line is  “born from my deep conviction that fine grooming doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. It should be simple, straightforward and intuitive.”

The collection includes skincare staples like cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye treatment, and lip balm, as well as 3 items Ford feels are essential to mens grooming: a mud mask, concealer and bronzer.

When asked why he incorporated these out of the ordinary products into his grooming line Ford told WWD in a recent interview:

 “People think I am always tan, but I wear bronzer every single day. I use it on areas of my face that would usually get hit by the sun after a morning playing tennis. I put it across the high part of my forehead, and on my nose and cheekbones.”

“I know so many guys — gay, straight, whatever — who steal a woman’s concealer and dab a little on their fingers when no one is looking, It just makes skin look better.”

I am OBSESSED….. (and so is my hubby)

Here is a peek at the collection:


Shop the Post:


Stuff his stockiong in style and give your guy the gift of Swagger this season with Tom Ford Grooming Available at Neiman Marcus and

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  1. Love love, keep my Hubby from using my goodies and its Tom Ford.
    Fabulous products….. thanks for educating us. I would share the
    Concealer and bronzer 😉

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