3 Ways to Wear a McQueen Scarf


One of the first “fashion-y” pieces I ever purchased (at full retail) was an Alexander McQueen iconic silk skull scarf.

When Alexander McQueen first introduced the signature Skull Scarf in his 2003 Spring Collection it quickly became a must-have of celebrities and trendsetters worldwide, it was copied by competitors and virtually reshaped contemporary fashion by ushering in the era of accessible designer pieces.

After his death in 2010 the scarf sold out in just hours and today his protegee Sarah Burton continues his legacy producing the signature scarf  in special edition prints, runway-inspired designs and skull embellished classics crafted from silk, chiffon, wool and cashmere.

The McQueen scarf has always been a favorite of mine it’s one of those iconic pieces that can be worn so many different ways!

Today I wanted to share with you three of the ways I like to style my McQueen scarf.


ONE: In a Simple Windsor Knot.

Add some Polish!  For a sartorial and structured look I love to tie the scarf in a simple Windsor Knot- like a tie.

It keeps the scarf in place yet looks super chic and stylish.


TWO: Draped eloquently around the neck.

This style is classic, timeless and effortless. Style it with a jacket, blazer or topcoat.  You really can’t go wrong.


THREE: Tied around the handle of a bag.

A dose of cool.  Sometimes your bag needs a little punch of style.  This adds adds a model off duty cool factor to any bag!

Stylist’s Tip:  If you are wearing your scarf around your neck and Happy Hour hits you may want to transfer it to this style.  Food, Cocktails and a silk scarf DO NOT play well together!



How will you wear your scarf this season?  What was the first Designer piece you purchased?


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