Air Repair Rescue Balm


I just wrapped up a fabulous 2 day shoot with one of my favorite clients The Golf Channel.

We spent two gorgeous days shooting from dawn to dusk at the stunning Rio Secco Golf Course here in Las Vegas.


Anyone who has spent time on a golf course knows that chilly early morning temperatures combined with the wind whipping across your face while commuting in golf carts can leave your lips in less-than-kissable condition.


In the past I have had to scurry home and use my DIY home remedy Honey/Sugar Lip treatment to nurse my lips back to a puckerable state after an outdoor shoot but this time my glam squad co-pilot Make-Up Artist  Song Lopez  introduced me to the Swiss Army Knife of Beauty Products Air Repair Rescue Balm: all purpose skin salve and balm.


This multi-purpose skin healer is 100% natural and acts as a skin protectant AND lip balm in one.

With it’s nourishing blend of nature’s most potent emollients (Almond Oil and Shea Butter), it soothes on contact. Perfect for both cold and warm climates.

When I say multi-purpose I mean it!  Rescue Balm can be used for:

  • dry lips
  • dry hands and knuckles- if you work with your hands this will change your life.  bye bye cracked knuckles!
  • dry cuticles
  • make-up remover
  • dry elbows
  • dry feet
  • dry skin patches anywhere!


Gentle enough for the girls and manly enough for the guys with a sleek packaging that doesn’t scare a fella off, the boys on the shoot couldn’t get enough of Air Repair!

It kept their lips hydrated and soothed during all their heavy lifting and the climate changes throughout the day.

Air Repair Rescue Balm is available at 

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