Bandana Rama Fo Fama

What is unisex, cost friendly and can be worn a gazillion different ways?

This season’s must-have accessory the bandana!

Spring/Summer 2014 is taking an Americana road-trip.  Designers delved into the classic western vaults to incorporate John Wayne style yolked shirts, cowboy boots, low slung gunslinger-esc.  leather belts and western embroidered accents but the must-have piece that ties it all together is the bandana.

Popping up in a variety of fabrics from classic cotton to linen, cashmere and silk, and  pairing them with everything from suits to leather designers added a modern twist to this classic accessory.

Whether folded cleanly across the chest and tucked in as a kind of road-tripper’s cravat, draped loosely across the front ala bandit style or as an accent piece in a pocket or for gal’s in the hair this season unleash your inner cowboy with bandanas.


Louis Vuitton Spring 2014


Saint Laurent Spring 2014


Jmen Magazine


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stella Jean 6

Stella Jean Spring 2014


Alexis Mabille Spring 2014

I am kinda obsessed with this OWS bandana available at Sleek and Destroy on Etsy


and this Urban Warrior Climate Revolution style Vivienne Westwood Bandana for Lush Cosmetics:


Will you bandana up this Spring?  

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