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Just in time for Back to School, one of my favorite sustainable chic retailers Everlane has partnered with five esteemed chefs to create a brand-new line of chef-designed totes benefiting Edible Schoolyard NYC an organization that strives to educate the city’s public-school kids about healthy eating, cooking, the seed-to-table movement and more.

The gorgeous grey canvas totes each sport a slogan from one of the five chefs that puts a unique foodie spin on Everlane’s slogan, “Know your factories”.

Everlane’s slogan is all about knowing where your clothing is produced, the integrity of the workplace and real costs.

The Edible Schoolyard campaign expands this philosophy to knowing where the ingredients in your food come from.

The bags also include one of the renowned cook’s recipes so that customers will be inspired to march directly to their local farmers market.

The totes retail for $45 and are made of durable, nylon-lined coated canvas, Everlane is donating all profits ($20 per tote) in an effort to raise $50,000 for Edible Schoolyard NYC so the organization can continue teaching kids about healthy food, gardening, and cooking.

Chef April Bloomfield of Spotted Pig NYC- “Know Your Pig”

Chef Camille Becerra of Navy NYC- “Know Your Sole”

Chef Ignacio Mattos of Estella NYC- “Know Your Edibles”

Chef Nick Anderer of Marta NYC- “Know Your Dough”

Chef Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery San Francisco- “Know Your Grains”

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