Detangling a Tale of Tangles

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I have curly hair.  Super Duper tangley curly hair.  I blow it out (for hours) which is why it looks straight- but it’s no easy task to get it that way.

One of my biggest problems has been to find a brush that doesn’t a) Fall apart in my thick celtic loch ness of locks when it’s wet and b) Doesn’t rip my hair out in the process.

A few weeks ago I received a press release that immediately grabbed my tender headed attention.

The Wet Brush.  A brush that you could use on wet or dry hair, in the shower, at the beach or for daily styling.


I immediately begged their PR team for a sample and waited patiently for it to arrive.

When I open the package I was a bit concerned at first.  It looked just like any other paddle brush.  Normally paddle brushes are destroyed by my hair.  The pad that holds the bristles usually separates from the brush in a couple of strokes leaving me with a bald paddle in my hand and a pad of bristles all caught in my hair…. but not The Wet Brush!  It held strong!

This tough little guy is designed with intelli-flex bristles which are ultra thin and flexible- they don’t tug, pull or rip at your hair but detangle it in just a few strokes. Quickly and painlessly!


The Wet Brush is my new BFF!

Great for men, women or kids who normally kick and scream at the sight of a brush…. because after all there should be no crying in hair coiffing!

Grab one at for only $14



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  1. This sounds like a brush I would definitely need once my hair gets back to its long self and outgrows the horrible Supercuts hair cut that i got yesterday 🙁

  2. Where has this been all my life!! I remember sitting in a chair for hours as my mom would rip through my thick/curly hair as a kid. And I have the same problem as you with finding a brush that doesn’t fall apart or rip out my hair. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Ok, seriously…if someone else was telling me how great this brush works, I probably wouldn’t believe them. I’m always so lost when it comes to buying good brushes…and this being only $14?? what a great deal.

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