Wild About Old Spice


I have been bitten!

The genius’ at Old Spice are at it again!  

The line that resurrected itself from being a brand your grandfather once wore to become a hip, forward thinking brand with  products and ad campaigns that break new ground in the world of mens grooming has launched a manly new line called The Wild Collection.

The brainchild of their new Marketing Director Mr. Wolfdog (yeah, literally he is a wolf) Old Spice aims to bring out your wild side.

“Representing the dangerous side of masculinity and inspired by the personality attributes, eating habits and mating rituals of wild animals, the Old Spice Wild collection is a sophisticated line-up of man smells that helps guys answer the smell of the wild.”

The Collection is made up of three scents: Hawkridge (a buttery almond cocoa), Foxcrest (clean and woodsy), and Wolfthorn (a sweet musk) which are available in Bodywash, Deodorant, Deo/Anti-Perspirant, bodyspray, and SPRAY COLOGNE.

The hilariously witty packaging is what initially grabbed my attention.  I HAD to buy Hawkridge and Wolfthorn deodorants for my husband.  Once I got home, he tried them and instantly became a card carrying Old Spice  “Wild Man”.

Not only does Old Spice tread on the lighter, tongue in cheek side of advertising- my personal favorite approach- they deliver a quality product with fresh fragrant scents worthy of a high end retailer.  Fresh, clean and deliciously manly.



Foxcrest Deodorant for Cunning Gentleman

“Foxcrest was designed in an ancient lab of hyperintelligent druids to use the power of wild cunning to melt the hearts of lady women into a chocolate syrup with a hint of cinnamon. This syrup was then stirred into the smallest shot glass of 2% milk and fed to the head druid. It was a scientific breakthrough that is not practiced today because of modern women’s rights. But that original druid elixir algorithm has been tweaked and reworked to produce the Foxcrest that we have today, protecting the women’s hearts from being melted into a warm drink and instead subjecting them to uncontrollable romantic desires.”



Wolfthorn Deodorant for Nocturnal Creatures

“Nocturnal  is just a word that explains some animals’ eating habits-that is, until you cover your body in nocturnal wafts of Old Spice Wolfthorn. Then “nocturnal” explains the time of day you will be sipping dark hot chocolates with northern beauties while reminiscing about what a wonderful time you just had at the secret hot springs earlier that day with the northern beauties we talked about earlier in this sentence.”


Hawkridge Deodorant for Guys with Swift Minds

“Hawkridge can never be owned; it can only be rented out to any man who desires the attention of a woman. This makes Hawkridge the winged landlord of all romantic conquest. But don’t worry, it’s one of those landlords that lives in outer space and never just “stops by” to make sure the refrigerator has been cleaned.”


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  1. Cool read. I love Old Spice and how they have risen from the ashes like a young handsome Phoenix.
    I’ll have to check out these new Wild Collection scents.
    Thanks as always Christie!

  2. t’s called Sex Panther by Odeon. It’s illegal in nine countries… Yep, it’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good

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