Dude Create a FURY for Spring 2015


I have been hearing it for months now from my husband- how he wants to get his hair to look like Brad Pitt’s hair in the film Fury.

Then yesterday we were out shopping and while I patiently waited for my husband to try some clothes on in the dressing room I overheard 3 guys discussing the ways they were going to transform their hair this Spring.

“Dude, my hair is going to be so Brad Pitt in Fury” boasted guy 1.

“I’m growing mine like that but I want to keep the top long so I can put a pony tail in the back of it” stated guy 2.

Guy 3 chimed in with “That would be sick!” and “Maybe have a side part shaved in too”.

All this while they were trying on bomber jackets, boots, and military style button up shirts bearing epaulets.

Living proof that the military trend is back.. again… for Spring 2015.

Just as womens Spring Fashion is to Florals, Mens Spring is to Military. Over and over and over again.

The thing that makes this season’s military trend different is that it lands more on the side of an almost vintage aesthetic combining 1940’s esc silhouettes of fitted cropped jackets, aviator style sunglasses and military boots.


(ABOVE: WWD Fight or Flight Fashion Spread)

There is a big focus this spring on outerwear which is something new.  We typically think of outerwear as only a Fall/Winter thing but this season designers have incorporated the idea of Spring Outerwear in a huge way.  From embellished Bomber Jackets to light nylon parkas and structured cotton jackets with military details.


(ABOVE: WWD Fight or Flight Fashion Spread)


(ABOVE: Louis Vuitton SS2015)


(Above: Givenchy SS2015)

Louis Vuitton even created a brigade of Top Gun-esc flight-suit/jumpsuits!


(ABOVE: Louis Vuitton SS2015)

I guess the take-away is that it’s ok to be a little cinematic in your Spring 2015 dressing guys just make sure to top it off with the “it” Spring hair trend for men the “Fury”.


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  1. I love this trend for men’s fashion! My boyfriend is currently rocking this haircut haha. So I laughed out loud when I read your dressing room experience. So true right now. Everyone loves that vintage gentleman look with a little bit of edge. I also really like the fashion shown in This Is England and Peaky Blinders. British fashion is just awesome !

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