How to Cuff Boyfriend Jeans


One of my favorite things about Spring/Summer style is that it gives you the ability to “loosen” things up a bit.

Nothing creates that “lived-in” chill-ax vibe like boyfriend jeans.  Perfect for dressing up or dressing down, boyfriend jeans are a fair-weather wardrobe staple!

It’s kind of an unsaid rule that if you wear boyfriend jeans you need to roll/fold/cuff them.  The key is to create a fold that doesn’t appear too structured.  Because boyfriend jeans have a much wider leg than the skinnies you have been wearing and daintily cuffing all winter,  make sure you give them a substantial size fold (at least 2 inches).

Start with your pant leg completely rolled down.

photo (60)

Then grab the hem of the jean and make one big old fold upward, letting the hem rest at about the spot you want the top of the roll to land.  (The best length is somewhere between your ankle and calf.)

photo (61)

Next, make a second fold over the first by taking the bottom of the fold you just made and folding that up to just below the hem of the pant- leaving the distressed hem exposed.

photo (62)

Now you can mess them up a bit more, give them a scrunch and a few tugs- remember you don’t want them to look perfect. They should say, “I just rolled out of bed looking this fabulous and threw these jeans on”.

photo (64)

Keep the casual vibe for day by pairing them with a simple tee, slip-on sneakers or wedges or make a statement for evening with heels, a jacket and some bling.

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