How to Wear Stripes

There are two fashion rules every young girl is taught by her mother:

Never wear white after labor day and stay away from stripes.

Throw those rules out the window ladies, they are a completely outdated way of thinking about fashion.

Today’s approach is that wearing white into winter is super chic and stripes- when worn correctly- can play up your best assets and play down your trouble spots.

Yes, it’s ok to wear stripes.  I know it’s scary but I’m here to help.

Fun, summery and oh so haute stripes are everywhere and running every which way this season. Whether you want to stripe it up vertically, horizontally or diagonally here are my tips on how to wear stripes.

Go vertical. Vertical stripes create the illusion of length.  They are perfect for gals on the shorter side or for any area that you want to lengthen, slim or elongate.

Go Vertical


Pay attention to the width and placement of stripes. Different stripe widths play a role in creating an optical illusion.  If you have wide hips you don’t want to place wide horizontal stripes in that area, instead opt for a dress that has dark medium size vertical stripes to create the illusion of a thinner body.  Quick rule of thumb- anywhere you want to enlarge place a horizontal stripe anywhere you want to thin or lengthen place a vertical stripe.

Placement of Stripes


Horizontal stripes add width so they are perfect for creating the illusion of a larger bust or to create the illusion of curves on boyish figures.

Add Curves

Stay away from head to toe stripes.  A striped top is better paired with a solid bottom and likewise a striped bottom is better with a solid top.

Pair Stripes with Solids


Still hearing your mother’s warnings echoing in your ears?  Stripes still too scary?  Try adding stripes in baby steps.  Begin by adding them with accessories and you’ll be painting the town striped in no time!

Accessories + Stripes

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  1. Thank you for this – I am definitely one of those who has “No white after Labor Day” buzzing in my brain since from before I can remember – and I think every girl needs a Stripe How-To Cheat Sheet! Pinning for future reference when I go shopping! 🙂

  2. Great advice, it bugs me when people say they can’t wear stripes!! It’s really outdated thinking, and instead of being un flattering they highlight curves! Great post 🙂

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