Are You Jealy?


Summer is officially here and with it comes BBQ’s, trips to the pool and the reinvention of a 1980s staple summer shoe, the Jelly.

Just about every top designer has included a jelly in their Summer collection this year from Valentino to Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch.

Why are they so hot?  Well, not only are they super flexible- which makes them super comfortable- jelly’s are like the chameleon of summer shoes.  You can play up your fun youthful side with glitter, neons and bold color or go sophisticated with dark or neutral colors and bejeweled styles.

Obviously I would love jellies, I love quirky things: Zooey Deschanel, metal lunchboxes, Doctor Who and what could be more quirky-cool than jelly sandals.

For me there is something super nostalgic, retro and all around summery about jellies!


My jelly obsession this summer is for the Australian brand Jelly Beans.

Not only are they fun, comfortable and ultra-cool Jelly Beans have an added summer bonus: they are slip resistant so you can safely and without worry wear these chic waterproof jelly’s to the beach, pool, water park or wherever!

Jelly Beans come in 1 style “the classic” which is available in a rainbow of colors.  Each color has an adorable description about how and when to wear it that really sets the mood.

I am wearing “Lemons” from the Neon Collection here’s the skinny this shade:

“You smile at strangers and drink tea instead of coffee.  When life hands you lemons, you wear them on your feet”.


So true Jelly Beans.  So True.

Are you Jealy of my Jelly Beans?  Click here to get some of your own! 


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  1. I love theses shoes. Brings me back!! I will be getting a pair of Jelly’s!! Great post!

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