I Need a Miracle

(above: Miraclesuit Camilla bandeau)

Swimwear season.  Ugh.

The time of year I take my annual emotional self deprecating journey in a dressing room trying on swim suit after swim suit while a friend wipes my tears and tells me “It really doesn’t look THAT bad”, but it really DOES look THAT bad!

While huddled in a corner of a dressing room shaking and swearing I would never eat carbs again I over heard whispers of an amazing swim suit that makes you look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds and was stylish, youthful and chic. It sounded like the Miracle I needed!

I did some research.  Miraclesuit is constructed to shape and firm the body without bulky lining or girdles.  It is constructed of an innovative fabric called Miratex which has three times as much spandex as the average swimwear fabric and provides triple the holding power.

Fast forward a week and my Miraclesuit arrived in the mail.

I told my husband “I’m going to try this swimsuit on, your supposed to look 10 pounds thinner in it”.

He replied “Sure you will (sarcastically), if you start crying I’m leaving”.

I tried the suit on and WOW, WOW, WOW! It looked amazing!

My husband said “What the *$^%?  That is awesome!  You look so hot!”.  There you go, eloquently endorsed by my husband..lol

Seriously, I actually found a swimsuit I would feel confident enough to wear in public! I didn’t think that would EVER happen!  No jiggle, no pushing my wobbly bits to other places, it fits like a dream!  I have NEVER found a swimsuit with a fit like this!  Miraclesuit truly is a Miracle! Maybe I should wear it UNDER my clothing all the time (LOL).

(above: Miraclesuit Chamberlain bandeau)

(above: Miraclesuit Isabella V-neck halter)

I sat down with Miraclesuit to discuss this seasons trends and find out some of their secrets for being confident in your swimwear.

Q: What are the hottest colors for swimwear this season?

MS: Warm colors such as reds, pinks and corals. Also slate is a very trendy color.  Blues are always important in swimwear, not to mention the most slenderizing color of all…. black.  It is always elegant and never goes out of style.

Q:What is the “it” style or cut for womens swimwear this season?

MS: Anything with ruffles and/or draping.

Q: Who is the Miraclesuit girl?  What kind of woman do you design for?

MS: Miraclesuit is designed to appeal to women of all ages.  When a woman wears a Miraclesuit she feels confident, controlled and beautiful.

Q:For the ladies out there that still want to be sexy in a swimsuit, but don’t have the most “beach perfect” body, what are some tips on sexing it up without letting it all hang out?

MS: Miraclesuit is designed with details such as shirring and draping to slim the figure by accentuating the positive & camouflage the trouble spots. The secret of our Miratex fabric which has three times the holding power of traditional swimsuits.

Q: Any tips on the right swimsuit cut/style for different types of bodies?  A quick rule of thumb?

MS:  Curvy/hourglass bodies should choose v-necklines with draping at the waist.  Big on top should look for styles that support the bust area, underwires or constructed cups with adjustable straps.   Girls that are big on the bottom’s  best bet is to try a skirted bottom 1 piece or separates while pear shaped ladies should keep the bottom solid and prints for the tankini top to draw attention away from the hips and thighs.   If your problem area is the stomach try diagonal shirring or draping, also styles with ruched cover well.

Give yourself a Miracle this summer!

Put on a Miraclesuit and come out in the Sun again!

Get yours today at Miraclesuit.comor SwimSpot.com Take $15 OFF Your Designer Swimwear Order, Plus Get Free Shipping Both Ways! Use code SPOTME$15. Minimum Order $99.

Miraclesuit wants you to make a Splash this summer!  1 lucky winner will receive a Chamberlain Bandeau swimsuit.


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Leave a comment on this post between  June 26 and  July 2 telling me why you need a Miracle this summer.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

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Last weeks lucky winners are:

Annie: Doll, Cori: Glam, and Brittany: Rock!  Congrats!

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  1. First!
    I’d love for my wife to have the miracle of a swimsuit she feels comfortable in despite going into her second trimester!
    Miraclesuit sounds perfect!!!

  2. I need a miracle because I’m still claiming to have “just had a baby” despite the fact that my daughter is 15 months old. xo

  3. Christie omg 911 I NEED THIS SUIT!!!! and why? well you have seen me and its not good news LOL!!! I can use all the help I can get and if this makes me look smaller then sign me up….I work so much I never have the time to work out and I’m hoping this will boost my boost in to gear!!

  4. OMG!! I have the same problem, I dread shopping for bathing suits, I am a mother of 4….I have 10 year old twins, so I need to cover up my C section bulge!!! If this suit makes you look 10 lbs lighter than that would totally cover up my belly bulge!!! I would love to hang by the pool, it’s hot in Vegas, help a girl out! 🙂

  5. I subscribe via e-mail, and I need a miracle suit because I go swimming to lose weight, and this current body is embarrassed to be seen in front of the life guards!

  6. Let me just say that shopping for a swimsuit & bra’s for women couldn’t be more nerve racking and frustrating.. I have to order my swimsuits overseas and online and pray for a fit or I would have to send it back.. I have yet to go in to a department store or swim shop where my size is readily available.. I am all hour glass heavy on top small in the middle and large on the bottom.. A miracle suit might just be the answer.

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