I Was Featured on IFB Links a la Mode

I am excited to announce that my post “How to Fix a Boucle Snag” was featured on this weeks IFB Links a la mode.  It is so rewarding to be honored by my fellow fashion bloggers!

Take a peek below to see some of the other Amazing bloggers who were featured with me!


Recently, I was able to watch Dior and I from start to finish without interruption {Happy Valentine’s Day to me}. What impressed me most wasn’t the immaculately designed line, the beautiful venue, the craft of the atelier, it was the tears that Raf Simons fought back at the beginning of his showing. I can only guess that it was the culmination of many factors attributed to a high pressure position, but what also translated to me was a love and commitment to Dior… the brand, the people, and the man. As I write this my eyes are welling up just recalling that part of the documentary.

IFB Bloggers were also on top of their game this week with so many wonderful and varied posts to choose from. Topics ranged from trends, women’s fashion styling, the business of blogging, how-to’s, fashion industry, the Grammy’s, and of course New York Fashion Week. There were also quite a few of you who didn’t want to talk about fashion at all. You had cake, dogs, Black History Month, and love on the brain. After the month we’ve had already, who wouldn’t?

And incase you’re not a boob like me, Everyday Starlet explains why it’s OK if you don’t cry {when you say yes to the dress}.
Links à la Mode, February 18

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