My Summer Must Have

My Summer Must Have

I’ve said it before and I’m sure next year at this same time I’ll be saying it again.  I, Christie, am not a summer clothing kind of gal.

I want jackets, I want boots, I want layers!  Summer clothing just doesn’t get me. Sigh.

It has hit full sweltering hotter than hot temps here in Vegas.  Blog photos have to be taken at either 7am or 7pm. Nothing in between unless I want to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West!

It seems like just last week I was rockin’ my denim jacket in perfect 80 degree weather and now…. ugh well you get the point.

Every season, especially during the summer months, we all hope to find that one piece that will become the most wearable thing in our closet and last week I found my summer “must-have” at Old Navy.

This top is like finding a summer unicorn:  It is super chic, light and airy, fits like a dream, the band around the top is thick enough that it won’t do that annoying pop up on your shoulders thing PLUS it retails for a price point that makes you want to buy two (or in my case FOUR- I got it in Black, White, Orange and Striped).

In fact this week the black, white and orange styles are all marked down to just $18!  Holla!

I have already worn this top to work, at an event, for blog photos- and I’ve only had it a week!  Who knows, with this top I may just start to actually like summer clothing!

Stylist Tip:  If bra straps and the thought of wearing an uncomfortable strapless bra have been the only things holding you back from rockin’ an off the shoulder top this season try pairing this breezy summer style with a strapless, seamless bandeau.  So comfortable and easy to wear yet with enough support to keep everything in it’s place.

My Summer Must have

My Summer Must Have

My Summer Must have

What I’m Wearing: Old Navy Relaxed Off-the-Shoulder Striped Top | Rebecca Minkoff MAC Convertible Crossbody | Donald J Pliner Heels | Ashley Mason Joni Jean | Chloe Over-Sized Sunglasses | Ollie Arnes Strapless Seamless Bandeau | Alex and Ani Calavera Charm Bangle |


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  1. On the other hand, I’m a summer clothing kind of gal 🙂 I’ve recently moved to France and it makes me really happy being finally able to wear short sleeve tops and shorts (I was living in the UK). I love the idea of having a bandeau bra, I am not too much of a fan of strapless bras either and they never seem to be comfortable enough. Loving your summer outfit ????

  2. Omg I love your stylist tip!! What a fantastic idea, I’m so glad you included that in this post!! Also I have to say those shoes are so cute, totally love them!!

  3. Love this Christie!
    For mature women, like myself, one can still enjoy the latest off the shoulder trend….but ones’ arms are still covered. After a certain age….ones’ arms tend to go flabby???? This look I feel, actually shows off one of the best features of most women, our collar bone and shoulder area….which is very feminine:))

  4. Oh, Old Navy, is there anything you can’t give us! lol. Super cute top. I, too, am not a summer clothing kind of person. Love summer, but never feel totally comfy in the clothes I find. However I have seen a romper/maxi combo that might be my summer unicorn! Great post!

  5. Summer clothing hasn’t been my most favorite either! I can’t imagine how hot it’s gotten in Vegas! It looks great though!

  6. Love that top! I just found a cute top at buckle that will work well for summer and bought 3! When you find something you have to go for it lol.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the summer, to me the winter seems constricting, which is weird since I love and live in the midwest! Off the shoulder shirts are becoming my new bffs! I just bought a couple from F21! Super excited about pairing them with something cute! **GREAT TIP ON BRA STRAPS!*

  8. You look fantastic! I love summer time, but not so much all the clothes, i love the way you’ve styled your outfit, and that purse is to die for!

  9. Because of this very post, I bought 2 (black & striped) at ON AND the bandeau under pinning at AMAZON as you suggested. HEADS UP …. plus, 30% off at ON today when you order online. Thanks Christie. You’re awesome!

  10. I’m in LOVE with those shoes!!!!!! Adding to my list for soon to buy. You are so much fun to read and I love all your blog posts. Kudos to you and keep smiling!

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