Peplum Perpetuum

Peplum’s (a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress) have been all the rage over the past few seasons, popping up in just about every collection and dominating the runways.  

This multi-season Peplum frenzy has shouted one clear message to designers “Girls can’t get enough of Peplums”!

Running with this “Ah Ha” fashion premise, swimwear designers have taken the Peplum to the next level!

Summer 2013 swimwear  is all about Peplum Perpetuum!

Style Tip: The key to wearing a Peplum correctly is balancing the hips with the waist and shoulders to achieve an hourglass silhouette.  Make sure the piece is tailored to your body-not too big not too small.   A properly placed Peplum can transform your figure!


Zinke Chevron Print Swimsuit with removable Peplum

image1xxl (3)

ASOS Laser Cut Peplum Bandeau Swimsuit


Marc by Marc Jacobs One Piece Peplum Swimsuit


DKNY Bandeau Printed Peplum Swimsuit


Marc by Marc Jacobs Colorblock Peplum Hipster



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  1. They’re cute but not sure how well that would work for us bigger gals. If it hides the tummy, I’m all for it! LOL. That reminds me, I might need a new bathing suit soon. Pool season is coming up! (Or has it already started for us here in Vegas?)

  2. I’ve loved the peplum look for ages, but can’t do it. Already have an hourglass figure, and adding that little extra to the hips makes me look like well, um, an Oompa Loompa. Shame really.

  3. So cute! I had always wondered what that was called. I don’t think it would be very flattering on me, but I love it on other women!

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