I love shopping AND I love blogging, so when I can combine the two the planets are in perfect alignment!  Cosmic perfection!

You all know that I am an internet addict, contantly searching for the best in virtual shopping!  This week I have a hot new e-commerce boutique for you!

My latest find is the online boutique Sugarlips Apparel who is probably one of THE most blogger friendly sites I have ever encountered!  Many brands are starting to sit up and take notice of bloggers but Sugarlips takes it to a whole new level!

In addition to Sugarlips stylish and trendy fashion finds their website feature’s bloggers (from all over the world) wearing Sugarlips clothing in their own way/their own swank style.

I asked Sasha Nuhn at Sugarlips how they find their bloggers and she said ” Its simple, blog hopping-.  Meaning I go to bloggers blog rolls and which ever blogs I feel are best, I contact. Working closely with bloggers is the perfect way to interact and to stay connected to people in this industry.  Brand endorsement is huge when it comes to getting your brand out there.  If I have well known fashion bloggers modeling Sugarlips, then anyone who follows their blog, will be able to get acquainted with my brand.   I feel featuring bloggers on a fashion clothing site is not only a great marketing tool for our company, but also a great way for “their followers” to really understand different brands.  It is easier to trust an unfamiliar brand when you are able to see people you know or follow,  wearing it.”

On one of her Blog Hop’s Sasha found  and asked me to give Sugarlips a try.  She sent me a super chic Mesh Adonis Top to style.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “This is gong to be a cinch for you, you style for a living”… BUT I style OTHERS for a living and the trick here is that I needed to style it on MYSELF!

Here is my version of how to wear it!

I have had this hi lo skirt for quite some time but could never find the right top for it.

I used the hi lo skirt and a black tank as a base then added the SugarLips Apparel Mesh Adonis Top, tucked it in, belted it with a braided leather belt and added a lucky cat buckle to give it a rockin’ Bohemian feel.

Completing look is my favorite pair of Melissa heels- which ties in the grey from the mesh of the top- giving the look a balanced elegance.

I love this top and the look I created.  The fabric is very light and breathable- perfect for summer! The intricate metallic yarn embroidered detailing on the mesh front will keep you looking chic while still staying cool.

Click over to the Sugarlips website to take a tour of their fabulous affordable pieces modeled by some of the hottest bloggers around!  I promise you’ll want to fill your virtual shopping cart to the max!


Everyone has a signature scent, but do you have a signature nail lacquer? This week one lucky winner will receive a bottle of Thames nail lacquer from butter LONDON.  Thames is “A soft, blue-green stunner, with just a tiny undercurrent of gold. Much like a dip in the Thames; it’s not a lacquer for the faint hearted, but you will be remembered for it.”

To Enter:

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Next, visit Sugarlips Apparel and then leave a comment on this post between June 17th and June 23rd telling me what fashion forward piece from their site you are dying to style!

Good Luck and Thanks for reading!

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Last weeks lucky winner is Carolina!  Congrats!

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  1. You look great, Christie! And iIt’s great how blogger-friendly Sugarlips is. I checked out their site and while I definitely don’t have the body for their clothes (yet!), I do love the Dawn of Gladiators Dress the most…could totally see myself wearing that in the future.

  2. You look lovely & I adore your skirt!
    P.S. Thanks for writing about this site, it’s great & I’m definitely in love with their blogger friendly attitude!

  3. You are so photogenic it’s not even funny! Gorgeous woman! And I’m so glad that you, shopping and blogging hooked up and made “i can style u”….you guys rock!

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